Cult trios in rock - recalling the best of the best bands

Today we decided to pay tribute to our favorite trios from the world of rock, who proved that the audience "can be taken" only by professionalism, not by quantity.

Legendary trios in rock: the best trio bands in rock music according to Fuzz Music magazine

Five or four people - here it is, the classic lineup of any rock band, the gold standard that is still relied upon today. We have the king of rhythm - the drummer, the soul of the sound - the guitarist (solo, rhythm, electro), the bassist who sets the tone, and, of course, the vocalist (he is usually the face of the band). But sometimes, that one person can perform several functions at the same time. And he does it in the most decent way!

Today we decided to pay tribute to our beloved A trio from the world of rockwho have proven that the audience can be "taken" solely by professionalism, not by quantity. And that's what they're really good at!

ZZ Top

ZZ Top
ZZ Top

Texas Legends - ZZ Top remain one of the greatest blues-rock trios in history! Their style is unique, and it is with this style that they managed to take the world audience by storm: harsh shades of blues combined with light Southern rock'n'roll motifs. That in itself already sounds appealing! Known for their edgy, rocking guitar tone, Billy Gibbons teamed up with a bassist and a vocalist Dusty Hill and drummer Frank Beardto make music that much more adventurous. As a result, these guys influenced legions of followers (and even contemporaries) from genres ranging from country to heavy rock!

Throughout his career. ZZ Top played, recorded, and released great music that many "full-fledged" bands couldn't replicate.


Rush group
Rush group

For many years. Neil Peart was a legend Rush. That's what he remains even after his death. He wrote the lyrics and provided the band with an excellent rhythm section. Over the years the trio played a lot of concerts, and Pirt always did his job well and diligently.

Rush deserve a lot of credit for their contribution to the rock industry (and the world music industry in general). They were one of the most successful bands early rockThe new wave of bands that used synths as part of their sound. After the new wave gave way to a more guitar-oriented sound, the same thing happened to Rush: they went back to their roots. Their work includes incredibly complex, experimental compositions and lyrical lyrics leaning heavily on science fiction and fantasy. All this, coupled with the talent of each member, is admirable.


Cream Group
Cream Group

For classic rock, no trio is more significant and powerful than Cream. Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker - These three powerful players became legends of their time and genre. Clapton, later, became a successful solo star, earning him the title of one of the first guitar rock heroes.

Their third record. "Wheels of Fire" became the first double album to reach platinum status! Cream recorded some of the loudest and coolest songs of the '60s, easily placing them at the top of the charts. They were a major influence on subsequent generations of rockers, changed the soundscape and became synonymous with the blues-rock.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

"The Jimi Hendrix Experience" in l1967...
The Jimi Hendrix Experience

What happens when a blues guitarist from Seattle comes to swinging 60's London where he meets a virtuoso drummer and a great bassist? And there will be a rock 'n' roll extravaganza of sounds, feelings and emotions encapsulated in some of the most recognizable tracks of the time! Simply put - we've just told you about the origins and further influences of The Jimi Hendrix Experience, a trio consisting of Jimi Hendrix, Mitch Mitchell and By Noel Redding.

In just three years, they identified psychedelic rock (and the fashion of the time), unknowingly becoming the pioneers of hard rock. Hendrix's combination of rhythm and lead guitar created a confident roaring sound that influenced generations of iconic guitarists...

The Police

Group The Police
Group The Police

The late 1970s was the best time for the fledgling rock band. Punk was in full bloom, reggae-infused rock was starting to become popular, and post-punk and new wave were in their formative stages. And now, on the world stage come the The Police. Vocalist and bassist Gordon Sumner (aka Sting), guitarist Andy Summers and drummer Stuart Copeland combined all these elements (with a little splash of jazz) in their sound, which turned them into one of the best British power trios to have conquered the world.

Today everyone knows their songs. "Roxanne." at the very least! Although they broke up at the height of their power and went on to a successful solo career, The Police reinvented what it means to be powerful trio, breaking free of the classic rock sound and clichés.

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