The best songs of the Rolling Stones (Best of The Rolling Stones)

The best hits and bright clips of The Rolling Stones!

The Rolling Stones Greatest Hits

This British band appeared on the scene back in 1962, but to this day remains one of the most influential in the history of rock music! Competing for many years with the popularity of the legendary Beatles, The Rolling Stones became the personification of the so-called "British Invasion"!

Initially, the group's manager Andrew Luga Oldham wanted the guys to become a "rebellious version" of the Liverpool Four ... But already in the late 60s they became the "greatest rock and roll group"! And if you believe the influential music publications, the Rolling Stones have managed to maintain this status to the present day!

the rolling stones foto kevin vestenberg
Rolling Stones. Photo: Kevin Westenberg

The worldwide circulation of The Rolling Stones has long exceeded 250 million ... This makes the group one of the most successful in the history of music! Today, the legendary band is included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and also takes the honorable 4th position in the list of "The 50 Greatest Artists of All Time" according to Rolling Stone magazine.

We invite you to remember the best hits of The Rolling Stones and enjoy the bright, certainly chic clips!

Rolling Stones

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (1965)

The composition became the leader of the American Billboard Hot 100, and also gave the group the opportunity to climb to the top of the British top chart for the fourth time.

Get Off Of My Cloud (1965)

As soon as this song was released, it became a major hit! Attracting with a rebellious style, "Get Off Of My Cloud" literally blew up all the British and American charts! By the way: at this very time, The Rolling Stones are cultivating their image of "Bad Boys" in response to the good boys of The Beatles.

Sympathy for the Devil (1968)

Few people know, but the composition was inspired by ... the novel "The Master and Margarita"! Rumor has it that at the studio, Jagger even imagined himself as Woland ...

Gimme Shelter (1969)

And this song flawlessly complemented three films at once: Goodfellas, Casino and The Departed!

You Can't Always Get What You Want (1969)

The composition is certainly familiar to fans of "Doctor House". “According to the philosopher Jagger, you cannot always get everything you want” - who knows, he will definitely understand!

Brown Sugar (1971)

The title of the song translates to "Brown Sugar". There are several versions to whom Mick Jagger dedicated this masterpiece: if you believe the first of them, then Marsha Hunt, an African-American singer and actress with whom Jagger had an affair, became the muse ... The second version hints at Claudia Linnar, an African-American soul singer .

It is curious that the composition fell in love with Bob Dylan himself! He even recorded a cover of "Brown Sugar"...

Angie (1973)

Who is this mysterious Angie? - disputes on this score have not subsided for almost half a century! However, Keith Richards dispelled any doubts about the heroin version by writing in his autobiography Life:

"Angie" refers to heroin, to which I was trying to say goodbye at the time ... "

Start Me Up (1981)

Fun fact: Microsoft paid the band 8,000 000$ to use the track in an ad for their Windows 95 operating system...

Waiting On A Friend (1981)

A very bright video was shot for the song, breaking all records on MTV! And the house 96-98 (Manhattan), where Mick Jagger and Keith Richards sit, is well known to fans of Led Zeppelin: it is he who adorns the cover of the Physical Graffiti album!

Love is Strong (1994)

The song was included in the Voodoo Lounge album, which brought two Grammy awards to the Rolling Stones!

Anybody Seen My Baby (1997)

The clip is notable for the fact that it became for Angelina Jolie a springboard to world success!

Rain fall down (2005)

Just a great song that will certainly cheer you up and cheer you up!

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