"Faded early but burned brightly" - a look back at Sid Barrett's best songs

With Floyd or solo, it doesn't matter that much to true fans, because on every track on our list, Sid shines like the craziest diamond!

Top Sid Barrett songs by Fuzz Music magazine

Grim, stylish, extremely psychedelic as a person, playful and defiant - in our eyes Syd Barrett may look in many different ways. But one quality will always be constant and obvious to millions of listeners: he was genius, an icon of his time, the founder and ideological inspirer of Pink Floyd - one of the most legendary rock bands in history! He made a great contribution not only to music, but also to culture in general, immortalizing himself in his lifetime.

First there were ideas and popularity, and then "darkness."Barrett had fallen under the influence of psychoactive substances. At some point "forbidden journeys" became more in his life than creative reflections. Sid went from being a thought leader to a "cargo."which at any moment could have plunged Floyd into the mire. Yeah, it doesn't sound very pretty, but that's life, and there's no such thing as perfect. Many legends have had a thorny path, had problems with the law or substances... And Barrett was no exception.

Syd Barrett (center)
Syd Barrett (center)

But all his adventures, madness, and even his complete disappearance from the radar were no obstacle to fervent love of devoted fans and sincere interest of the young generation of music lovers. This man's contribution to the musical heritage is enormous. And today we offer to make sure of that once again: we have tried to collect the most beautiful, interesting and significant songs by Sid Barrett. With Floyd or solo - for true fans this is not so importantFor on every track on our list, Sid shines as the most "crazy diamond"!


Icon of his era Syd Barrett
Icon of his era Syd Barrett

First single from Sid's debut solo album, "Octopus." is lavishly infused with touches of folk-rock. It is also a unique track because of Barrett's sudden "performance turn" in the second verse, which gives the impression that several singers participated in the recording.

Surrealistic lyrics, extraordinary performance, and a pleasant sound, all combined to produce success in the British charts and circulation in 20,000 copies!


"Terrapin." is a love song with elements of folk and blues. The composition has a catchy chorus and soft tempo - There are very few instruments involved, which allows us to fully enjoy Sid's game on the guitar...

The lyric is saturated with "water romanticism." ("We're like fish, there's no end to us..."), and Barrett's vocals evoke an almost otherworldly feeling.

"Baby Lemonade."

Pink Floyd with Sid Barrett
Pink Floyd with Sid Barrett

"Baby Lemonade." begins with a slide guitar solo, expertly performed by Sid. What's remarkable is that Barrett just warmed up! But luckily - a recording of his experimental "branding" was made.

Between Barrett and his former comrades in Pink Floyd there wasn't much animosity, and they played a big role in producing and recording Sid's solo work. "Baby Lemonade" features David Gilmour on organ, bass, and 12-string guitar, Richard Wright on Hammond's piano and organ, as well as Sid's fellow Jerry Shirley on drums.

"Arnold Layne."

Syd Barrett
Syd Barrett

Very British, very ironic, and revealing traces of the psychedelic insanity that was to consume Barrett. first single Floyd's "Arnold Layne" defined both the style of the frontman and the band itself.

"Golden Hair

One of the best songs on our list, but Barrett didn't write it-it's a poem James Joyce.

"Glimpse through the window,
Golden Curls,
I heard the singing
Yours at midnight..."

"Astronomy Domine

It's like being in outer space, "Astronomy Domine offers the listener plenty of room to walk around.

Not surprisingly, the song remained an important part of the band's live shows even after Barrett left. Indeed, Gilmore even included this track in his solo concerts! It's kind of like journey through the universeorganized by an artist who regularly traveled to the depths of his own mind...

We also decided to remember "Dominoes.".

"Matilda Mother."

A terrific song that has long been a favorite thousands of fans.

"Once upon a time there was a king,
And he ruled the country.
His Majesty was the commander,
With a silver gaze the purple eagle..."

"Lucifer Sam."

Syd Barrett
Syd Barrett

One of the most popular compositions Pink Floyd of their psychedelic era is characterized by all kinds of menacing gloom, from the echo-soaked guitar riff to the lyrics.

"Lucifer Sam, a Siamese cat.
Always sitting next to you.
Always there for you.
This cat is something inexplicable..."


Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett, late '60s
Syd Barrett

And another awesome thing on the list...

BUT lastly We decided to recall some of the best Pink Floyd songs that were Inspired by Sid. Even after his dismissal, his dark, psychedelic figure vividly dominated the band's work, giving us a timeless classic-at least "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" and "Wish You Were Here".

Of course, today we love Pink Floyd for those iconic works that have seen the light of day already After Barrett's departure. But it was Sid who laid the foundation on which Roger Waters and David Gilmore were already building the pompous "psychedelic theater.

"Animals, The Wall and a number of other works under "timeless" status - would they have been possible without the Barrett influence that circles the band to this day?

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