"House Of Horrors," or "Ghost With a Motor" - how the famous tune from the cartoon "Kid and Carlson" came about

How was a song written by American showman Merv Griffin included in the legendary Soviet cartoon "Kid and Carlson"? Read in our article.

Melody from the cartoon "Kid and Carlson": history of creation, appearance on Soviet screens

Behind every tune there is a different history. Many different compositions, sounds, and title songs were created for the shows and cartoons that began to gain popularity with the advent of television, but how did they become part entertainment programs?

Today we are going to find out where in the famous Soviet cartoon "The Kid and Carlson" the Ghost Chase song appeared and who started the TV show Field of Miracles.

Merv Griffin is the author of the famous tune and... the mastermind of Field of Dreams

Merv Griffin at the beginning of his career
Merv Griffin at the beginning of his career

Merv Griffin - a man who should rightly be considered the creator of America's finest entertainment shows. He began his career as a radio big band singer, occasionally appearing in movies from the Warner Bros.. After working for a few years and later buying out his contract, Griffin began to develop in the television direction. Then the former actor was taken on leading into several shows, and by the early '60s Merv was savvy enough for the profession.

In 1965, Griffin launched his own television show "The Merv Griffin Show.The show was a very popular format, in which the host invited artists, poets, politicians, and other famous people. This format of the show brought Griffin a great deal of popularity by discussing acute social the more. "The Merv Griffin Show has been around for twenty years.

Merv Griffin. 80-е
Merv Griffin. 80-е

In the late 1960s, Merv became the leading night show on CBS, where he also invited guests to discuss the situation in the country. Despite Griffin's excellent work on his own show, the channel was not happy to discuss the Vietnam War live on the air. After a while, Merv was dismissedbut almost immediately got a job at Metromedia.

The history of the show begins in 1964 "Jeopardy?"which Merv created and produced. It ran until it was banned from NBC, but got a sequel called "Wheel of Fortune"which has become the prototype of the Russian program "Field of Miracles. The show had high ratings throughout its history, but it was shut down in the late 1980s. The show became a phenomenon again when its nighttime version appeared in 1983; that's when Griffin wrote the recognizable tune "Changing Keys.

Griffin in 1967
Griffin in 1967

After official NBC produced two revivals of the show, in 1978 and 1984. At this point in time, the screenings are syndicated Jeopardy?" and "Wheel of Fortune" versions.

In early 1986, Merv sold his company Merv Griffin Enterprises for $250 million. After that, the magazine Forbes called Griffin the richest Hollywood performer in history. Among other things, he retained the title of creator TV show.

In later years, Griffin appeared on television as creative editorIn 2007, the showman once again took over the production of Merv Griffin's Crosswords, which was broadcast by NBC.

Merv Griffin
Merv Griffin

Merv was a versatile and creative man, and in addition to creating shows, he never forgot his passion for music. For his shows he often wrote songsHe wrote the famous tune for the cartoon "Jeopardy?" and "Wheel of Fortune. It was he who wrote the famous melody for the cartoon "The Kid and Carlson"which was released in 1968.

What does the mourning march have to do with it, and who makes all these "funny" sounds?

In 1962, for one of his projects, Merv recorded a song called "House Of Horrorswhich is a mixture of bits and pieces of Camille Saint-Saëns' "Dance of Death" and Chopin's mourning march.

Only in the recording Merv was not involved as a vocalist. All those sounds that the simultaneously funny and frightening "ghost with a motor" in the cartoon makes, Griffin makes myself. The record company tried to use Merv Griffin's gaining popularity to take the last crumbs of the genre's success "twist.". Only the recorded song, released by the Mercury label, did not make it into the legendary Soviet cartoon.

How Griffin's tune got into a Soviet cartoon

A still from the movie "Kid and Carlson"
A still from the movie "Kid and Carlson"

Fully for the iconic "Kid and Carlson," the music was written by the composer Gennady Gladkov. It was only at the moment of the chase for the crooks that Merv Griffin's recording entered the cartoon. In 1968. Boris FilchikovThe former sound engineer at Soyuzmultfilm highlighted "House Of Horrors" from the recording. some pieces and put them in the music of the cartoon.

A tune now known to everyone who grew up on Soviet cartoons, was not specified in the credits, so it is unclear how a Soviet film studio bought the rights to such a unusual composition.

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