Top 7 Perfect Alternative Rock Albums of the '90s

Of course, their "Nevermind" is still relevant today. But there were bands that gave no less strong and iconic albums for their time!

Top Flawless Rock Albums of the '90s by Fuzz Music Magazine

Period of the 90's. - an amazing time for rock, which meant the transition to the alternative and grunge. Glam metal was left behind, and now the public demanded someone in the style of Nirvana. Of course, their "Teen Spirit" (talking about "Smells like Teen Spirit") made a noise and literally provoked a "garage boom"! But Nirvana is not the only sensation of the discussed era...

Of course, their Nevermind is still relevant today. But there were bands that gave out just as strong and landmark albums for their time! Some records had more weak moments, while others had almost none - in today's selection we have tried to collect the best of the best! This is the top of flawless '90s rock albums by Fuzz Music magazine. And yes: we tried to emphasize on the alternativeto convey the atmosphere and rock'n'roll style of those years...

"Automatic for the People"

Cover of the album "Automatic for the People" by R.E.M.
Cover of the album "Automatic for the People" by R.E.M.

"Automatic for the People" - record, which proved: despite the transience of time and constant changes in trends, the band can stay afloat. This album was one of the strongest for its era as well as for the performers, namely R.E.M.

While many of their peers "fall apart" after only a few years together, R.E.M. has demonstrated its power and evolution after more than 10 years of existence on the market! The album is filled with many fine numbers, including "Man on the Moon and "Everybody Hurts."which - as some critics have emphasized - made the band itself "the embodiment of the golden age of alternative music.

"(What's the Story) Morning Glory?"

Cover of the album "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?" by Oasis
Cover of the album "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?" by Oasis

When Oasis appeared on the world stage, many perceived them as some sort of retro accident. But very soon the band made the public change their opinion. In particular - their second album helped them in this "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?"filled with genuine gems like "Wonderwall" or "Don't Look Back in Anger.

The record showed a huge leap that Noel Gallagher accomplished in songwriting. Even some of the less memorable tracks here, such as "She's Electric", are still gorgeous and topical. They carry a bit of sophistication of the 60s, masterfully combined with the trends of the 90s...


Tom Petty
Tom Petty

Album "Wildflowers"recorded Tom Petty Together with the producer-legend Rick Rubin, showcased all the inner beauty of The Heartbreakers leader as a musician! There is a free atmosphere on the record that could only be captured at the time... But even so, we sense Petty's wild ambition and passion.

With "Wildflowers," Petty, who had long remained in the shadow of other more ferocious rockers, seemed to declare: no matter what, he was still have something to say.

"Blood Sugar Sex Magik"

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1991)
Blood Sugar Sex Magik Album Cover

When the alternative movement began to gain momentum, it seemed that the Red Hot Chili Peppers not much of a chance... But "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" completely violated the "dark fantasies" of the critics.

"Blood Sugar Sex Magik" seems to be the purest form of what the Chili Peppers have always been! Here is a concentration of their biggest strengthswho opened up to the audience not 100 percent, but 1,000 percent. Would you like a funky jam? "Give It Away" just what you need! Are you looking for some hard rock material? Listen to "The Righteous & the Wicked" or "The Power of Equality". There are also lighter tracks (like "Under the Bridge") that show the more sensitive side of Anthony Kiedis and his "rock band.


This is how the cover of the legendary album “Nevermind” was filmed
This is how the cover of the legendary album “Nevermind” was filmed

"Nevermind" - definitely one of the best alternative albums of the '90s in general and Nirvana in particular. Of course, the aforementioned all-time super-hit played no small part in this cult status. "Smells like Teen Spirit"The number of plays of which has long since passed the 1.5 billion mark.

But it's also a classy track list as a whole, which shows us the poetic talent Kurt Cobain - a guy who just wanted to play grunge, but soon world fame struck him, shattering his mental health and making him hate his own hit... But that's a story for a completely different article.


Alice in Chains
Alice in Chains

Being a Seattle band while evolving with the alternative scene - many rock fans still don't know how to classify Alice in Chains. They were not heavy enough to be associated with metal or thrash, but at the same time their songs were too dark and brooding to be called truly alternative.

"Dirt." - a pretty rough work, recorded during a period of heavy addiction of the vocalist Layna Staley and is a volcano of emotions. And although each song has its own separate theme, the track list is easy to relate to Staley's inner pain, as if he knows he won't win this battle with his demons... Alas, he passed away in 2002.


Cover of the album "Ten" by Pearl Jam
Cover of the album "Ten" by Pearl Jam

The beginning of the alternative wave did not happen overnight - it took some time for the "spark" to finally ignite. And when it did, Pearl Jam were as fit as ever!

"Ten." - an undeniably powerful album that is steeped in the spirit, mood, and even the incidents of the period, which are reflected in in the lyrics. At least a dozen or so rock bands have tried to make their own version of this record, often with disgusting results. But imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, which means "Ten" is really cool even after all these years!

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