Top 6 charming singers with a unique raw voice according to Fuzz Music magazine

Today we will talk about those representatives of the fair sex, whose voices perplexed the public and pleasantly admired their atypical rudeness, gruffness, strength, which seemed to be peculiar to men...

The best rough-voiced singers in the history of music

Voice - the main advantage of any performer. It is his ticket to Olympus, his calling card and distinctive feature. Charisma, confidence, outward attractiveness - all this, of course, increases the chance of being called an "idol. But it is exactly vocal data, first of all, make the star a star...

The music industry knows a lot of female performers in all kinds of genres whose voices are delightful and recognizable. But today we are going to talk about the female performers whose voices have been bringing the public into bewilderment and pleasant admiration with their atypical gruffness, gruffness, strength that seemed to be peculiar to men. So: this is the top of the charming singers with with a uniquely rough voice according to Fuzz Music magazine.

Bonnie Tyler

Bonnie Tyler ...
Bonnie Tyler

Delightful Bonnie Tyler was known as the owner of one of the toughest yet incredibly flexible voices in the history of music. Together with her delicate doll-like appearance, her suggestive, husky vocals contrasted favorably with those of her listeners... But that was not always the case.

From birth, Bonnie had a voice quite normal for a woman. That all changed overnight when the singer began to have vocal cord problems. A surgery was performed to remove the nodules, after which the girl was forbidden to speak for a month and a half. And so, when Tyler said her first word, she was surprised to find she had a new voice. At first she feared it would ruin her career, but as it turned out "new voice" was a blessing to her.

Amanda Lear

amanda lir 4
Amanda Lear

If you've ever listened to Amanda LearI'm sure you've had mixed feelings about it... On the one hand, it's a good, interesting voice. But on the other hand - it sounds almost like a man's voice! This is a unique phenomenon, which for many decades has emphasized the spectacularly flamboyant image "scandalous disco queen".

It was Lear's unique voice that earned her a high-profile title. The fact is that the public was sure that before them manwho decided to become a woman. This was not true, but in order to promote her songs and career, Amanda seemed to confirm this hypothesis with her sarcastic remarks and ambiguous lyrics. It was not until years later that she declared that she had always been a woman "from the tip of her fingernails to the tip of her hair" and that now - having achieved fame - she was ready to abdicate her crown.

Nina Hagen

Nina Hagen
Nina Hagen

Miniature and fragile, Nina Hagen seems kind of cute! But that's only at first glance. Just watch the performance of this German punk rock icon to see otherwise...

This woman has a remarkable charisma and a voice that almost any metalhead would envy! Nina's vocal skills are unparalleled and even a little frightening... Her voice is considered one of the most phenomenal of any female rock singer who ever lived.

Wendy Orlin Williams

Wendy Orlin Williams
Wendy Orlin Williams

Wendy Orlin Williams - is a name only a few people know. But those who are familiar with the punk diva's work know that any man would envy her grip! Vocalist Plasmatics was famous for going on stage with practically nothing and smashing TV bikes with a sledgehammer or a chainsaw. But in our case, the voice of the scandalous diva deserves special attention.

Incomparable "shock-rock queen"Williams had an incredibly strong, husky voice that matched her stage persona perfectly. Together, her looks and vocal gifts made Wendy a legend...

Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin

"The White Queen of the Blues, Janis Joplin shocked the audience when she performed on stage for the first time and demonstrated her unique husky vocals, full of sensuality and emotionality...

Janice sang as no other singer could sing. In each of her numbers she put a piece of her own soul, feelings and experiences... Her powerful low voice became legendarily recognizable and... unmatched by anyone.



Popular star of the 2000s, Anastacia started her career rather late (by the standards of show business), when she was already over 30. But she had her reasons for that...

Before becoming an icon of her time and genre, Anastacia struggled hard for her chance. Her unique voice was an advantage and a hindrance at the same time. As the performer herself recounted:

"They didn't want to do business with me. I sounded too black for white people and too white for black people..."

And which singer with a rough voice admires you specifically? Share your tastes in the comments, we'd love to read about it!

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