Nazareth songs listened to in the USSR

In this article we decided to remember the Scottish band's hits, which were literally listened to in the USSR! We are sure: your favorite hit must have made it to our selection.

Nazareth songs loved in the USSR: a selection of the best

In the USSR had their own idols among foreign rock bands. Remarkably, sometimes these were bands that were not very popular in their homeland! In our country, though, they were simply adored. The Soviet people loved "different" rock: American, British and... Scottish. So, some of the idols of domestic music lovers were Nazareth.

Nazareth quickly conquered the Soviet audience. There was something close to our mentality in their music: soul, cheerful motifs, depth... In general, they attracted us like a magnet. And their signature husky voice Dana McCafferty It seemed impossible to ignore such an outstanding vocalist.

Dan McCafferty
Dan McCafferty

Unfortunately, today's generation doesn't know much about Nazareth - as well as many other titans of rock of those years. Unfortunately, McCafferty is no longer with us... But the music is really immortal. And that's why Nazareth songs still sound fresh today! In this article we decided to recall the Scottish band's hits with which In the Soviet Union, they literally listened to! We're sure: your favorite hit must have made it to our selection. If not, write in the comments, and maybe you'll inspire us for the second part. Nazareth's legacy is so big and diverse that it's hard to choose the most from the most. Well, here we go - enjoy listening!

"Let Me Be Your Leader"

Dan McCafferty
Dan McCafferty

Awesome song from the album "The Fool Circlewhich is loved by many domestic listeners. In general, the whole record is full of hit tunes, to which we will refer in today's selection.

Regarding "Let Me Be Your Leader"If you're not sure, this is the fifth track on the album, and it's about trust and the importance of opening yourself up to the world and to possibilities...

"What did you see for yourself in your crystal ball?
See how the old wound disappears without a trace?"

«Love Hurts»


It's probably the most beautiful love cover in the world. Nazareth so skillfully interpreted «Love Hurts» duo The Everly Brothersthat the public thought it was their hit song for years! That's what it means to make a song your own...

"Love Hurts" is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful compositions about love, and many modern music lovers became familiar with the band's works thanks to this cover. By the way: it is still more popular than the original!


This track needs no introduction at all! Domestic music lovers just love it...

It's really very wild trackwith a powerful melody and a performance that penetrates to the depths of the soul. The passionate lyrics are fully in tune with the musical ensemble:

"I can smell that passion, too...
Let's trust our feelings, not our minds,
Let's break all the rules.
We are animals! We are animals!"

«Hair of the Dog»

Группа Nazareth: Pete Agnew, Darrell Sweet, Dan McCafferty, Manny Charlton
Nazareth Group

In spite of its popularity, this song evokes double emotions in listeners...

One «Hair of the Dog» I like it madly, as well as the entire album of the same name in general. Others think this song is quite ordinary and boring. What do you personally think of this masterpiece? It will be interesting to see how many fans of this hit are here! Well, we go on.

"Shot Me Down."

And the next hit on our list is a timeless classic "Shot Me Down.". This song was a worthy decoration of the "Expect No Mercy" - Nazareth's ninth studio album, which was in some ways groundbreaking for the band.

With "Expect No Mercy," the band made a strong bias toward the so-called AOR - album-oriented rock, a sound aimed at the radio format. As for "Shot Me Down", the lyrics are quite simple, but extremely beautiful...

"On the ground I lie, burned by hot passion,
You've blown me away..."


Nazareth 2022

A very loud hit by Nazareth - and scandalous because of its name.

"There is no strength to resist,
One-way ticket..."

In this song, the members of Nazareth didn't beat around the bush, but sang directly about the dangers of substances. Alas, too many stars fell from addiction in the 60s and 80s. And yet: could they have become what they became without it? Rhetorical question...

"This Flight Tonight."

Dan McCafferty
Dan McCafferty

It may come as a great surprise to some listeners, but this Nazareth hit is just another cover version. But what a thing!

The original version, released in 1971, belongs to Joni Mitchell. Alas, its version was not as successful as the Nazareth interpretation released just two years later. In the end, their "This Flight Tonight." found a tremendous international success! Once, when she took the stage during a concert, Mitchell addressed the audience:

"And I'd like to start with a Nazareth song" (referring to "This Flight Tonight").

That's what a good sense of humor means!

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