Classic rock with a touch of reggae - great tunes for the soul

It's a beautiful classic rock with a touch of reggae - a real honey for the ears...

The best rock songs with a reggae motif: a selection of the best, artists, clips and facts

Over the decades, the dimensional and far-reaching Jamaican motifs fascinated and delighted not only listeners, but also many rock musicians. Some rock stars seem to have been heavily influenced, while others simply sought to experiment and get into trends (which often turned out to be total collapse).

Over the years, many classic rockers have infused their music with Jamaican flavors. As their popularity has grown. Bob Marley and other icons of the genre, a wide variety of musicians, from the titans of hard rock to the superstars of folk and punk, began to rely on reggae as a great influence. The results have varied, but today we have tried to gather the best of the best! It's a beautiful classic rock with a touch of reggae - a real honey for the ears...

"(White Man) in Hammersmith Palais"

The Clash
The Clash

A great rock 'n' roll track with a reggae motif, which is great to lift your spirits (you can even dance to it from the heart)! This is a unique creation of the punk band The Clash was born at the initiative of Joe Strammerwho had been to a Reggae Night show not long before and was disappointed... According to Strummer, everything was "too showy and poppy.".

In addition to this experience of his, in "(White Man) in Hammersmith Palais" Strummer touches on themes very relevant to Britain at the time, such as unemployment and the rich, the dislike of whites for blacks, violence in the streets, and so on. And judging by the melody alone, you wouldn't think the song had such a deep lyricism...

"Why not call Robin Hood.
And not to ask him for a distribution of wealth?
Punk rockers in the UK!
But they won't notice anyway,
After all, they're all too busy fighting
To a good place under the sun..."

"Walking on the Moon"

The Police: New Wave Essentials
The Police

A great classic The Policewhich demonstrates how experimental the group has always been...

Song from the second studio album "Reggatta de Blanc" elegantly combined reggae with new wave, and won the hearts of many listeners. Each member of the group demonstrated their skills here to the highest degree: Andy SummersFor example, it plays just cosmic chords, floating in the air! And the drum parts Stuart Copeland seem to be incredibly easy... And of course, we can't help but notice the vocal prowess Sting. These three have created a tune that's hard to get out of your head.

"D'yer Mak'er"

"Led Zeppelin"
"Led Zeppelin"

This track Led Zeppelin was never appreciated by the public, and in vain. Despite the terrible criticism and misunderstanding of the fans, "D'yer Mak'er" has the right to exist. Personally, we think the song sounds amazingly beautiful... Though some of the band members weren't thrilled with it.

While Jimmy Page and Robert Plant saw great potential in the reggae joke, their comrades John Bonham and John Paul Jones hated the song almost immediately. Bonham didn't even want to play it, saying it was too boring! Nevertheless, he played it, and "D'yer Mak'er" was released as a single. Alas, the audience never appreciated the Zeppelins' humor, who tried to play around with the phrase "D'yer Mak'er", which, when pronounced in a certain way, sounds like "Jamaica.".

"Watching the Detectives

Elvis Costello, Sting Fight To Save Birdland in New York
Elvis Costello

In terms of its sound, this is a great track! Already a classic, this composition Elvis Costello is built on The Clash influences, cynical lyrics and a beautiful reggae rhythm... Great drumming and rock steady bass courtesy of Steve Goulding and Andrew Bodnar of The Rumour.

It turned out absolutely and uniquely...

"I Shot the Sheriff."

Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton

Blues cover Eric Clapton to the anthem of reggae icon Bob Marley - what could sound more exciting? By the way: shortly after its release, the smooth rendition took the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

The story goes that a member of Eric's band brought him an album "Burnin'."and offered to record a cover of "I Shot the Sheriff.". At first Clapton was hesitant: he wasn't sure it was worth it (let alone release a single). Maybe he was afraid fans would misunderstand him. Or maybe he was afraid to get too close to the original. Nevertheless, the record was made and released, and was a big hit as a result!

"Hey Negrita."

The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones

Perhaps the most incendiary composition on our list! However, from rock 'n' roll virtuosos such as The Rolling StonesI was foolish to expect anything less colorful...

Mick Jagger and Keith Richardsperhaps the biggest reggae fans in all of rock 'n' roll! Nevertheless, it is precisely Ronnie Wood created the riff for "Hey Negrita." That jam track showed how well the band can play with other genres, from reggae-style riffs to funky bass lines, Latin American keyboards and percussion. And yet, on "Hey Negrita," the Stones still sound their old, good and recognizable style. Now that's what we call craftsmanship!

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