Top legendary Michael Jackson dance moves by Fuzz Music magazine

Unique dance moves and tricks such as the 45-degree tilt made Michael an all-time superstar and an innovator who set new standards in the global pop scene...

How Michael Jackson's choreography changed pop culture

From the moment he first stepped onto the scene as a solo artist, breaking away from his family band, his father's commercial brainchild, Michael Jackson began to work great magic. His vision of art went beyond anything that the public of that era could imagine: sound, performance, special effects, costumes, artistry… But, perhaps, what distinguishes Jackson from his contemporaries to this day is the choreography. Unique dance moves and tricks such as 45 degree tilt, did michael superstar for all time and an innovator who set a new level for the global pop scene. We invite you to remember the main dance moves of the King of Pop and, perhaps, reveal their secret!


Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

Perhaps this is the most legendary dance trick that has ever been in the arsenal of a pop idol!

For the first time, Jackson demonstrated the moonwalk March 25 1983 of the year within the show "Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever"dedicated to the promotion of the best singles of the label. Then the artist performed his new song "Billie Jean.", which completely contradicted the format of the show! However - it was thanks to the moonwalk that he managed to get around the rules, hitting the organizers during the rehearsal ...

How Michael learned this move is still the subject of debate to this day. Some sources claim that the singer learned a phenomenal gait from dancing kids on the street, others - what he came up with after walking through the forest. Nevertheless, there is an official version that sounds very plausible: for the first time, an American dancer performed the moonwalk. Jeffrey Daniel, and allegedly he taught Michael this amazing trick ... But even if the gait was invented by Daniel, it was Jackson who popularized it! The student has surpassed the teacher, as they say.


Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

Some call this trick "a grip that makes girls swoon". Surely you already understand what movement we are talking about! This is indeed a very recognizable element of Michael Jackson's choreography, which became his signature gesture.

The history of its origin also diverges: some argue that in this way Jackson deliberately made the girls at his concerts even more crazy and overflowing with emotions, while the artist himself said that the movement appeared quite by accident. Nevertheless, it accompanied each of his concerts, and subsequently it ceased to be an accident - after all, all the dancers did the same as Michael. And this is an indicator of long and hard rehearsals.

Tilt 45 degrees

Michael Jackson and his famous 45 degree tilt
Michael Jackson and his famous 45 degree tilt

For the first time, the artist performed this masterpiece trick in the video for "Smooth Criminal.". Then fantastic slope 45 degrees impressed the audience, but many decided that these were just special effects. But they were wrong. This became apparent later when Michael demonstrated his trick on stage. After, around the dance movement, which is completely contrary to the laws of physics, a lot of controversy and questions arose ...

However, the mystery was solved when Jackson himself told about his trick: it turns out that he developed special shoeswho helped him make 45 degree tilt against gravity. The shoes had a trihedral slot on the heels, which included a protruding from the floor metal pin - he provided additional support for the body.

So - in order to perform your signature trick Michael approached a certain section of the stage, on which the rod was located. The audience, of course, did not see this.


Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

Many are still impressed by the branded and very continuous rotation Michael, after which the singer, as if nothing had happened, landed on his toes! It's just amazing how Michael not dizzy - although most likely she was spinning, it's just that Jackson, like a true pop king, did not show it.

One more spectacular trick - when, after his brilliant spin, Michael landed on his knees! Pure passion and power... Curiously, Jackson began practicing this dance move as a child. Amazing talent and charisma, which Michael was in a hurry to share with the world at such a young age.

Toe stand

Michael Jackson on tiptoes
Michael Jackson on tiptoes

When you see this trick, it seems impossible! And very painful ... But Jackson turned the impossible into a very real reality and amazed the general public ...

It is noteworthy, but after a grand performance at "Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever" Michael was dissatisfied himself - he thought he hadn't lasted long enough on his toes. But it was wonderful! He made about 6 rotations around himself, after which he landed perfectly on his toes and stayed in this position 2 seconds!

michael jackson on tiptoes
michael jackson on tiptoes

At the same time, the artist himself believed that ruined the whole show... Then he did not even suspect that he had opened a new page in the history of pop culture.

Karate technique

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

One of the sharpest and most dangerous movements in the literal sense of the word Michael! His trademark "karate trick", which he deftly performed with his foot, some also call The Kick (which translates as "heel in the eye").

A curious fact is that in the 1998 founder of the United World Karate Association Chodoin Daikaku handed to the king of pop honorary fifth degree black belt for your contribution to the fight against discrimination and injustice in the world!

Michael Jackson honorary black belt in karate
Michael Jackson honorary black belt in karate

Subsequently, the actor Will Smith joked that even though Michael does not have a real belt, he is able to fend for himself for real!

Quick change of legs

Michael Jackson on stage
Michael Jackson on stage

Probably, this is one of those movements that went with Michael through his whole life - as a boy Jackson performed it, although not as skillfully as at the peak of his popularity.

For example, his talent for "changing legs" can be seen in the music video for the song "Dancing Machine"when he was still a young member of the family group The Jackson 5.

By the way: Michael even then he was in perfect control of his body, deftly spinning around himself and charging the atmosphere on stage with insane energy!

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