Metallica: Surprising facts about iconic metalheads

“They were young and wild! The first thing they did when they came to my house, they rushed to search the lockers in search of alcohol. They drank everything I had! They didn't even use glasses - they just drank from bottles! They were all pissed off and crazy drunk, and Dave Mustaine was throwing up all over the place..."

We tell interesting facts from the history of one of the most influential metal bands

Metallica is a legendary metal band whose history began in 1981 year in Los Angeles. Today they are rightly called titans of the genre, because their reputation and influence have a worldwide scope! Multi-million copies, timeless hits - the biography of this band has seen many ups and downs, tragedies and ... parties.

In addition to merit, the members of Metallica can boast of a very notoriety. Numerous crazy antics, and problems with law and alcohol haunted this rock band throughout their dazzling career.

At the beginning of their journey, they drank a lot


Johnny Zazula became one of those people who contributed to the team's exit from the shadows to the big stage. The owner of the then young label "Megaforce Records" signed a contract with Metallica. Before arriving at his studio, the musicians had to go through a difficult path from California to New Jersey. When they arrived at Johnny's, they were dirty, hungry and wildly tired. They even had nowhere to stay and they had practically no money! Zazula could not leave the guys on the street, and therefore sheltered them at home. However, he soon regretted it.

“They were young and wild! The first thing they did when they came to my house, they rushed to search the lockers in search of alcohol. They drank everything I had! They didn't even use glasses - they just drank from bottles! They were all furious and crazy drunk, and Dave Mustaine was throwing up all over the place…”

Young rebels stayed in the house Johnny not for long: they soon found another place to live. However, their alcohol stories did not end there.

Dave Mustaine had a big drinking problem

Dave Mustaine
Dave Mustaine

All participants Metallica liked to drink. But most of all it was Dave Mustainewho had a big problem with alcohol.

After kicking the band out of his house, Zazula found a room for them in the rehearsal building, which the guys called "music room". Many bands rehearsed there, but only Metallica spent the night here. Memoirs of a guitarist "Anthrax" by Scott Ian:

“Every day Mustaine got drunk in the trash! He slept with members of other groups, ran into conflicts and generally behaved disgustingly ... In the morning, when we or some other group came to rehearse, the front door was littered with mountains of garbage! He had such fun…”

They lived on booze and hot dogs


When the group lived in San Francisco, then regularly went to the market "Pick N Pack"where I bought very little food and a lot of alcohol.

“We ate very little and drank a lot! We especially liked vodka with Pepsi-Light…”

Metallica's first major US tours were with W.A.S.P. and "Armored Saint". Although the band recently signed with Elektra Records for release "Ride the Lightning", they had no money: they all went to equipment and beer. Photographer Gene Ambo recalled:

“They played a show in Milwaukee at the Eagle Ballroom and were backstage in their little dressing room. It was crowded, and Cliff (Burton) was sitting at the drums. It was very cold, so we drank to keep warm. After that we went to the hotel and bought as many beers as we could. I mean, if we had five bucks, everything went to beer, and nobody ate that night! The next day we went looking for two hot dogs for a dollar or rice and sauce for 70 cents. There was no food at night. There was only beer…”

James Hetfield single-handedly wrecked hotels

James Hetfield in his youth
James Hetfield in his youth

One night during a party with a bass player "Armor Saint" by Joey Veroy Hatfield gave vent to his emotions. He rioted, yelled, threw things out of the window. But the climax of the wild night was the breakdown of the elevator. Here is what the musician himself said in an interview:

“We were in Joey's room: drinking, having fun ... Suddenly, at some point, we all got wildly angry and started throwing bottles out the window! It was quite loud and fun, but we soon got bored. So I grabbed Joey's jacket and threw it into the outdoor pool. Luckily, it turned out to be closed. Then we went downstairs for a jacket ... On the way back, we called the elevator, but since I was bored, I decided to manually open the elevator doors between floors. We ended up stuck for about half an hour. Then we finally got to the right floor, but by then I was incredibly angry! I grabbed a fire extinguisher hanging on the wall and started spraying people with it.”

Spicy behind-the-scenes stories


When Metallica released one of their major early hits, a dark ballad Fade to Black, the group quickly acquired an army of fans. And to spend time with idols, the fans were ready for absolutely anything. Even satisfy the desires of members of the road crew. From the memories of an ex-roadie Thomas Bright:

“These women came before the show, usually in the afternoon, before the soundcheck. And we, the road builders, were looking for these chicks twenty-four hours a day, every waking minute. Each was for himself, but most of them were more than willing to do more... The most memorable were the sisters from Philadelphia. They would do anything with pleasure. Both gorgeous, pretty, eighteen year old blonde strippers…”

Hatfield went crazy after meeting Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen
Eddie Van Halen

In 1986, Metallica played in support of the album "Master of Puppets" at the open-air festival at the hippodrome. The group performed with Dokken, "Aerosmith.", "Ted Nugent" and "Armored Saint".

“The show started in the afternoon, so by the evening everyone was pretty exhausted ... We were all invited to see Van Halen in the big arena. I remember how Eddie came to us before the performance, and we all stand and drink. It was really funny because James was all so shy… We just drank and drank and in the morning James was running down the street and destroying parking meters after completely trashing the locker room! He literally went crazy after meeting Van Halen! ”Recalled photographer Gene Ambo.

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