The Best Early Pink Floyd Songs by Fuzz Music Magazine

It is the early recordings that give us a glimpse of what the legendary band was like at the very beginning of its journey...

The best songs of early Pink Floyd: early hits, clips and facts

Pink Floyd - one of the most legendary bands in the history of rock. The band has millions of records sold worldwide, some of the most interesting music album covers, the iconic rock opera "The Wall"The band was the first in the history of the world, and it was a great band in the world. It is difficult to list all the merits of this project, but one thing we can say with absolute certainty: Pink Floyd are the real legends and kings of their movement.

Their history goes back to the 1960s. At that time, their leader and main ideological inspirer was Syd Barrett - a very interesting personality, who to many music lovers always seemed to be "out of this world". Barrett was too dark, too mysterious, too sophisticated and too peculiarly brilliant... In general - he stood out significantly from many of his fellow contemporaries, though he did not get the attention he deserved in the future. Alas, he was dismissed from the band because his mental health was deteriorating as Pink Floyd's fame grew. As the members acknowledged, at some point he lost his ability to play as well as his interest in the band itself...

Syd Barrett
Syd Barrett

Nevertheless, no matter what, Barrett's influence on Floyd is undeniable. He laid the foundation, gave the idea, which his comrades managed to develop and turn into a cult. After Barrett, Floyd grew noticeably: they achieved the perfect sound and gained world fame. They became big stars, and loved by millions! However, it was their early entries allow us to take a look at what the legendary band was like at the very beginning of its journey. And today we have tried to collect the best of them. These are The best songs of early Pink Floyd according to Fuzz Music magazine.

"Astronomy Domine

Syd Barrett and Roger Waters
Syd Barrett and Roger Waters

Syd Barrett lasted only a few singles and two albums before his mental problems, caused by illegal substances, pushed him out of the band. The opening track on their debut album is a cosmic frenzy, combining the psychedelic and prog underpinnings of Pink Floyd with the luxurious brilliance...

"Astronomy Domine is one of the most recognizable songs of early Floyd - and one of the most beloved among fans.

"Apples and Oranges

Pink Floyd with Sid Barrett
Pink Floyd with Sid Barrett

"Apples and Oranges" - is the uncomplicated title of a song written by Barrett. In the early days Sid was a full-time songwriter for the band, and "Apples and Oranges This is the best way to demonstrate this talent of his.

"In her pocket is a pack of fancy cigarettes.
It's good to seem fashionable,
Shopping in free shoes,
Shopping, in the sunshine, unperturbed..."

"Apples and Oranges - one of his most charming compositions, which also dispels rumors that Sid's guitar skills are not as good as David Gilmore's. The riff literally soars...

"See Emily Play"

Syd Barrett (center)
Syd Barrett (center)

The band's second single, which is hard to avoid.

This is a gorgeous track, done in the best tradition of early Floyd and the 60's in general!

"Wear, thou, a gown that is as far as the ground, ah, ah.
And float down the river, Emily, forever and ever..."

"Arnold Layne."

Track "Arnold Layne." was also written by Barrett. It became Pink Floyd's debut single, and, in fact, the starting point of their creative journey.

It is a perfect example of their earlier psychedelic side, of what the band was before their cult status. The composition has gained immortality itself: it's on the lists all the time. the most legendary songs in historyas well as the music recordings that changed the world.

"Lucifer Sam."

Icon of his era Syd Barrett
Icon of his era Syd Barrett

In our opinion, this is the most memorable song from the band's debut album "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn". There is much speculation as to who is actually being referred to in "Lucifer Sam.". In fact, it was probably Barrett's Siamese cat, as evidenced by the fact that the song was originally called "Percy the Rat Catcherand that the cat's name was Sam. We're sure that if the moustache knew about music, he would definitely appreciate this track.

What songs of early Pink Floyd do you like most of all? And in general - what song (or album) was the beginning of your acquaintance with this band? Share your likes and experiences in comments, maybe - you are not alone in your views! And that's the end of our story. We hope our selection was useful for you.

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