Remember one of the best voices in history - Songs performed by the delightful Marishka Veresh

She became an icon of her time, and her powerful voice - one of the most distinctive and strongest among female voices in rock! It was Marishka who gave the songs incredible energy and soulfulness, turning them into eternal classics...

Let's remember the powerful songs of Shocking Blue, whose vocals were presented by the charming Marishka Veresh

shock blue - Dutch rock band from The Hague. After less than ten years (from 1967 to 1974), the band managed to conquer the world stage and take its place in the history of world music. Thanks in large part to the mega-popular hit Venuswhich is very relevant nowadays. The song was a great success and confidently reached the first line of the chart Billboard Hot 100! This is the dream of every foreign artist, and not even all American rockers managed to conquer the Billboard Hot 100! So for the band from The Hague it was a dizzying breakthrough.

As we have already noted, Shocking Blue became famous for their compositions, the loudest of which is "Venus". But the band's success was also due to the unprecedented vocals and the admirable appearance of their vocalist, the beautiful Marishki Veresch.

Shock Blue!
shock blue

She became an icon of her time, and her strong voice - one of the most distinctive and strongest female voices in rock! It was Marishka who endowed the songs with incredible energy and soulfulness, turning them into eternal classics. Of course - not all of Shocking Blue's creations brought success to the band. But at least six tracks became a pleasant reminder of of that eraabout the beautiful Veresch and the Dutch rock band from The Hague in general! Many music lovers enjoy listening to these songs today!

"Daemon Lover."

Shocking Blue
Shocking Blue

This measured ballad - A great way to relax and reflect on the essentials... Marishka's voice sounds relaxed, but also powerful and confident.

She sings, and there is a certain sadness in her singing. That's the way it is: "Daemon Lover." has a deep, and very sad, lyrical content. It is, as the title makes it easy to guess, about about love.

"You don't give love, you only take it away!
Nevertheless, I can't let you go,
Because I love you so much, my tempter..."

"Mighty Joe."

Today "Mighty Joe." is not as popular as the other songs on our list. But true fans of Shocking Blue will definitely appreciate the fact that we included this track in our top!

In the band's native country this single became number one! It was also on the charts in other countries, but its success was moderate and, according to most people, unfair.

"It only ranked 43rd in the UK. Should have been in the top 10 because it's an amazing single, fantastic!", YouTube users wrote in the comments.

"Long And Lonesome Road."

Shocking Blue in the classic composition...
Shocking Blue in the classic lineup

This is a very powerful and driving song that quickly became the trademark of the band from The Hague! The composition has characteristic arrangementwhich makes it instantly stick in your memory like an earworm! Except that unlike most other "worms" like the arrogant tunes from TV commercials, this is a masterpiece of genius. And if it involuntarily "plays" in your head, you can safely rejoice!

The song is very Strong, dynamic. And Marishka Veresh seems to be more confident than ever here! The chorus can be characterized by the word "fire.". And there is no doubt that the relevance of the hit of the late '60s has survived to this day. How else could it be explained?

Apparently, Quest Pistols great inspiration from the chorus of "Long And Lonesome Road"! That's how it works. perpetual motion machine of the popularity of the old songs.


"Beggin'." - is a very famous song. It has become so popular and covered in covers that listeners rarely associate it with Shocking Blue! Of course, we are talking about those who are far from the band's creativity. Although, in fact, Shocking Blue themselves are famous for cover version of this hit. But what a...

"I beg you, I beg you,
Give me your hand as a token of love, darling..."

Yes, it's a song again. about love. But unlike "Daemon Lover," it's not sad anymore, but very uplifted! By the way: it was first recorded in 1967 by the band. The Four Seasons! Alas, that version was not a success and was quickly forgotten by the public. Then "Beggin'" was recorded by Shocking Blue, slightly rearranging the lyrics for a woman, and their version shot. Subsequently, many artists recorded their own covers of this love hit. As a result, today's generation, far removed from '60s-'70s rock, believes that "Beggin'" belongs to the duo Madcon.

Fortunately, you and I know the truth.

"Never Marry A Railroad Man"

Mariska Veres...
Mariska Veres...

A very heartfelt and melodic song that you listen to in the same breath. Marishka here as always great - You can feel that when she sings, she gives the song not only her voice, but also a part of of one's own soul

In this song Veresh strongly advises girls not to fall in love to the railroaders - Otherwise, sleepless nights with tears in their eyes are guaranteed!

"Never marry a railroader!
At first he loves you, but then
His heart belongs only to his new train..."


And our list is rounded off with the band's top hit shock blue!

"Venus" became the group's loudest and most commercially successful hit. А in the USSR this song was also called "Shizgara" - by the chorus, where the phrase was indeed clearly heard! But there wasn't really any "Shizgara" in the lyrics! It sang "She's got it yeah, Baby, she's got it," which means "It's all in her! Yeah, baby, it's all in her!" Nevertheless, the exotic "Shizgara" caught on, and even today domestic music lovers jokingly call the hit that way.

And here's a version from a commercial for women's razors Gillette, is characterized by a more danceable musical accompaniment. It belongs to the group Bananarama! The success of the cover was resounding, because it sounded more modern and incendiary. But many people still like the original a lot more!


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