Metallica's Top Ten Own Songs

Still, Metallica has its own masterpieces, and some of them have been big hits for years! And today we decided to remember those very compositions, written by the Metallica band members themselves: perhaps this selection will give you a new perspective on the band's creativity?

Not just covers: remember Metallica's own tracks that have become classics of the genre

We have noticed that some listeners treat Metallica slightly skeptically. It is connected with the band's enthusiasm to take other people's tracks and make their own covers, making the sound heavier and saturating the original with touches of bold improvisation. Yes, undoubtedly: this American metal band has enough innovative interpretations in their arsenal, and some numbers have become classic It is in the performance of the Hatfield team!

However, it seems to us that such a prejudiced attitude to the band is not entirely fair, and rather subjective. Still, Metallica also has own masterpiecesand very powerful - some of them have been big hits for many years! And today we decided to remember those very compositions - written by the band members themselves: maybe - this selection will give you a glimpse into the creative work of the band in a new way? We will be very happy if this happens, because that is the goal we are pursuing today. By the way: I would like to emphasize the quality clips of the band - thoughtful, with an interesting plot, aesthetically appealing... It makes us even more surprised at how many people treat the band extremely ambiguously.



Great heavy songwhich can safely claim to be a stadium anthem! It does not contain many words, they are repetitive and rhyme well, so they are easy to remember. The swaying rhythms make you wiggle your foot to the beat...

That this song is good for stadiums is confirmed by the fact that the hockey team "Philadelphia Flyers used it to get on the ice during home games. The track really inspires confidence and passion to win!


One of the top favorites among metal fans, inspired by Dalton Trumbo's novel "Johnny got his gun.".

The somber music video features footage from the 1971 film of the same name. It quickly became a hit on MTV, and has racked up nearly 300 million views on YouTube to date. As for the song itself, which starts out as a ballad - closer to the finale it turns into a real metal volcano of emotionswhich literally begins its eruption under the onslaught of soul-shattering electric guitars.

"For Whom the Bell Tolls"

Cliff Burton
Cliff Burton

An amazing interpretation of the epic Ernest Hemingway about the Spanish Civil War, built around the powerful bass riff of the late Cliff Burton.

This is a very powerful and atmospheric track, with deep lyrics - perhaps "For Whom the Bell Tolls" presents us one of the best Hatfield's lyrics.

"He entered the battle on the hills early in the day,
A coldness somewhere inside.
Shooting guns, running people in the gray smoke,
There's a battle going on for the truth, but who's to say?"

"Nothing Else Matters"

Metallica can be rightly called the kings of metal balladsand "Nothing Else Matters" is a bright and very beautiful testimony to that!

For fans of these rumbling monsters "Nothing Else Matters" was an ambiguous creation, and was even received a little aloof. Nevertheless, the ballad showed that the band is ready to go beyond the boundaries of the usual and impress everyone with its soulfulness. Moreover, the song attracted the lion's share of new Metallica fans, who, on the contrary, found it to be an insanely interesting and successful episode of their career!

"Fade To Black"


This composition is notable because it first slow song in Metallica's arsenal. Here we are greeted by a stunning sounding acoustic guitar, inspired by the old Led Zeppelin classics. But this piece, please note, is a pure creation of the band - not a rehash or plagiarism!

The lyrics are gloomy, exploring hopelessness, loss of meaning of life, depressive episodes... But the track itself doesn't sound dull or gloomy at all. Towards the end, it gains emotionality and seems to, explodes!

"The Unforgiven"

Epic Ballad, a tale that became a classic for decades to come.

In "The Unforgiven" Everything is magical: the sound, the performance, the lyrics, the video... How can we say after such a masterpiece that Metallica is a second-rate project aimed at performing covers? It remains a mystery for us...


Cliff Burton
Cliff Burton

To spice up our selection, we decided to include an awesome instrumental composition that proves that even without any lyrics or vocals from Hatfield, Metallica sounds exciting and multifaceted.

"Orion." especially demonstrates the virtuosity of Cliff Burton, who, by the way, was looking for inspiration in the classics at the time.

"Enter Sandman."

One among the most important of Metallica's career, telling the story of a child who has already come to terms with his nightmares.

In "Enter Sandman." concentrates insanely powerful riffs, as well as a rousing chorus, which is truly "high" to listen to!

"Creeping Death"


Although it may not be the band's most popular song (although devoted fans may say otherwise), "Creeping Death" serves as a vivid embodiment of what Metallica began its journey with.

And yes: even after so many decades, the track sounds fresh and daring, like it came out just yesterday.

"Master Of Puppets

Awesome pearl Metallica, which blows your mind with its energy, rhythmic and wildly assertive performance!

The album itself "Master Of Puppets is often regarded by critics as the pinnacle of the band's creativity. You, as a fan, can either agree with this or categorically deny such inferences. But the fact that this epic track remains one of the best and most popular of Metallica's career is an ironclad fact.


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