"Seriously, rap?": friend surprised by Michael Jackson's favorite song

Why was the King of Pop a fan of "In da Club" rapper 50 Cent, and is it true that he bought out the rights to the songs and albums he liked?

"In da Club" - Michael Jackson's favorite song that surprised everyone

Sometimes people have unexpected musical tastes that no one would have thought of until a certain point. This was also the case with Michael Jackson. Who would have thought that the pop king would gravitate to... rap. That even sounds strange!

We probably would have taken it as a joke, but the story Chris Tucker - a close friend of Michael's proves to be completely, utterly madly true! So: why was the king of pop a fan of "In da Club." rapper 50 Centand was it true that he bought out the rights to the songs and albums he liked?

How Chris Tucker and Michael Jackson were once riding in a car

Michael Jackson and Chris Tucker
Michael Jackson and Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker - American actor and comedian. He was a close friend of Jackson's, and the two often hung out together. So, from Tucker's recollection, one day they were driving in the car and the radio was playing "In da Club." 50 Cent rapper. At that moment, Chris discovered a new side to Michael. Believe it or not, the king of pop started humming:

"You'll find me at the club,
Surrounded by bottles of champagne!"

Chris recalls:

"We were driving in the car when 'In da Club' came on. And then strange things started happening to Michael. He started literally jumping to the beat, humming, snapping his fingers... I was amazed. I asked him, "Michael, what are you doing?" And he said, "I'm sorry Chris, but I can't help myself. It's a very, very cool beat, and the beat, and I can't resist..." I said, "No, no Michael... It's too much." And he says, "I'm sorry Chris, but I'm getting excited about it!"

Michael Jackson on the Bad World Tour
Michael Jackson on the Bad World Tour

According to Tucker, Michael also liked tracks Rick Ross:

"One day we were walking through the mall, and Rick Ross was playing. And I hear Michael start mumbling something to the beat of the music. I said, "Hey, don't tell me that's you singing?" And he's like, "Oh, no, that's not me." But a few more seconds go by, and I catch him red-handed. And he says, "Oh, Chris, I'm sorry, but I love Rick Ross..."

The Story of 50 Cent's "In da Club"

50 cent
50 Cent

"In da Club." - The rapper's legendary genre hit 50 CentThe song was released in the early 2000s and instantly captivated a worldwide audience. This track was played on the radio for years after its release, and it was often played in clubs, of course. The title speaks for itself: it's a song about how cool it is to hang out in a club. It sings about fun, alcohol, and... charming "chicks."

"When me and my 20 brothers show up at the club,
There are twenty more guns in it (Yes)!"

It was a big commercial breakthrough for 50 Cent, as "In da Club" graced the rapper's debut record and became the leader Billboard Hot 100 - his first number one hit! Subsequently, the track gained such a cult following that the magazine Rolling Stone even put it on his list of the best songs of all time! According to many rappers, they wanted to pick up a microphone after hearing this hit...

Is it true that Michael Jackson bought out the rights to the songs and albums he liked?

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

So, everything is clear with Michael's favorite song, but there is still one question: is it true that the King of Pop bought out the rights to the songs and albums he likes? Well...

On the one hand this is true, on the other not so much. Jackson did buy the rights to some artists' music, but not always because he was excited about it. The most scandalous and high-profile story is that Michael once bought the rights to some of his most popular hits Eminemincluding "Without Me" and "The Real Slim Shady"! He did this after the rapper humiliated and mocked the pop king in a video for "Just Lose It.".

Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson.
Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson

The purchase also gave the singer the rights to the music of Shakira, Beck and Bjork, as well as the soundtracks to the movies The Godfather and Mission Impossible. Notably, back in the mid-'80s, Michael bought the ATV catalog for $47.5 million with more than one million copyrights, including 250 Beatles songs! The most interesting thing about this whole story is that it is Paul McCartney told Jackson how profitable such acquisitions could be...

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