Marina Fedunkiv conquers the pop scene

Always positive and cheerful Marina Fedunkiv decides to become a singer. What does the solo career of Kolyan's mother from Real Boys promise?

How Kolyan's mother from "Real Boys" became a singer

Marina Fedunkiv - an actress of Russian cinema and television, as well as an aspiring singer. She gained particular fame with the help of the role of Kolyan's mother in a comedy television series "Cool guys". Fedunkiv also performed on a television show "Comedy Woman".

Marina Fedunkiv went to popularity and happiness in her personal life for a long time. She often had to lose everything and start her journey from the beginning, but the actress stubbornly achieved success. At 37, she took part in her first TV project "Give Youth", and at 48 start singing career. At the age of 50, the actress married for the first time: In August, she became the wife of an Italian businessman. Fedunkiv is a living example of the fact that life can begin even after forty, which inspires many women don't give up.

Marina Fedunkiv with her Italian husband
Marina Fedunkiv with her husband


The actress was born on August 27, 1971 in the Russian city Permian. Her father worked as a horn player in a symphony orchestra, and his mother was the head of production at a local restaurant. The girl's father claimed that she has no talent in acting, but already at school age, Marina wrote a comedy script, which she later staged in one of the rural clubs. So Fedunkiv independently earned your first money.

Childhood and youth future celebrity lived in western Ukraine, where her parents sent her because of the best climatic conditions. Shortly after leaving school, young Fedunkiv returned to her hometown and entered the Institute of Art and Culture to the directing department. However, the young actress failed to complete her studies the first time. Due to a difficult relationship with the teacher Fedunkiv was expelled, being in the second year of study under the pretext unsuitability. Marina did not want to leave it like that. Two years after the institute incident, she entered again with another teacher, where she was best student.

Marina Fedunkiv
Marina Fedunkiv

After graduating from the directing department, the future star discovered her comedic talent. She started participating in KVN and write scripts for humorous productions. Marina became popular in student society.

At first, her work did not bring enough money, so the young artist had to earn extra money based on vegetables. It was in the 90s during the empty shelves. At work, she was guided by her own pricing policy: she sold vegetables and fruits to pensioners almost for free, but she voiced to wealthy people higher prices.

Before moving to Moscow Marina changed many different professions: from a conductor on the railway to a teacher in a kindergarten. She went through a difficult path before returning to her creative activity. But, according to the artist, such a diverse experience is great. assisted her in writing scripts for comedy skits. Often the stories and characters were taken from real life.

The beginning of a creative career

KVN can safely be called the first step in a career Fedunkiv. Her incredible talent and wonderful sense of humor quickly attracted attention. Already at a young age, the actress became director of student KVN, as well as the director of the theater group of the Pharmaceutical Academy in Perm.

In 2002 she became the winner First League KVN in Kazan, joining the team "Dobryanka". Together they reached Major League. Thanks to perseverance and skills, Fedunkiv repeatedly became a laureate "Student Spring" for acting and dramaturgy.

Marina Fedunkiv
Marina Fedunkiv

Television and film

Fedunkiv's first TV project was a show called "Give Youth"where she was invited in 2008when the artist was 35 years. After the artist starred in the project "Everything is ours!"where she played Rufima Garifovna. And in 2012, the actress had a chance to play various roles in a comedy show called "Valera TV". However, real popularity came to her after the role of Kolyan's mother in the television series "Cool guys".

For so bright and colorful image of Fedunkiv and loved by many viewers. She played her character amazingly, in which the mother of her common-law husband helped her. In one of the interviews the actress confessedthat for a complete reincarnation borrowed special habits and vocabulary from own mother-in-law. Even at the castings, Fedunkiv always wore something from her wardrobe.

Marina Fedunkiv
Marina Fedunkiv

However, despite the general enthusiasm from the audience, his own mother did not support Fedunkiv. According to her, the image of an untidy and slovenly woman who does not keep order in her own house, cannot create a good impression on the audience.

In 2013, Fedunkiv began acting on a regular basis in a comedy show "Comedy Woman". Separately, it is worth mentioning the episode called "Aunt Marina anneals", which caused such great delight among the audience that Fedunkiv became a rating celebrity. On the comedy show, the actress showed herself in the best light. Through her participation in "Comedy Woman" she became one of the most sought-after and recognizable Russian comedy actresses.

Singer career

After closing the project "Comedy Woman" a successful actress decided to start a solo career. The first song called "Girlfriend" she released in 2017 together with Russian singer Anna Pletneva. A video was filmed for the song, directed by Sergey Tkachenko.

In 2019, Fedunkiv released her debut solo song, which she called "You Can't Resist". The composition turned out to be very colorful, cheerful and memorable. The special charm of the singer makes the viewer be fascinated and listen to the song again and again with pleasure.

Other stars congratulated Marina on her debut in her solo career. Philip Kirkorov expressed his confidence that the songs of the novice singer must become dance hits and blow up all discos.

The song became more popular "New Year's", released at the end of 2020. Clockwork and cheerful composition in the best traditions of Russian winter holidays tunes in the right way.

Singing career of Marina Fedunkiv promises to be successfulas previously predicted pop king Philip Kirkorov. Now the famous comedian will charge her fans with an excellent, positive mood not only at performances and TV screens, but also at solo concerts too.


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