Music and songs from The Matrix Resurrections (OST 2022)

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Music from the film "The Matrix: Resurrection"

In film "Matrix: Resurrection» (The Matrix Resurrections OST 2022) contains many soundtracks and popular music, plays songs of different genres that immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of a revolutionary action movie. The first part of the film was shown at the beginning 2000s, the events that take place in the first three parts of the film will not be shown. It is worth remembering that the relationship Neo and Trinity were the driving force behind all parts and broke the hearts of fans everywhere.

In the end, the lovers die, and the out-of-control program is destroyed, which means that the virus is no longer dangerous. But such manipulations with the program could harm humanity if something went wrong. At the very end of the movie predictor claimsthat Neo can still be resurrected in a future series, so any turn of events is possible in the new film. It can be assumed that the hero lives in a virtual world.

A lot of incomprehensible things happen in the picture, there are too many mysteries, so the viewer cannot grasp the meaning of the film. More questions than answers, let's wait for the movie to be shown and find out why malicious machines can rise up and harm people. In any case, the viewer will see why the director decided to revive the lovers Neo and Trinity from the old film and will receive an answer to the question by watching the picture to the end.

StarringCast: Keanu Reeves, Lambert Wilson, Christina Ricci, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Jonathan Groff, Jessica Henwick, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Neil Patrick Harris, Jada Pinkett Smith, Carrie-Anne Moss and others.

It is worth noting that the soundtracks from The Matrix Resurrections OST 2022 were well chosen, and the songs are remembered for a long time. We have selected a complete list of music The Matrix Resurrection OST: listen online full soundtrack playlist in good quality:

Bullet Time (Moderna Remix) | WaterTower (Matrix Resurrection soundtrack)

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit (Matrix Resurrection music)

Inside IO – Johnny Klimek & Tom Tykwer (Matrix Resurrection soundtrack download)

Opening - Johnny Klimek & Tom Tykwer (Song from the movie Matrix Resurrection)

Two and the Same – Johnny Klimek (Original Soundtrack to Matrix Resurrection)

Meeting Trinity – Johnny Klimek (Matrix Resurrection soundtrack credits)

Johnny Klimek & Tom Tykwer (Matrix Resurrection credits song)

Johnny Klimek & Tom Tykwer (Matrix Resurrection soundtrack 2022)

Into the Train – Johnny Klimek & Tom Tykwer (Matrix Resurrection Trailer Music)

The Dojo - Johnny Klimek & Tom Tykwer (Matrix Resurrection trailer song)

Enter IO – Johnny Klimek & Tom Tykwer (Music from Matrix 4 Resurrection)

Escape - Johnny Klimek & Tom Tykwer (OST Matrix Resurrection trailer music)

Broadcast Depth Johnny Klimek

Exiles – Johnny Klimek & Tom Tykwer (Matrix Resurrection Trailer Soundtrack)

Recruiting - Johnny Klimek & Tom Tykwer (Music from The Matrix Resurrection)

Neo and Trinity Theme - Johnny Klimek & Tom Tykwer (Song from the Resurrection Matrix)

Official Remixes | WaterTower Music (Soundtrack at the end of The Matrix Resurrection)



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