Kirkorov was Michael Jackson's "friend": fiction or truth

Friendship between stars is a real thing, but is it possible between the two kings of the pop scene of different countries - Philip Kirkorov and Michael Jackson? Today in our article you will find out if this is a myth or reality and what the pop king himself says about it.

Friendship between Michael Jackson and Philip Kirkorov

Michael Jackson - American pop king, who made a tremendous contribution to the history of music. However, there has always been a lot of concentration around him. mythsone of them is his friendship with the Russian pop king Philip Kirkorov. Today we will try to find out if the singers were really friendly and if it is true that Michael sent Kirkorov flowers.

How the pop royals met

Kirkorov on Stage
Kirkorov on Stage

According to Philip Bedrosovich, their first meeting with the American singer and dancer took place at a music festival Worlds Music Awardswhich took place in Monte Carlo in 1999 on May 5. It is an award given to artists for the number of record sales in their country. This worldwide festival takes place in the Principality of Monaco annually Since 1989.

The singers shared the stage in May, after which Kirkorov began touring Germany, and in June, Michael invited the king of Russian pop to one of his two charity concerts "Michael Jackson and Friends."held in Seoul, Korea.

It's worth mentioning how moved Kirkorov was when the musician personally invited every artist to his concert. It was this kind of reverent attitude toward people that struck him in Jackson. Thus, Philip Kirkorov became official representative from Russia at a benefit concert to save the lives of children from Kosovo.

What Kirkorov says about it 

Philip Kirkorov. 80-е
Philip Kirkorov. 80-е

Philip Kirkorov warmly recalls Michael. In one interview, he said it was on the trip to Seoul that he got to know Jackson better. The singer talks about how they flew on the plane with all the guest stars and how Michael treated his colleagues.

However, it is not the only musician's recollection of closeness to Michael. As a child, Philip's grandmother, after showing a picture of the American musician, said to the boy: "That guy looks so much like you!". Kirkorov, remembering this, says that they are similar not only in appearance, but also in talent. The performer of the hit "Cruel Love" confessed that he started imitating Michael just since then, As I saw it.

The singer and composer impressed Philip with his simplicity. For one thing, he declined to sit apart from the other artists, and this immediately attracted everyone to him. Then he politely communicated with Patricia Kaas, the Scorpions, and later with Kirkorov himself. Their conversation lasted no more than 25 minutes; during that time, the musicians had time to talk about Russia and how things were going there. In the interview, the singer mentioned an amazing feeling: it's not easy to perform in front of a foreign audience, and such a famous and respected one at that!

Tour with Jackson's "friends

Michael Jackson in the era of the Bad album
Michael Jackson in the "Bad" album era

The musicians got to know each other better on the road to a concert in Seoul. It was in Korea that Michael held his first performance.

"MJ and Friends" - The American "pop king" charity concerts held in Seoul, Korea and in Munich, Germany. A lot of musicians were involved during these concerts, no exception. Philip Kirkorov. The purpose of the concert was to raise donations for the children of Africa, and Michael's set list was filled with some of his most moving songs, two of which were "Earth Song." and "You Are Not Alone".

It was on this tour that a terrible thing happened to the singer: during a failed stunt, he fell off the stage and damaged his leg. However, this in no way allowed the musician to interrupt his performance or sing out of tune. Even though Jackson had a hard time, he worked how real professional: Did his job even under difficult circumstances.

Kirkorov's latest interview 

Philip Kirkorov
Philip Kirkorov

Quite recently, a new interview with Philip Kirkorov has appeared on YouTube, which was part of the show "Watch out, Sobchak!" on Ksenia's YouTube channel. There Kirkorov once again mentioned the circumstances of his and Michael Jackson's acquaintance.

The singer also negatively recalled the accusations made against Michael. Kirkorov argued that by talking to the star personally, he formed a different image of him. The musician dismissed Ksenia with disdain when she talked about the obvious facts and evidence.

Even from their long acquaintance, Philip realized this concern Michael's child problems, and even then the Russian pop king thought about how nice this man was and how they were trying to make him a monster in the most vile way.

After this momentous acquaintance, Pugacheva's ex-husband became the most a staunch supporter of American singer, not doubting his virtue for anything.

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