Freddie Mercury's last wish, which he fulfilled on the verge of

The vocalist of one of the most legendary bands in the history of music was bedridden, but asked to be taken downstairs one last time to give a beautiful farewell to life...

Freddie Mercury and his passion for art, to which he remained faithful until the end of his days

In the fall of 1991, after months of media rumors and gossip, it was no longer possible to hide the fact that the icon Queen terribly ill. The man who for so many years seemed larger than life itself withdrew to his personal sanctuary, surrounded by his nearest and dearest.

An ex-girlfriend found a cozy house in Kensington for him Mary Austin. That's where Freddie Mercury created not just a refuge, but a place of extraordinary beauty. In his last weeks and days of life, it was more precious than ever, and as his strength finally waned, he made one personal request November 20, just four days before his death. The vocalist of one of the most legendary bands in the history of music was confined to his bed, but asked to be taken downstairs one last time to give a beautiful farewell to life...

Freddie Mercury's Last Wish

Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury

Freddie came to terms with the fact that the end was near and stopped taking his HIV medication, although he continued to take much needed painkiller. He was looked after around the clock by Mary, who visited him every day, and by his partner. Jim Hutton And former partner (and chef) Joe Fanelli. Another frequent house guest was a longtime friend and former creative partner Peter Freestone.

Subsequently, Freestone often spoke to journalists. In an interview he once described one special momentwhich took place just four days before Freddie's death. It was a moment too much for the late singer to say goodbye to a home that was filled with so much love and laughter... And art. Peter said:

"It was November 20. Freddie was confined to bed, but asked to be taken downstairs because he wanted to see some of his favorite works one last time. Terry Giddings, bodyguard and driver, literally carried Freddie in his arms down the stairs. However, already downstairs he was walking around the living room and Japanese room on his own, with one of us supporting him. He commented on how and when he acquired several pieces. Of course, there was a quiet atmosphere in the house in those last days, but Freddie remained the Freddie we knew, until the end."

Love of art

The great artist Freddie Mercury...
The Great Artist Freddie Mercury

Freddie, of course, first studied the graphics and designbefore he joined the group. His love of art blossomed when he had money and access to a whole new world. He moved into the Garden Lodge in 1985 and soon began to fill the house with priceless and precious works of art and furniture. He once said:

"I'm crazy about it. For me, artwork is like fresh air... A lot of people said my house was like a museum, and now I'm starting to agree with them. It's getting really silly, but I'm up to my ears in it. I can't do without it..."

In the same interview, Freddie mentioned Elton JohnI was also an avid collector:

"Probably the only one who understands me is Elton. I love these stories about Elton, when people would stay at his house on weekends, in his spare rooms. They would look under the bed and there would be Rembrandt and other such masters. It's true!"

The best gift for Christmas

Freddie Mercury and Elton John
Freddie Mercury and Elton John

Elton himself later recalled one of his recent visitsto see the bedridden Freddy. Then he discovered that his comrade was still buying new artwork over the phone. Of course, he later understood emotionally exactly what Freddie was doing. Elton said:

"Freddie loved collecting Japanese art and auctioning it off. So when he was dying, he was still buying things at auctions. He had all these pieces surrounding him on his bed - medications and auction catalogs all around him! It was amazing. I thought, "That's amazing. This man has such a love for life. He doesn't think about death at all. He still thinks about art!" He showed me no fear of death. No fear, no sadness..."

In fact, some of these purchases were gifts to the approaching Christmas, which Freddie never saw. On Christmas Day, Elton John answered the doorbell and discovered that he had been delivered a painting by an author named Henry Scott Tuckone of his favorite artists. It was the last and perhaps the best gift from Freddie.

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