Michael Jackson and Eminem: What really happened between the two stars

"I've been an artist most of my life doing what I do, and I've never attacked another artist. Great artists don't do that..."

How the relationship between the pop king and the controversial rapper developed

Many years ago, the music business witnessed something rather unpleasant and scandalous. A popular rapper Eminem released a music video "Just Lose It."and deeply hurt the feelings of millions. But he hurt the pop king particularly badly To Michael Jackson..

"Just Lose It." - infamous diss The song was released on Michael Jackson, which, although it brought the rapper commercial success, at the same time significantly undermined his reputation. The track was released in 2004 yearThe video, in which Eminem parodies Michael, is the reason for the scandalous video. Though it's more like he's mocking him. At the time, Jackson was accused of being too close to his children, and such jokes hurt him.

Why Eminem had no respect for Michael Jackson


If you study the tracks thoroughly Eminemhis interviews and loud statements, you would think that this man disrespected almost everyone. The rapper's obscene remarks and black jokes about a lot of stars have come out time and time again: from Britney Spears and Pamela Anderson To Will Smith and even politicians, including Donald Trump. But why all the fuss about the Michael Jackson diss?

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

While the rapper released the infamous music video "Just Lose It."Jackson was not in the best of situations, with bullying, insults, and accusations of sexual harassment coming at him from all sides. Allegedly, the pop king had too close an affair with his children. His surgeries were also the cause for ridicule from the public. Thus, the man who had earned a high-profile name through years of hard work and talent became a laughing stock and an outcast in a flash. Music video EminemIt seemed to be the last straw.

In the video, Eminem openly mocked Jackson. He didn't miss a single incident: the singer's trial over his relationship with his children, plastic surgery, the moment when Michael's hair caught fire on his head during the filming of a commercial "Pepsi." in 1984 year. Not surprisingly, such a gesture deeply wounded the already sensitive performer.

Michael and Stevie Wonder's Reaction

Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson
Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson

Just a week after the release of the scandalous music video, the Michael was interviewed. The musician commented diss on themselves:

"I've never met Mr. Eminem, but I've always admired him! And to see that kind of thing as an artist from another artist was very painful for me... It makes me very sad. I think he should be ashamed of himself." Jackson continues, "It's outrageous and disrespectful. It's a great disrespect to me, to my family, to society in general! Up until this point, I really appreciated Eminem as an artist, but now I'm shocked."

Michael Jackson performs in concert circa 1988. Photo: Kevin Mazur
Michael Jackson performing at a concert, late 1980s. Photo: Kevin Mazur

In an interview Jackson stressed that "it's one thing when you are parodied, and quite another when you are openly humiliated. The singer also noted that for all his time in show business, he was not in the habit of judging and ridiculing others:

"I've been an artist most of my life doing what I do, and I've never attacked another artist. Great artists don't do that," Jackson said.

Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder
Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder

Michael's Best Friend and Ally Stevie Wonder did not stand aside either. He characterized Eminem's diss "by kicking a man when he is lying down.":

"Kicking someone when they're lying down is not good. I have a lot of respect for his work, although I don't think he's as good as 2Pac. But I was disappointed that he let himself get to that level."

What came after.

Michael Jackson, Eminem
Michael Jackson, Eminem

Later Eminem claimed that his song and video were a joke about Michael Jacksonnot a diss! But it didn't look like fun. Soon the music video was temporarily removed from "Black Entertainment Television. Founder of the Channel Robert Johnson commented:

"We believe it is inappropriate to use our network to show videos that disparage Michael Jackson or any other artist."

After some appeals, the video was returned. Unlike BET, MTV didn't care about the scandalous music video, and as a result "Just Lose It." has become one of the most requested on the channel.

Eminem has repeatedly stated how much his fans mean to him.
Eminem has repeatedly stated how much his fans mean to him.

Alas, this incident seriously tarnished the reputation rapper: many artists and fans turned their backs on himhe lost confidence thousands of people. Even today, Jackson fans don't like EminemThe rapper's conflict is more than ten years old! If the rapper wanted to hype himself in this way, it turned out to be a bad idea.

The pop king's clever tactics

Michael Jackson at a press conference at the O2 Arena, London, March 5, 2009
Michael Jackson at a press conference at the O2 Arena, London, March 5, 2009

After Eminem mocked the michael jacksonthe last one unobtrusively bought a driver's license on some of the rapper's most popular hits, including "Without Me" and "The Real Slim Shady! With the purchase the singer also received the rights to the music Shakira, Beck and Bjorkand the soundtracks to such films as The Godfather and Mission Impossible. In the interview, Michael noted:

"This is a landmark event for Sony/ATV Music Publishing. The diverse collection of songs in this catalog ranges from timeless classics to contemporary hits, and I'm excited to add to the Sony/ATV acquisition Famous Music!"

In 2016 year these rights were purchased by Sony for $750 million from the Jackson family.


Eminem, Michael Jackson
Eminem, Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson revolutionized the music business: he was the first "colored" musician, singing in different styles and rotating with white artists on TV. He was against boundaries and prejudice in music, surpassing many white musicians with his art and unprecedented popularity. He made history and paved the way for hundreds of singers of all races to sing in the style they wanted without relying on ethnicity or skin color.

Eminem is the most popular white reference of rap. As we know, this direction of music is considered African-American, but Eminem managed to win great respect and fall in love with millions of fans around the world. Like Jackson, he also made history. Eminem has turned his negative energy into art, though many would consider this to be without substance. His profound lyrics cover poignant social themes, feelings and attitudes, ridiculing low acts and elevating true human values.

The Real Slim Shady (Eminem) Song History
The Real Slim Shady (Eminem) Song History

Eminem - a man of hard fate, deprived of a wholesome childhood due to his mother's alcoholism and cruelty. At a tender age he faced poverty and humiliation at the hands of his peers. Today he is a loving and devoted father who adores his children. And it's a shame that in the distant 2000-х he believed Jackson's child molestation lies, as did many other people. And Michael was just a kid on the inside.

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