The story of the "hell mansion" Jimmy Page owned

Jimmy Page is known not only as the iconic guitarist of the Zeppelins, but also as a big fan of the teachings of Aleister Crowley, the infamous occultist. And for a time, Page even owned Crowley's mansion, in which strange things happened....

Boleskine House is the mansion of Aleister Crowley and Jimmy Page.

Based on a number of fascinating stories, it's safe to say that rock music has always been closely associated with three things: excess, rebellion, and... mysticism. As for the last factor, at least a few iconic rockers have at various times been suspected by the public of having ties to Satan himself! How many legends have been written about musicians selling their souls in exchange for fame, or how they worshiped Satan through their songs (the most vivid scandal is probably related to the "Satan" scandal). "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin.). Some representatives of rock have acquired the title of "unholy" because they have never really hidden their interest in everything mysterious and dark....

So, Jimmy Page is known not only as the iconic Zeppelin guitarist, but also as a big fan of the teachings of the Aleister Crowleythe infamous occultist. And for a time, Page even owned Crowley's mansion, where strange things happened....

"Hell House" in the vicinity of Loch Ness.

The history of this house seems to have been shrouded in mystery and mysticism from the beginning. Built (and later enlarged) in the 1760s by Col. by Archibald Fraser As a hunting lodge in the vicinity of Loch Ness, it is said that there used to be a church on the site, which was destroyed by fire (along with all the parishioners inside). It is also said that many centuries ago there was a cemetery on this place, which is associated with creepy tales: allegedly the local black magician resurrected people there! In general, it is still unclear whether these stories have always existed, or only emerged with the emergence of the church. Aleister Crowleywho purchased the estate in 1899.

Boleskine House, where Aleister Crowley and Jimmy Page lived at various times
Boleskine House, which was home to Aleister Crowley and Jimmy Page at different times

Crowley was a rather creepy and frightening person. He used this house as a place for his dark rituals, and, as he himself claimed, within the walls of the manor he had summoned over 100 demonsincluding Lucifer himself! But then he was urgently summoned to Paris, and, according to Crowley, he had no time to exorcize the mansion. So he left it as it was. He later admitted that his experiments spiraled out of controland finally left the property in 1913. And then the house began to develop a bad reputation and creepy stories.....

Aleister Crowley
Aleister Crowley

Boleskin House was famous as a place where one should not even enter - supposedly any traveler, even a casual one, was immediately cursed. Of course, such legends were not born out of nothing, but after the a series of strange events - for example, when a certain Major Edward Grant passed away in this house, right in Crowley's bedroom, by his own decision, so to speak - he was found with a shotgun in his hands. Another story involves a young couple: the wife was blind, and the husband left her all alone in the house, confused and heartbroken, unable to understand what was wrong. After some time and a number of owners, the house finally came into ownership Jimmy Pageguitarist for Led Zeppelin and an avid Crowley fan. And that's when it started.

A friendly suggestion

Jimmy Page
Jimmy Page

When Jimmy bought Boleskine House in 1970, the mansion was in a state of disrepair: it had suffered a fire, parts of the walls were missing, and the interior decoration left much to be desired... But Jimmy spared no expense to spruce up this mystical and, in his opinion, ideal place for inspiration - he even hired an artist to paint on the walls several murals Crowley style! But like a true rock star, Paige. couldn't stay long in one place. So he asked his friend Malcolm Dent to look after the house. When asked why Jimmy had chosen him, Dent said:

"Well: I guess that's the way the cards lay. He managed to catch me at a moment when I had no de. I was free, and I couldn't refuse him! It was a ruin-it was more or less abandoned. There had been at least one fire, part of the building was missing, and it was badly patched up. The grounds, which had once been very nicely landscaped, had gone to hell..."

Thus, Dent agreed to live in the mansion and look after it, but soon regretted his decision. Malcolm had always been skeptical of everything paranormal, but this house made him believe in something scary and incomprehensible to the mind... One day, he said, he heard in the hallway screenwhich only stopped when he went exploring, but continued when he returned to his room. It was later discovered that the noise could have been..... Lord Lovat's head (which is rather odd since he was executed in London).

Boleskin House
Boleskin House

However, these are small things compared to "the worst night ever." in Dent's life (as he calls it himself). Word to him:

"I was asleep, it was night, and I was awakened by terrible noises outside the door of my room - it was as if some wild beast was making them! Then came the knocking..."

Understandably petrified, as this seemed to go on for what seemed like an eternity, Dent was too scared to open the door. So he sat on the bed until morningand when he looked out of the room, he found that there was nothing there. Looking back on this episode, he said with horror:

"Everything there was pure evil."

Boleskin House
Boleskin House

In all the time he's owned Boleskin HousePage was never able to spend a proper amount of time there. When asked what attracted him to the place in the first place and why he decided to buy the house, the guitarist said:

"The Unknown."

Rick Rubin is a producer who likes to tickle his own nerves.

Rick Rubin
Rick Rubin

However, the story of Boleskine House is far from the only one where music and mysticism intersect. For example, working with Red Hot Chili Peppers on their fifth studio album, producer. Rick Rubin suggested that the band move to the infamous Houdini Mansionwhich he has since turned into one of his main studios... And a cause for discussion.

The illusionist Harry Houdini
The illusionist Harry Houdini

Members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers have said that Houdini Manor is "a really creepy haunted place." In fact, according to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Anthony KiedisHe felt someone's presence all the time, but instead of being frightened by the ghosts, it only calmed him down. As for John Frusantehe said he met the ghost of a woman who flirted with him. But for the drummer. Chad Smith obsessive atmosphere never presented much of a problem, for every night he would leave after the taping and return the next morning.

"Red Hot Chili Peppers"
"Red Hot Chili Peppers"

Whether it's all true, or whether the guys overworked themselves and overdosed on substances, remains to be seen. guess! What do you think? Are all these stories true? Share your opinion in the comments, it will be interesting to read.


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