Top 5 favorite hits that have a "dark past"

The hits we're going to talk about below have a pretty bad - in some places even extremely sad - backstory...

World hits and their dark backstory you might not even know about

There are so many favorite songs, and so many emotions they evoke. Depending on the message and rhythm, our mood while listening can be different - From sadness to joythat is said. But there is another important criterion, which is responsible for the impressions that this or that track will leave after itself... And that is its Synopsis.

The hits discussed below have a rather bad - in some places even extreme sad backstory. But only the most devoted fans of their performers know this.

Queen - "These Are the Days of Our Lives"

Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury

Mostly written by drummer Roger Taylor, the composition "These Are the Days of Our Lives" is the most touching and sensual in the repertoire Queen. The black-and-white clip emphasizes the mourning and atmospheric nature of the track, and it might seem to the "unenlightened" music lovers that this was done to romanticize it... But it's not.

The song was released as a single in the States for Freddie's 45th birthday, but just a month and a half later the vocalist passed away. The music video for it remains latest music video of the band featuring their consummate frontman. It was purposely filmed in black and white in an attempt to disguise the outward signs of Mercury's deteriorating health. As the final notes fade and the music video comes to an end, Freddie says, "I still love." These were ultimately his last words recorded on camera.

Eric Clapton - "Tears In Heaven" and "Circus

Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton co-wrote the song "Tears In Heaven." (with Will Jennings), which was first heard on the crime drama "Kaif" and quickly won over listeners. But what few people know is that he dedicated the track as a tribute to his 4-year-old son Conorwho died as a result of an accident in 1991...

The day before the tragedy, Eric and his son visited Circus. Years later, the musician recalled that the circus had three arenas and wild animals, and Conor was fascinated by the spectacle. Clapton wrote the song "Circus." in memory of the last evening he spent with his son. The poignant melody expresses his grief over the loss of his only child...

Eric performed the critically acclaimed song live in 1992 before it was released on vinyl.

Led Zeppelin - "All My Love"

Robert Plant with children (the deceased Karak is in his arms...)
Robert Plant and his children (holding the dead Karak)

This tender song is also dedicated to a great loss, which seems simply impossible to get over... Robert Plant dedicated "All My Love" The singer was away from home at the time, and for years he bemoaned himself. The singer was away from home at the time, for which he has been blaming himself for many years.

The heartfelt ode, imbued with love and bitterness, was co-written with bassist John Paul Jones. Robert recorded the vocal part the first time.

The Beach Boys - "Never Learn Not to Love"

The Beach Boys
The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys - an important part of musical history and its legacy. However, some may not know that the late Dennis Wilson, vocalist and drummer, had a strange, albeit short-lived friendship with the cult leader Charles Mansonwho even lived in the Wilson house for a while!

The group released "Never Learn Not to Love" in 1968. Gradually the track began to win the hearts of the public, as suddenly it turned out that Manson wrote it! He was the author of what later underwent some changes and became "Never Learn Not to Love". Manson gave up any copyrights in exchange for a motorcycle and money, but was very angry when he found out that his original lyrics had been changed. Just one year later, the pregnant actress Sharon Tate was a victim of his gang...

Korn - "Pretty"

Jonathan Davis
Jonathan Davis

The toughest song on our list, so before you read the backstory, we suggest Think about it a few times. "Pretty" was really inspired by horrific events, crossing everything you can...

Korn are well known for writing disturbing lyrics, but none are as scary as "Pretty." Frontman Jonathan Housmon Davis Once he worked as an assistant in a morgue, and one day he saw a terrible picture: they brought an 11-month-old baby girl who died at the hands of a psychopathic father. What the 18 year old Jonathan saw left a deep impression in his mind. Subsequently, he had to undergo psychiatric treatment, because the nightmares did not give him peace. "Pretty Woman." was written in memory of a girl who lost her life in such a senseless and horrible way.

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