The boy wants to go to Tambov (1997) - Murat Nasyrov - All about the song

It is very strange that many people know this wonderful performer only from this track... But first things first!

Why "The boy wants to Tambov"? The history of Murat Nasyrov's hit

"The boy wants to Tambov" - the famous hit of Murat Nasyrov, which in the late 90s came from every radio! Everyone knows this song, even those who did not live at that time ... However, how many listeners thought about why the boy wants to go to Tambov? Yes, perhaps some romantics will put forward a version, they say the lyrical hero has a girlfriend there (or something like that)! But the truth is much more prosaic… In fact, “The Boy Wants to Tambov” is a rehash of the legendary hit “Tic, Tic Tac” by the Brazilian band Carrapicho! So what does Tambov have to do with it, you ask? It's simple: in the original there is a line: "Bate forte o tambor". Doesn't it remind you of anything? Actually, it was the word "tambor" that made the hero of the song want to go to Tambov!

The fate of the original...

Carrapicho group
Carrapicho group

Carrapicho is a Brazilian pop group that achieved worldwide success after the release of the song "Tic, Tic Tac". The track was released in the summer of 1996 as a single from the Festa do boi bumba album. Instantly, the song about the amazing dance and the beauty of the Amazon became the main hit of the year: the single hit the charts in several countries, becoming gold in Germany and diamond in France! In fact, the history of the hit dates back to 1992, when it was first played at the Amazonas State Folk Festival! Toward the mid-90s, Carrapicho recorded their own version of the song, for which a video was shot:

Oddly enough, "Tic, Tic Tac" became a huge hit in France! In 2008, the track entered the top 100 of the best-selling singles in the territory of this state! In general, its circulation amounted to one million copies (in France).

And now about the boy who wants to go to Tambov...

In 1997, Murat Nasyrov simply blew up all the radio and television broadcasts by performing the famous "The Boy Wants to Tambov"! And few people even knew that this song was a rehash of an already mega-popular hit abroad ... It all started with the fact that the Russian poet Sergey Kharin decided to rewrite it into Russian. Yes, but the translation turned out to be very strange, peculiar in one word ... If in “Tic, Tic Tac” the Carrapicho group sings of the power and charm of the Amazon River, then in the Russian version it sings about a rather romantic situation in a very positive way:

“... You stood by the sea
And looked at the old pier ... "

A dynamic verse that will certainly settle in your head after the first listening to the song tells:

"The boy wants to Tambov
You know chiki-chiki-chiki-chikita…”

And so, in 1997, Sergey Kharin, together with the team of the Soyuz studio, began to look for someone who could perform such a beautiful and positive work properly. And Murat Nasyrov, a Soviet, Kazakhstani and Russian pop singer, coped with the task best of all!

A little about the artist...

Murat Nasyrov
Murat Nasyrov

Murat Nasyrov is also known to Russian listeners for the song “I am You,” another hit, only already in 1998. The pop singer was born in Alma-Ata, in an ordinary working family. True - the father of the future star was fond of poetry, that is, he was a poet. The man also played various Uighur folk musical instruments. So, it is not surprising why Marat caught fire with a passion for music ... He took his first creative steps in the army, then, in the mid-90s, the singer's first serious track was released: “Step ...” The song became a big hit on the radio!

With wife Natalya Boyko
With wife Natalya Boyko

Before the release of the song “The Boy Wants to Tambov”, Marat managed to attract the attention of the prima donna, Alla Borisovna Pugacheva: fascinated by his vocal abilities, the famous Russian pop star supported him. Soon Nasyrov began to perform at various concerts, which his producer did not like very much ...

“... Here, for example, some artist presents his new album, sings on stage under plywood ... And then Marat comes out and simply kills the hero of the occasion with his range!”

A hit about a boy who wants to go to Tambov brought the musician the Golden Gramophone! Unfortunately, when Marat's success began to grow in a stunning progression, he died ... At the time of his death, the singer was 38 years old.

However, his legacy continued to live and flourish... So, today there is practically no such person who has never heard the legendary refrain:

"The boy wants to Tambov
You know chiki chiki chikita
The boy wants to Tambov
You know chiki-chiki-chiki-chikita…”

legendary clip

And now it's time to remember about the cult video, which is not inferior in popularity to the song itself! By the way: today it has collected almost 9 million views! Not a bad result for a music video from the 90s…

In the video, we see beautiful young girls in bright open outfits, just like in the hottest corners of the world! But most of all, the contrasting characters in black, reminiscent of the heroes of the Addams Family, attract attention! In fact, these are two really famous people! Tina Barclaya, the wife of Willy Haapasalo, the hero of the Peculiarities of the National Hunt, and Kamil Larin, a Russian theater and film actor, as well as a successful TV presenter, took part in the filming of the video! It is noteworthy that Nasyrov himself did not even know about this ...


That's how, thanks to the Brazilian song about the Amazon, as well as the author's talent of Sergey Kharin, the hit "The Boy Wants to Tambov" appeared! And, of course, one cannot fail to emphasize the magnificent performance of Murat Nasyrov ... However, it is very strange that many people know this wonderful performer only from this track. And at the same time, Nasyrov began his journey with the Yalta-91 competition! The singer also lent his voice to early musical versions of DuckTales and Black Coat! And at least as such, there is no sense in the song about a boy who wants to get to Tambov, this does not in the least prevent the composition from remaining legendary for many, many years!

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