The Beginning of a new Era: the best releases of the early 1980s

Thanks to the timeless albums of Diana Ross, Queen and many other famous artists, everyone will find something for themselves in the list of the best songs of the early 1980s.

Best albums of the early 1980s: 69 hits that everyone should hear


In the 80's era disco As it neared its end, new genres of music began to appear. This decade was fateful, because then the world witnessed the creation of albums legendary ones artists: "Judas Priest", "Ozzy Osbourne", "Iron Maiden" and many others. Curtis Blow made one of the first hip-hop tracks. Diana Ross, Donna Summer and Grace Jones have also achieved excellent results in this direction. "Queen" released one of the most sold items albums of the year. In this article, we have collected the best hits of the early 1980s. It was a period in which there was something for everyone.

69. The Cramps – Songs the Lord Taught Us

The band's debut album, which combines rock with creepy music. theatricality.

68. Art Ensemble of Chicago – Full Force

The improvisational jazz band's 1980 album features some of their most compelling work.

67. Black Sabbath – Heaven & Hell

The ninth studio album by a heavy metal band, and the first without Ozzy. It turned out to make a completely new music. The success of this album showed that the band remains very flexible and dynamic, able to create masterpieces even without the most famous member of the team.

66. Pete Townshend – Empty Glass

Solo album of a member of the group "The Who" is an intimate and frank portrait of a thinker who has more questions than answers to them.

65. Egberto Gismonti – Circense

Drawing inspiration from the circus, The Brazilian composer's 1980 album combines traditional Brazilian rhythms with sounds from around the world.

64. George Jones – I Am What I Am

The country singer's 1980 album was one of his most successful albums of all time. commercial successful records. Includes such hits as" He Stopped Loving Her Today "and"I'm Not Ready Yet".

63. Jon Hassell / Brian Eno – Fourth World Vol. 1 – Possible Musics

The legendary collaboration between Eno and Hassell is ambient music music with a global meaning. It proves the possibility of connecting pop music with music from Africa and Asia.

62. Harold Budd/Brian Eno – Ambient 2: The Plateaux of Mirror

The album is a continuation of Eno's ambient hits. The tracks consist of beautiful piano games fragments of Harold Budd with electronic developments of Eno. This collaboration allowed us to create subtle and exciting music that still sounds despite the time.

61. Ramones – End of the Century

In the fifth studio album of the punk band "Ramones", she teamed up with the maestro pop music of the 1960s by Phil Spector to create one of his most popular albums. This collaboration disappointed some of their purist punk fans. But at the same time, the album opened up new music to the audience, which was not available in this direction before.

60. Robert Palmer – Clues

Palmer's sixth solo album, although not particularly long, is one of his most successful projects. Performer: combines in the compositions of rock and soul music.

59. Rubén Blades – Maestra Vida

Combining Blades and Willy Colon expanded it the boundaries of salsa music by creating a salsa opera track that reflects the relationship between Carmelo and Manuela.

58. Merle Haggard – Back to the Barrooms

The country singer recorded his 31st album, which tells about the search consolations in alcohol because of a broken heart. This song is a tragic, if perhaps not entirely plausible, tale of love and loss.

57. Rolling Stones – Emotional Rescue

By 1980, the band was still on top thanks to their hits from the previous decade. And their 1980 album didn't an exception – the band continues a series of legendary songs.

56. Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band – Against the Wind

Continuing a series of successful records, Seger released this album, which features touching ones ballads like the fan favorite "You'll Accomp'ny Me".

55. The Blues Brothers – The Blues Brothers: Music From The Soundtrack

Soundtrack to your favorite movie introduced molodoe a generation with seminal works by blues and R &B legends such as Ray Charles, Solomon Burke and Cab Calloway.

54. Adam and the Ants – Kings of the Wild Frontier

Like their earlier work, the band's second new wave album owes percussion to Burundi. The band uses this powerful foundation to create an album from the bold ones pop tunes.

53. Tom Waits – Heartattack and Vine

Forever Relevant, Waits ' seventh studio album is inspired by R&B, blues, rock and jazz. Tom was not afraid to experiment – listen to this album and you will change your mind about how each of the above sounds music channels directions.

52. Brothers Johnson – Light Up the Night

The pop/R&B duo's fourth studio album was their last with Quincy Jones. It represents an optimistic, sprightly and the irresistible end to a cult band.

51. J. Geils Band – Love Stinks

The album gained popularity thanks to the catchy title track dedicated to love.

50. Steve Winwood – Arc of a Diver

A 1980 multi-instrumentalist album featuring a hit song The song" While You See a Chance " laid the foundation for his meteoric success in the next decade.

49. Laurie Spiegel – The Expanding Universe

The debut album of the avant-garde composer is a groundbreaking work in the genre a computer program music, proving that it can evoke the most vivid emotions.

48. Kate Bush – Never For Ever

The album of the mysterious singer at that time became her first album to top the chart. charts of that era.

47. Stevie Wonder – Hotter than July

Album of the King of Pop of the 1980s reflects balance between pleasant jams and political ballads.

46. The Clash – Sandinista!

The cult rock band's fourth studio album took the approach that they have always taken. improved it on "London Calling". The band managed to combine even more disparate genres, such as gospel and punk. The result is a brilliant cacophony of sound.

45. Ryuichi Sakamoto – B-2 Unit

The second solo album of the unique Japanese composer includes the electronic classic "Riot In Lagos", in which Sakamoto experimenting with sound.

44. Siouxsie and the Banshees – Kaleidoscope

The third studio album of the rock band was recorded after the departure of two band members. "Siouxsie and the Banshees" showed how versatile and innovative you can sound even when you're on stage. facets crash.

43. UB40 – Signing Off

The debut album of the multicultural pop-reggae group, which demonstrates an active political and political agenda. social network position of team members. The album begins with the fiery song "Little By Little" and songs that denounce class inequality. The album ends with a tribute to MLK "King".

42. The Cure ‎– Seventeen Seconds

The second album of the English rock band is considered the first in the world. trilogies, which explored existential questions about life, loss, and mental instability.

41. The Feelies – Crazy Rhythms

The band's debut album from Jersey uses experimental an approach to rhythm that takes her music from standard rock to a new genre.

40. The Human League ‎– Travelogue

An album by a 1980s synth-pop group is last one, which was recorded in their classic line-up, as well as before they adopted a more mainstream pop sound.

39. Bob Marley & The Wailers – Uprising

The reggae giant's 1980 album was the last recorded in his lifetime, but it is also one of the most popular albums of all time. records It also includes the timeless classic "Redemption Song".

38. David Bowie – Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)

Bowie's 14th studio album is sometimes referred to as "the last great album" because of the perfect mix of experimental music and rock. This release wonderfully completes his 70s era.

37. Elvis Costello & The Attractions – Get Happy!!

Costello's serious approach to creating music is fully demonstrated in this record, where he addresses soul music in all its variations-from the brilliance of Motown to the harshness of Southern soul.

36. Japan – Gentlemen Take Polaroids

Fourth studio level the album of the English band combines the experimental coloring of such genres as glam rock and pop music, which made it possible to create one of the best recordings of the group.

35. John Lennon & Yoko Ono – Double Fantasy

The fifth joint studio album of the most famous tandem of musicians became the first record of John Lennon after a break, as well as his last creation. The recording became both a symbol of the creator's return and farewell to him.

34. Judas Priest – British Steel

The album of the heavy metal band of the 80s paved the way for heavy music to become a generally accepted and popular genre, thanks to such singles, like "Breaking the Law".

33. Killing Joke – Killing Joke

The self-titled debut album of the English band was self-produced and is hardcore and post-punk. The release has impacted countless groups' in the following years.

32. Kurtis Blow – Kurtis Blow

Every hip-hop fan should listen to their debut album, "The Breaks", as it is one of the earliest major records in this genre. by genre, released in the 80s

31. Pat Benatar – Crimes of Passion

Featuring the blockbuster Hit Me with Your Best Shot and a fantastic cover of Kate Bush's song "Wuthering Heights," the singer's album is a true love story. explosion pop-rock, which is distinguished by its fervor.

30. Linton Kwesi Johnson – Bass Culture

Dub poet's album demonstrates rhythmicity, incendiary effect, (especially the track "Inglan is a Bitch") inherent in dub music.

29. Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden

The album of the heavy metal band made adjustments in the direction of metal music. The record added more to the genre creatives and a harder and faster sound, which is inherent in punk music.

28. Dexys Midnight Runners – Searching for the Young Soul Rebels

The debut album of the British band became famous for the fact that it combines R&B with heavy rock. To create such a combination that at that time only a few groups were able to.

27. Dire Straits – Making Movies

After the departure of David Knopfler, Mark Knopfler began to change the band and make his own the music, showing the whole world a unique style.

26. Peter Gabriel – Peter Gabriel (AKA Melt AKA III)

The album's title comes from its cover art, which shows Gabriel with half of his face melting away. Gabriel's third solo album was a breakthrough and made him one of the most successful artists in the world. popular ones artists of the decade.

25. X – Los Angeles

The debut album of the punk band with the title track, which has become a kind of punk anthem, is a transition to thriving West Coast punk scene of the late 70s and early 80s.

24. U2 – Boy

The first album of the world-famous rock band allowed them to build stadiums in the following years.

23. The Jam – Sound Affects

This successful release has shown that the band uses more than abstract ones themes instead of straightforward lyrics. In terms of pop appeal, the move paid off, debuting in the UK chart at number two.

22. Donna Summer – The Wanderer

Disco's eighth studio album, Maven, completed her transformation from the queen of the dance floor to a radio-focused fusion artist who expertly combines the three popular ones genres of the 80's era: R &B, rock and dance pop music.

21. Echo & The Bunnymen – Crocodiles

The English band's energetic debut features some of the best guitar parts of the decade and is a reference to their favorites by fans songs like" Rescue "and"Happy Death Men".

20. George Benson – Give Me the Night

The album of the jazz guitarist who became a pop star of the 80's is beautiful by bridge between two genres and includes an unforgettable title track.

19. John Foxx ‎– Metamatic

Fox's solo debut is a vivid example of synth-pop, which turns the synthesizer from an instrument into a muse and blurs the boundaries between a person and a person. by car.

18. REO Speedwagon – Hi Infidelity

The band's album topped the charts in the 80s. The vocalist took the energy of live performances and successfully transferred it to the recording studio. After that, this music was transferred to the radio.

17. Squeeze – Argybargy

Explosive album of the British band you need to listen to each to a fan, this band's rock ' n ' roll sounds different.

16. Steely Dan – Gaucho

The 1980 album brings up social themes that people are turning into dirt and slime.

15. Ozzy Osbourne – Blizzard Of Ozz

With an increased focus on guitar and melody, the rock star's debut studio album took metal in a new direction and showed that Ozzy it is quite possible to realize your talent alone.

14. The Police – Zenyatta Mondatta

The third studio album by the award-winning pop / rock band Grammy Awards "Don't Stand So Close To Me" set them on the path of superstars.

13. Neil Diamond – The Jazz Singer

Although the film with Diamond's participation failed, the soundtrack in his performance was successful and confirmed that he was more suitable for the role. the singer, rather than an actor.

12. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

The band's electronic music debut is full of inventive melodies and dance moves. grooves, which never cease to amaze and make you admire them.

11. Dead Kennedys – Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables

This album by a punk rock band is my debut. It consists of strong and unabashed social and political tracks that will further influence the development of hardcore bands.

10. Roberta Flack – Roberta Flack Featuring Donny Hathaway

The duo's 1980 album is bittersweet in the sense that it was released after a tragic accident. demise Hathaway in 1970, but so sweet in the sense that two impressive voices created timeless music.

09. Motörhead – Ace of Spades

The rock band's fourth studio album is an album that has made them one of the most successful artists in the world. popular ones teams.

08. Bruce Springsteen – The River

Springsteen's 1980 album "Never One afraid to Grow up" develops themes that take us out of adolescence and into the future. an adult life.

07. Grace Jones ‎– Warm Leatherette

The first album of the fashion and music legend, recorded at Compass Point Studios in the Bahamas, was released in the United States. turntable a moment in her career, as she shed the disco gloss of previous albums and began creating songs in the styles of reggae and punk music.

06. Joy Division – Closer

The last studio album of the rock band was released immediately after suicides The album was written by vocalist Ian Curtis, and therefore can be mistakenly considered a dark album. However, this release is the work of the band, which was then at the peak of its popularity.

05. Queen – The Game

The album is presented in a new style, as the band for the first time experimented with their sound and used synthesizers.

04. Talking Heads – Remain In Light

David Byrne's passion for the rhythms of Africa was fully manifested in this landmark event. the release.

03: Prince – Dirty Mind

Prince's third album is different from his previous recordings (they were also great) and has turned him into a pop star.

02. Diana Ross – Diana

The creation of the pop legend's 1980 album was supported by a disco group ChicWith her hit single "I'm Coming Out", Diana Ross ' graceful transition from disco to pop-R &B.

01. AC/DC – Back In Black

This is the band's first album with vocalist Brian Johnson, which is great the successor Bon Scott. Johnson manages to match Scott's inimitable energy, hinting at the beginning of a new chapter for the band.

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