"Musical Diamonds": chic hits with the word Diamonds in the title

Today we decided to make an unusual selection. It will be varied and diverse in terms of genres, from timeless classics to trendy sounds of the 20th century!

Best songs with the word Diamonds in the title: selection, hits, clips and facts

"Shine On You Crazy Diamond" - one of Pink Floyd's most legendary songs. "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" - one of the Beatles' greatest hits. They are completely different, both in sound and in time period. But they do have something in common... And that is "diamonds" (or diamonds).

Today we decided to make an unusual selection. It will be varied and diverse in terms of genre - from timeless classics to trendy sounds of the 20th century! What do these different songs have in common? The word "Diamonds" (Diamond) in the title. So, here are some truly musical diamonds...

"Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds"

The Beatles
The Beatles

A song that needs no introduction. The Great 60's classics performed by the truly Great Four, the charming "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" was inspired by a child's drawing of John Lennon's son, Julian, which depicted "Lucy in the sky with diamonds." The composition was quite different from anything The Beatles had done before. It was one of the first of the psychedelic rock genre and had a significant influence on its development. And yes: to this day many people see in it references to substances...

The track is still popular, and modern artists willingly perform their covers of the iconic "Lucy.". It's true that the Beatles' version is still the coolest (in our opinion).

"Shine On You Crazy Diamond"

Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd

Another great classic on our list. "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" has become almost the pinnacle of creativity Pink Floyd! Or did it? The band has a lot of great tracks, and their style has improved considerably since they quit. Syd Barrett (no offense to him, because we love him a lot, too). But no matter how you slice it - inner demons literally swallowed Sid, and hindered not only his own career, but the career of the whole band...

Nevertheless, even after they said goodbye to him, Barrett's personality and his early influences kept circling the band in the studio. Pink Floyd dedicated more than one song to their comrade, and "Shine, Crazy Diamond." has become one of those. Everything about this track is great, and even its suggestive length doesn't confuse you one bit when you listen to it. Floyd used every second of it professionally.



Have you heard about Rihanna? This Barbadian beauty remains one of the leading beloved singers of the 20th century to an audience of millions! She was able to come out of poverty and build a dazzling career thanks to her talent, looks, and tremendous charisma.

She has many hits in her repertoire, but "Diamonds." remains one of the most lyrical and beautiful. This composition will be a balm for your ears and soul in a certain mood. And Rihanna's voice proves once again that when she got to Olympus, she started to shine like a diamond... We hope her shine doesn't fade away.

"Diamonds Are Forever"

Shirley Bassey
Shirley Bassey

"Diamonds Are Forever" - A well-known song of the '70s, which won the hearts of millions as sung by the charming Shirley Bassey. The composition has become so widely known because it was performed in James Bond movie.

The famous musical theme became legendary because of ironic comparison diamonds with their less reliable counterpart:

"Men are mere mortals who are not worth going to the grave for."

"Diamond Heart."

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga

Opening track from Lady Gaga's 2016 album "Joanne." assures, "I may not be flawless, but you know, I have a diamond heart." That's all you need in this world, according to Gaga.

Interesting fact: Gaga dedicated the record, or rather its title, to her To the late Aunt Joanne.The album features some of the diva's most tender songs, and as a whole, it shows how much the "Bad Romance" singer has matured. The album features some of the diva's most tender songs, and overall this work showed how much the "Bad Romance" singer has matured.

"Diamonds And Pearls"

Purple Rain movie (pictured by Prince)
Purple Rain movie (pictured by Prince)

True fans Prince can't stop enjoying this iconic song about diamonds and their "less" shiny counterparts from the 1991 album of the same name.

"Now tell me, what would you do if I gave you diamonds and pearls?
Are you going to be a happy boy or girl?
If I could, I would give you the world...
But all I can do is just offer you my love."

"White Diamond."

Kylie Minogue at the beginning of her career
Kylie Minogue at the beginning of her career

This song, featured in the 2007 documentary "White Diamond: A Personal Portrait of Kylie Minogue.", is dedicated to Kylie's battle with cancer. The Australian icon compares herself to a white diamond that remains strong and shiny even under harsh conditions.

We can only be happy for the singer, that she managed to overcome adversity.

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