The Queen classic we owe to Roger Taylor

Over the years, some of his songs have become massive hits, while others have remained underrated album tracks. In any case, we decided to mention both!

The best Queen songs written by Roger Taylor

Queen were one of the few classic rock bands in which all four members were individually involved in the songwriting process. And although he spent most of his time and success, respectively, behind the drums, Roger Taylor made it so that it was impossible to ignore him! On stage or in the studio, thanks to his contribution to the legacy "Queen."Not to mention his unique voice (yes, yes, fans have long stressed it for themselves), he has become a favorite of millions.

Over the years, some of his songs have become massive hitswhile others remained underrated tracks from the albums. In any case, we decided to mention both of them. These are the best Queen songs written by Roger Taylor.

"Radio Ga Ga."

Queen on stage
Queen on stage

Stadium anthemwhich needs no introduction.

The song's anthemic leads are second to none! Roger Taylor's most famous composition, "Radio Ga Ga." to number one in 19 countries and helped revive the band's career in the U.S. Remarkably, it was inspired by Roger's child who uttered:

"Radio Ca-Ca."

Still "Ga Ga." sounds better.

"These Are the Days of Our Lives"

Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor
Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor

This incredibly moving an excerpt from Queen's last album, released during her lifetime Freddie Mercury, takes nostalgia to a new level, making grown men cry...

The music video has become last for Mercury, and it revealed clear problems with the singer's health, though he continued to deny his losing battle with AIDS. In any case, when Freddie was gone, it only increased Taylor's heartfelt tribute to his forever departed friend... It is an extremely emotional song that cannot be ignored.

"The days stretched on forever, we were young and stray.
The sun was always shining - we lived only for fun
Sometimes it seems like it was like yesterday - I don't even know
Was the rest of my life just a show..."

"A Kind of Magic"

Roger Taylor
Roger Taylor

The song was written especially for the film "Highlander."for which the band recorded the soundtrack. It was inspired, as surprising as it may sound, by a single phrase uttered by By Christopher Lambert. "A kind of magic." - Taylor liked this expression so much that he couldn't help but dedicate an entire song to it!

It is undeniable: it is a wonderful jewel in Queen's repertoire and in the personal arsenal Roger in particular.

"Sheer Heart Attack."

Roger Taylor
Roger Taylor

We would love to find more space on our list of Roger Taylor's best songs, for the man has truly written worthy compositions - with a tangible number of them. But considering that the selection cannot be endless, we decided to take the best of the best. And in our opinion - "Sheer Heart Attack." one of those songs.

This composition has remained incomplete during the recording of the album of the same name, but was finally brought up to speed during the work on "News of the World". Fortunately for you and me, she hasn't been forgotten!

"More of That Jazz."

Great Queen in 1975
The Great Queen

Taylor sings every word and plays almost every instrument in the "More of That Jazz."The characteristic final track of the "Jazz" album.

It's an eerie, unsettling sophomore masterpiece built around a hypnotic drum beat and an utterly wicked guitar melody, topped off with the signature Queen's choral vocals and Taylor's cynical observations:

"The only thing we care about is soccer,
We play rock 'n' roll just for the money..."

"I'm in Love with My Car"

Roger Taylor with a car
Roger Taylor with a car

Taylor's greatest composition of all time is dedicated to the simple pleasures of the common man, who happens to be rock star.

"Cars don't snap back,
They're real four-wheeled friends!"

"In The Lap Of The Gods"


And to complete our list we decided to "In The Lap Of The Gods". Yes: this song is not Roger's, for it was written by Mercury. But Taylor shines especially here, and it's not just about his skill as a drummer...

"On the Knees of the Gods." - the best example of his unmistakable and piercing falsetto! This beautiful composition has the right to be called the "best" of Roger's career, even though he didn't write it.


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