The history of Måneskin, the Eurovision 2021 winning band

“We just wanted to say to all of Europe, to the whole world”: “Rock and roll never dies!”

Måneskin biography: early years, success, hits

Maneskin ("Moonlight”) is an Italian rock band from Rome, which became famous all over the world in 2021 after performing at Eurovision 2021: their dynamic song number "Zitti e BuoniBrought victory to the country! Later band vocalist, Damiano David, will say:

“We just wanted to say to all of Europe, to the whole world”: “Rock and roll never dies!”

Today their discography includes 2 albums. The song repertoire is much richer: it includes 8 singles, topping the Italian music charts with over 20 platinum certifications from FIMI... In fact, let's dive into the history of a young, but already so talented team!

The beginning of the journey: the early years and the first steps

Moon light

Måneskin is an Italian rock band based in Rome. The band consists of: Vocalist Damiano David, bassist Victoria De Angelis, guitar player Thomas Raji and drummer Ethan Torcio. The guys first met each other when they were students at the Monteverde high school (a commune in Italy). Yes, in 2016 a group of Maneskin appeared...

The unusual name, which means "Moonlight," the friends came up with while participating in a contest for young bands pulse. At the same time, the band members themselves declare that the name of their band has nothing to do with their work, but it sounds "unique and beautiful." Concerning Pulse Contestthen this contest was a real breakthrough: this time the band had to pull themselves together and write their first lyrics of their own! Soon the young rock band Maneskin won its first prize...

Later the band performed on the streets of Rome, in particular - their incendiary music could be enjoyed in the districts of Colli Portuensi and Via del Corso... The guys played their first live concert outside their hometown, in Faenza ... It was all in the same 2016, as part of a meeting of independent record companies. Enjoy the show it's over 30,000 people... The decisive moment in the career was a trip to Denmark, during which the band gave several live performances. Back home, the friends began to rehearse actively every day. As they told themselves, during this period they felt their "extraordinary unity..."!

Participation in the X Factor Maneskin

The following year, a team from Rome took part in the Italian X factor under the guidance of a mentor Manuel Agnelli, as a result of which she took second place (the victory went to the singer Lorenzo Licitra).

As part of the project, they performed covers of the songs "take me out» (Franz Ferdinand) And "Somebody Told Me» (The Killers). The composition they performedChosen"was released as a single in November 2017, soon reaching number two on the Italian FIMI Singles Chart.

In the same year an EP was released - a collection of songs performed by the band at the X Factor show. The album was a success in their homeland, eventually going platinum. For the band it was the first success of such scale...

Maneskin Band's Debut Breakthrough

Moon light

In March. 2018 the band pleases its fans with the release of its first single in Italian: called "Moriro da re”, the composition served as a continuation of the commercial success of the group! Later released ballad single "Torna a casa"leaded the charts in Italy! Exactly like the album. Il Ballo della vita

In order to promote the record, the band took care of a documentary called "This Is Maneskin": this is a theatrical film in which the band reveals itself, going on stage to talk about their personality, between experiences, dreams, conflicts and a frantic desire to express themselves through music ... Single "Fear for Nobody» came out at the beginning 2019. It was followed by "L'altra sizesione”, ranked in the top ten in Italy! Autumn track "Le parole lontane"went platinum ... During their tour, the group sold about 150 thousand tickets! In total, the guys from Maneskin held 60 concerts...

Maneskin at Eurovision 2021

Moon light

«Zitti e Buoni" - famous in 2021 The song, however, did not get its first fame at the Eurovision Song Contest... In March the band won with this track at the San Remo Music Festival! Soon the second album was released Teatro d'ira with Vol. one...And so, at the end of May, the band took home the Eurovision winner's prize! The rock band from Italy scored 524 points, thereby winning and outstripping their rivals!

By the end of the year, the band announced a new album with concert dates and an upcoming tour starting in March. 2022 and for which more than 60 000 tickets...

The band's musical style

Maneskin Group
Maneskin Group

What is Maneskin? This is alternative rock, glam rock, hard rock with light pop motives… In a word - this group certainly deserves your attention if you are fond of modern rock music! At the same time, many critics compare the unusual image of the band, as well as their sound, with rock music. 70s. And the band members themselves do not hide the fact that they draw inspiration from the work of the legendary masters of the rock scene, such as Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Nirvana, radiohead. They also like music Franz Ferdinand. Maybe the band will grow to become on a par with these legendary teams. Who knows!

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