The Prodigy: A selection of the best tracks from the "Godfathers of the Rave" (Part 2)

We continue to recall the greatest hits of The Prodigy...

The Prodigy: The Greatest Songs Compilation (Part 2)

We continue to recall the best songs of the Godfathers of the Rave! For three decades, the Essex gang has been the dominant musical force in the rave music scene… Few bands have had a career as unique as The Prodigy: 7 studio albums, dozens of fast-paced singles, millions of YouTube views and a staggering 25 million copies worldwide… Debut album Experience 1992 put them at the center of the dance scene of the 90s, but this was only the beginning: on subsequent albums, their tracks became much more determined and heavier ... So: these are The Prodigy's top hits, songs that have stood the test of time ... “Firestarter”, “Voodoo People ”, “Baby's Got A Temper” - what other tracks are included in our selection? Let's find out! Enjoy listening (Beware! May cause a feeling of strong nostalgia...)

"The Trick"


The instantly recognizable melody of The Prodigy, which became the pearl of their third and best-selling album, The Fat of the Land! For the band, it was also their first number one on the UK Singles Chart (3 weeks at the top of the chart) and their first international hit to top the charts in the Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary and Norway! The atmospheric music video that women claimed scared their kids on MTV was filmed in an abandoned London Underground tunnel in Aldwych. Directed by Walter Stern. Today, the video has collected more than 130 million views on YouTube ...

The song was warmly received by both listeners and critics: it subsequently entered the list of "150 best tracks of the last 15 years" according to NME. After Flint's death, fans used the Firestarter4Number1 hashtag to bring their favorite hit back to its former success... And... they did it! The track "Firestarter" entered the Billboard chart again, confidently reaching the 13th position! Such a gesture from the fans was made not only out of respect for the musician, but also in order to raise awareness ...

"No Good (Start The Dance)"

As you may have noticed, this song has a rather positive title ("No Good (Start The Dance)"...) Written and produced by Liam Howlett: "No Good (Start The Dance)" contains samples from "You're No Good for Me" by Kelly Charles and "Funky Nassau" by Bahamian funk band The Beginning of the End. The track was released in May 1994 as a single from Music for the Jilted Generation. Many years later, NME will add it to their list of "100 Best Songs of the 1990s"...

The video for the song was filmed in an abandoned underground basement in the East End of London: according to the plot, members of The Prodigy wander gloomily around people dancing to this song ... When Howlett breaks the plaster wall with a sledgehammer, we see Flint in a straitjacket ... In Germany, sales of the single were 250,000 copies, which made it gold in the territory of this state.

Voodoo People

Top-notch track from Prodigy, which became the third single from the album Music for the Jilted Generation. Upon release, it peaked at number 13 on the UK Singles Chart. The song reuses a grunge guitar riff from Nirvana's "In Utero", played by Lance Riddler. It also contains samples of "You're Starting Too Fast" by Johnny Pate and "The Shalimar"... The music video for the song was filmed on a banana plantation in St. Lucia. Leeroy Thornhill played a voodoo priest, but some scenes involving real healers were cut due to problems with television censorship.

Liam Howlett later said:

"The record label was paying, so we thought, 'Let's have a party!' There was no plan. We just made things up as we went along. Those were good times…”

His bandmate Maxim added:

“It was terrible in terms of health and safety. Keith (Flint) was in the suitcase and I had to turn the car around him. In the video, one of the extras was almost knocked down ... "

"Diesel power"

"Their Law"

“Here we are dealing with a complete lack of respect for the law
I am the law and you can't beat the law
I am the law, and you cannot defeat the law…”

"Baby's Got A Temper"

The video for the song was banned from being shown on television. The clip begins with three unremarkable men walking into an abandoned amusement park. They enter a small trailer and begin to change and put on make-up, after which The Prodigy members exit the trailer. Entering the stage, the musicians begin to sing the song ... In front of them is a crowd of cows, which are milked by women ...


This song has been a big success on TV, media and in the film world! It has been included in films such as House of Wax and Freddy vs. Jason, and has also been used as the exit theme for boxer George Groves!

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