Russian rock bands today - who to listen to?

We decided to highlight some contemporary bands that you can listen to and even enjoy their music. These are pretty decent guys who are really worth getting to know (if, of course, you haven't done so already).

Top worthy modern rock bands from Russia according to Fuzz Music magazine

No matter how you look at it, the golden era of Russian rock is forever. behind...It was in the '80s and '90s that the best domestic rock albumsI'm not ashamed to listen to them today, and on the contrary, it's a pleasure to listen to them again! These are Kino, Alice, DDT, and many other "veterans of Russian rock," whom we still remember and sincerely love.

Unfortunately, there is nothing like that today. Either the trends are different, or the sound artists look at this genre differently... In general - you can hardly find analogues to the "old guys". And nevertheless, we decided to cover some contemporary troupesYou can listen to and even enjoy their music. It's pretty decent guysWe'd like to add: don't expect our list to be very young - we've taken the projects based on the ones we've discovered. We'd like to add right away: don't expect from our list very young bands - we took into account projects based on after the 2000s. As it seems to us - they are worthy of the title of "modern".

"Operation Plasticine."

Operation Plasticine Group
Operation Plasticine Group

And we decided to start our list with the "old-timers," who have dubbed themselves "Operation Plasticine.". The band was founded in Tambov in 2002. The truth - the members themselves consider the date of their birth 2010It was at that moment that their creativity underwent a fantastic transformation: the leading vocalist left the band. This led first to a break, and then to a departure from the punk roots in the direction of a more measured, often acoustic sound.

After the transformation, the band members began to actively experiment with styles - there was a place for measured classical motifs, and heavy notes, and even electronic moods! In general - there is no genre orientation to speak of. Nevertheless, many fans were satisfied with such trends, and here - "Operation Plasticine" to this day is afloat with confidence and is delighting fans with new songs.


Group "Slot"
Group "Slot"

When it comes to this band, the first thing that comes to mind for most listeners is the charming vocalist Daria Stavrovich (aka "Nookie."). And this is not surprising, because Daria has already become a legend of her time and genre, with which, in fact, the public identifies Slot.

In fact, "Nookie" became a real salvation for the band, a diamond! Before her, several vocalists had left the band, and perhaps the departure of another "voice" could have led to to the collapse of the project. But luckily, that didn't happen. Together with Daria, the band released their iconic hits, and continues to this day!


Band "Louna"
Band "Louna"

Not as popular, but a really worthy band on our list. "Louna." Known for hits like "Mama" or "Polus" and the charismatic vocalist Lusineh "Lou" Gevorkian.

By the way: Lusine has one of the most distinctive voices in Russian rock: the girl's vocal skills are truly impressive! The band has a lot of fans, which acute social context of the songs does not leave you indifferent...

"Give me the tank (!)"

Group "Give me a tank (!)"
Group "Give me a tank (!)"

Are you familiar with this band? She is, by the way, one of the the youngest on our list - "Give me the tank (!)" was formed in 2007 in Kolomna.

"Garage rock for introverted dancers who miss the Russian language" is how the guys described their style. The sound of "Give a Tank (!)" gravitates toward to punkThe band's name hints at that (the tank is really associated with the word punk in this case). However, it's not the punk we're all used to: it's, according to the lead singer Dmitry Mozzhukhin, "something more intimate.

"Punk, in the traditional sense, is something frantic and invigorating! And we play punk that's pretty intimate, special..."

"Fateful Year."

"Fateful Year."
"Fateful Year."

The random appearance of this band in 2018 was a great gift for all fans "Gaza Strip"! And it's enough to listen to at least one song "Fateful Year."to understand why...

But you can guess everything from just one photo of the lead singer. Sergey Rogulev. The best part is that the band doesn't plagiarize Sector's songs, but performs their own compositions in the "kolkhozny punk" style, which millions of people love so much. It sounds very worthy!

"Obe Rek."

Obe Rek Group
Obe Rek Group

And finally, we have a very interesting project for you called "Obe Rek.".

The band was founded in 2004 in Voronezh. At first there was no success, but everything changed in 2010: that's when the guys decide to move to to the capital. This move helped them achieve success and earn quite a recognizable name. Of course, it's hard to call Obe Rek superstars, but they do have their own substantial fan base.

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