Fuzz Music Magazine's Best Live Classic Rock Albums - Part Two

Without unnecessary effects and other "glamor" - live albums allow you to look at your favorite artist in a new way, to appreciate his "pure" genius and enjoy his natural inner charisma, which until then was hidden in the walls of the studio...

Best Live Classic Rock Albums - Part Two

We adore hundreds of rock bands and performers, but above all the rabid fame comes to them thanks to impeccably produced "to the studios.". But are our idols so good on stage? Not always and not everyone has the opportunity to attend a concert of their favorite rock star, and very often it is simply impossible because the artist is no longer with us... But the so-called "live" albums allow you to appreciate his skill and virtuosity in doing what they say!

Without unnecessary effects and other "glitz" - live albums allow you to look at your favorite artist in a new way, to appreciate his "pure" genius and enjoy his natural inner charisma, which until then was hidden within the walls of the studio! This is a magnificent phenomenon, which, fortunately, has found relevance. Thanks to this, today we have a huge selection of "live pearls" for all tastes and colors. But in today's article we continue to remember the most the best of the best

Led Zeppelin - "How the West Was Won"

The group "Led Zeppelin"
The group "Led Zeppelin"

In the first part we already had time to talk about "The Song Remains the Same" - the classic rock giants' double "monster album Led Zeppelin. However, according to some, the live record "How the West Was Won much more "juicy and interesting. Even if you don't agree with that belief, there's no point in denying the splendor and richness of this work, recorded during two concerts during the 1972 U.S. tour.

In many ways, How the West Was Won is the band's unique recording. According to Jimmy PageThe album shows every member of the iconic foursome at the peak of their powers...

Kiss - "Alive!"

KISS in 1976
KISS in 1976

One of the brightest live albums that is not boring to listen to! The most interesting thing is that this is the band's first live album Kiss. It's just amazing that their "live debut" became so legendary. However, considering that it included their main hits from the first three discs, everything falls into place.

Interesting fact: the album was mixed in Electric Lady - The legendary studio, which was started by Jimi Hendrix, a legend of virtuoso guitar playing!

UFO - "Strangers in the Night"

UFO Group
UFO Group

Perhaps, Strangers in the Night UFO and did not mix in the iconic studio, but the record is noteworthy because it is the guitarist's last contribution Michael Schenker into the work of the band. He would leave the lineup shortly after recording, and would not return to the lineup until the onset of the '90s.

As for the album, this late '70s live record is considered one of the best of its kind. According to most critics, Strangers in the Night has influenced legions of musicians, particularly the new wave of British heavy metal.

Peter Frampton - "Frampton Comes Alive!"

Peter Frampton
Peter Frampton

If you have ever studied the list of "A Thousand and One Music Albums Worth Listening To Before You Die"you have certainly encountered in it "Frampton Comes Alive!". This iconic live album Peter Frampton was voted the best work of 1976, and it is clear why...

Frampton personally produced the album, which included live versions of his most famous hits of the '70s. After its release. "Frampton Comes Alive!" held the top position on the Billboard 200 for a full 10 weeks, and its worldwide circulation has long exceeded the 10 million copies mark!

Slade - "Slade Alive!"

slade 4

Powerful, colorful, with character - the album "Slade Alive!" is the most beloved live disc among fans of classic rock.

First live album Slade includes both personal tracks by the band and excellent covers of popular hits of those years. Many years after its release, top publications recognize "Slade Alive!" "the album that changed the world".

Uriah Heep - "Uriah Heep Live"

Uriah Heep
Uriah Heep

Uriah Heep have always been famous for their inimitable magic on stage, and "Uriah Heep Live" shows this phenomenon in the best way possible.

The double album was recorded during the band's performance in Birmingham City Hall in 1973. Many years have passed, but the record sounds so fresh and cheerful, as if Uriah Heep recorded it a week ago.

"Woodstock: Music from the Original Soundtrack and More"

Jimi Hendrix, Woodstock, 1969
Jimi Hendrix, Woodstock, 1969

Nothing demonstrates the charisma of classic rock stars at the beginning of their journey better than "Woodstock: Music from the Original Soundtrack and More" - album, recorded during a cult phenomenon in the world of music, on Woodstock 1969. Here you'll find just about every idol of the past, from The Who and Joan Baez to Santana and Jimi Hendrix. All these people built rock, and made the music industry as we know it today...

And finally, some more great ones. "live" recordsWe'd like to listen to a lot of songs that we personally think are worth listening to at least once in your life, if only out of curiosity. They definitely deserve it... We promise: you won't lose anything, and maybe even get a lot of impressions! Everything, of course, depends purely on your musical taste.

  • Queen - "Live Killers"
  • Judas Priest - "Unleashed in the East"
  • Journey - "Captured"

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