The Best Russian Rock Punk Bands 2022

We've gathered for you the top five young punk bands. These guys know exactly what punk is! And even if they don't play it in its classic form, there's a lot to see!

Top 10 Russian Punk Bands 2022

Punk musicUnfortunately for most of its loyal listeners, it has lost its former popularity. There are no more big projects like The Clash and the Ramones. And the members of the legendary punk bands of the past, who are still performing now, are no longer young. Their listeners are all the more so. Because of this, punk has been relegated to the back burner of late.

But there are bands that make you want to believe that punk is alive and well. That's what this article is about. Get ready to dive into the world of punk music and learn more about the top ten punk bands of Russia in 2022.

10. "F.P.G."


And this is an older group - "FPG"formed as much as in 1998 in Nizhny Novgorod. Their name, written in English, is "Fair Play Gang," as if referring to the fact that the musicians took foreign punks as an example. And this "fair play" somewhat limits the musicians. They are now considered to be with an underground lineupeven though it is relatively popular among punk fans.

The band currently consists of the vocalist Anton "Pooh" Pavlov, guitar player Dmitry Seleznev, bassist Mako Limansky, drummer Pavel Bravichev, and the trumpeter Sergey Volgushev.

9. "Distemper."


One of Russia's oldest punk bandswho are still on stage today. "Distemper were formed in 1989 and they're still in action. Moreover, the degree of punk has not dropped at all! And in some compositions even on the contrary - it rises to the limit!

The team currently consists of Vyacheslav "Dacent" Biryukov, Sergey "Bye" Baibakov, Vasily "Vasya" Bodylin, Alexei "Lekha" Stukalov, Konstantin Chupin, Sergey Lepekha, Yuri Ratnikov. Such an abundance of musicians in one group is explained by the fact that the musicians actively use wind instruments. The band includes trumpet, saxophone and trombone. This solidly sets Distemper apart from other bands.

8. "The Last Tanks in Paris (P.T.V.P.)"

The Last Tanks in Paris (P.T.V.P.)
The Last Tanks in Paris (P.T.V.P.)

«The Last Tanks in Paris" is a punk rock band from Vyborg, Leningrad region, Russia. The band was founded in 1996 Edward Starkov and Lekha NikonovBut the musicians are still playing!

By the way, the band has a very interesting title. You'd think we were talking about armored vehicles. But no, we're talking about the word "tanka. It's a Japanese form of poetry. Lekha Nikonov, the founder of the band, said so himself:

"Tanks are not the murder weapon, but Japanese poetry. Although you probably can't say that in the plural. The word 'tanks' means one verse."

Although at different times P.T.V.P. had different meanings. Sometimes the musicians even used foul language to decipher their name. Punks are punks, so what can I say? The main thing is that their music is great!

7. "Brigade Contract

Brigade Contract
Brigade Contract

This team is slightly inferior in popularity to the previous ones in the top. But in quality of punk sound - not at all. The band was formed in 1985 in St. Petersburg.

The group now consists of Alexander Lukyanov, Anatoly Sklyarenko, Maxim Koldaev, Sergey Grigoryants. It should be noted that this group broke up several times in the 90s. Only one member, Alexander Lukyanov, remained from the original line-up. But the band is still alive.

6. "NAIV."


The band was originally called the New Harlequins and Voltigeurs. А "NAIV" is just an abbreviation. But that was the name under which the band became popular. The band NAIV was founded in 1988. The founders were musicians Maxim Kochetkov and Alexander Ivanov. And the following year, 1989, the band joined the Moscow Rock Lab.

The band is still very popular today. They are regularly invited to punk festivals. However, in 2022 the concert activity of the band was briefly suspended. But now everything is in order - the musicians plan to give performances at four summer festivals in Russia.

5. "Yorsh."


One of the most popular Russian punk bands. Yorsh formed in Podolsk in 2006. That's when their first album was released - it was called "No Gods! With it the band went on tour for the first time. Since then it has remained very popular. Even now, in the year 2022, thousands of people listen to the music of Yorsh.

The group sticks to the old school 70s punk rock both musically and in the lyrics. Since 2008 Yorsh joins the punk-rock scene and even supports such "oldsters" as Brigadny Podryad.

4. "Leningrad."


And this team doesn't even need an introduction - the band Sergey "Shnur" Shnurov is known to almost all, if not all, Russian listeners. Even those who don't like punk. That's how popular this band is. And the team owes much of its popularity to its leader, Shnur.

Lately the band has been releasing a lot of tracks on acute social themes. And it's not a simple agitation for something or against someone - as a rule it's very subtle mockery of one position or another. The fans of the band like it a lot. But even though the band is popular, it seems to us that it would be wrong to put Leningrad in the top three groups.

And in 2019, Shnurov spoke about the fact that the group had in principle retired, but as the saying goes: never say never. In 2022 Sergey Shnurov announced that Leningrad was returning. It was largely because of this that the band made it to the top.

3. "The Lomonosov Plan."

The Lomonosov Plan
The Lomonosov Plan

«The Lomonosov Plan"is a relatively young Moscow punk band consisting of very famous Russian musicians and even actors! The band's frontman Alexander Ilyin - He played the role of Lobanov in "The Interns". The other musicians are Andrei Shmorgun and Denis Khromykh played in another punk band, the Cockroaches! Unfortunately, "Cockroaches!" broke up, but Lomonosov's Plan has been playing since 2010.

The musicians themselves say about themselves: "We have what professionals lack. Our souls aren't bored yet. And it's really true. The musicians are characterized by a young punk fervor! And it really distinguishes them from more experienced punk veterans. In general - the band is great.



«Laughter"The band is quite popular. The musicians themselves call themselves "the punk group of All Russia". The collective was formed in 1999 in Istra, near Moscow. The band positions itself as completely independent from modern musical trends, as well as from the opinion of anyone, including their fans. But in many respects this is the reason why the band is liked by its listeners.

The guys do not adjust to anyone's tastes, use profanity profusely, play music only when there is such a desire. Bottom line, real punks! Both in terms of music and in terms of the participants' outlook on life.

1. "Elysium."


A very famous Russian punk band playing since 1995. At the time of its founding, the group "Elysium" was very popular in Nizhny Novgorod, and after the release of their second album - "All Islands!" became one of the leading punk rock performers in Russia. Since then they have had tens of thousands of fans.

The musicians are very much distinguished by their direction. They call their music - "space-rock". In fact, it's nothing more than a mixture of musical styles based on punk rock. But "space-rock" also contains elements of ska, reggae, metal and other genres.

New Russian Punk Bands - Top 5

It's always the music that's most popular that's interesting to young people. Young people have more energy for music and for "fanning" music. That's why some punks decided to try to combine punk rock with by pop music. They took the energy and unrestrained drive from the former, and from the latter they captured the sound. It was a kind of "soft punk," which is supposed to please both the young and the old school followers.

That's why we also gathered the top of the most talented young punk bands. Most of them create in the genre of pop-punkbut there are some small exceptions. What are they? You'll find out next! In the meantime, let's get acquainted with the new punk bands.

The Balloons Group


It is a relatively young a punk band from Barnaul. The guys got together back in 2014. The Balls themselves call their music - emo cabaret-pop-punk whatever that means. But what they call themselves is not the main thing. What is more important is that their music is built on punk and yet they are quite popular. Hundreds of thousands of people watch their videos. About the same number follow them on social media.

The style of the guys, their images and vivid vocals are all in the best traditions pop-punk. At the same time the musicians never stopped working on themselves throughout the band's existence. If in 2015, at the time of the first mixtape release, they had just good tracks, then now the level of songs, the level of playing, and the skills of the vocalist have improved. All in all, the Balls are a great pop-punk band.

The group "My Friend Catherine!"

My Friend Catherine!
My Friend Catherine!

This project is a little older than the Balls - the group "My Friend Katrin! in Moscow in 2011. During their existence, the musicians have played hundreds of concerts in various Russian cities and are loved by thousands of fans from all over the country.

"My Friend Katrin!" play pop-punk. The band's motto is "Emotions on the verge of pop-punk" - taken by the band since its formation, is perfectly reflected on each of their records.

Antreib Group


That's not pop-punk, that's what it is. punk. Moreover, the artists themselves consider themselves hardcore punk thrash band. And this band is much older than the others. The Voronezh musicians got together back in the noughties - in 2009.

The band's music is fast and heavy - pure hardcore punk with all that it implies. The musicians' lyrics are quite angry and poignant. "Antreib" believe that their music is a heavy stone thrown into the heads of those stuck in their past in order to pull them out and awaken them to life - harsh and kind at the same time. And on the whole, the band succeeds.

Wrong Number Group

Wrong number.
Wrong number.

"Wrong Number are simple musicians from Voronezh. Their main genre of music is pop-punk, but they experiment with sound and lyrics within the genre. A large part of their songs are about adolescent issues. Probably because of the genre and meaning of the songs, the band is popular mostly among young people.

Although we wouldn't say that right now the band is very popular. But they have a lot of potential. In the future their pop-punk creativity could take off!

Chicken Therapy Group

Chicken Therapy Group
Chicken Therapy Group

The youngest of all the groups on the list. These musicians got together quite recently. The pop-punk musicians of Chicken Therapy, unlike the other members of the top, do not reveal their personalities - they are always in masks. In their words real punk music shouldn't be more tied to a person. It has to be independent - to have something in itself. That's why musicians want to be loved for their music, not for who they are.

This is very promising projectso we decided to add musicians to this list. And what modern punk bands do you like? Share the names in the comments!


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