"Are you sure" - why Michael Jackson is recognized as the King of Pop

Today in our article we will try to understand the phenomenon of Michael Jackson: what role talent plays in his success and how the singer got the nickname "King of Pop", as well as how fair this title of musician in relation to other stars.

Michael Jackson's Fame: Marketing or True Talent?

In today's world, where trends change one after another almost every day and the Internet is flooded with a huge amount of content, it is very difficult to understand what media personalities are famous for. Certainly, there is a lot to be said for outrage, innovation, and quality marketing, but is there any room in all of this for talent?

Such a question can be asked of many artists. Today we are going to look at what main The components of Michael Jackson's popularity and whether he is rightly called the "King of Pop.

Grand Tours

Michael Jackson on the Bad World Tour
Michael Jackson on the Bad World Tour

The fame, albeit small, came to the singer during his participation in the band The Jackson 5In which he participated with his brothers. After leaving the band, Jackson recorded the album "bad", published in 1985.

Bad World Tour 

After recording the record "Bad" in the mid-80s, Michael went to his first world tour in support of the album. It lasted about 16 months; the musician visited 15 countries, and his concerts were attended by more than 4 million humanincluding Princess Diana and Prince Charles. In total, at Wembley Stadium in London, the artist gave 7 concertsThe number of concerts in one venue went down in history as the largest number of concerts ever held.

Dangerous World Tour

In 1992, there was a second the singer's solo tour. It was in support of his new album "Dangerous."which came out the year before.

The world tour took place in two stages: the first started in Munich and ended in Tokyo, and the second started in Bangkok and ended in Mexico City. The most spectacular performance of the tour is rightly considered to be the concert in BucharestThe show was broadcast in 61 countries and was later bought out by HBO. This performance was televised in 61 countries, and the tape was later bought out by HBO for 20 million dollars.

HIStory World Tour

"HIStory World Tour has become. last the singer's big tour. The musician visited 35 countries during the year, managed to perform in Moscow в 1996. Before the start of the tour, the singer gave a free concert in Brunei's largest city on the occasion of the sultan's birthday.

The promo for the tour was really stunning: it was made for the ten meter statue "pop king." At the moment it is in Austria. The total number of such statues was twoThey were set up in each city where concerts were held.

He knew how to "sell" his name

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

There are many versions of how Michael got his nickname. According to one of them, "the king of pop, rock and soul" was named by a famous American actress Elizabeth TaylorThe musician's popularity came during the heyday of the Hollywood film industry. And indeed, the musician in his work resorted to mixing of musical styles; this is vividly reflected in his 6th studio album.

But the secret of Jackson's popularity lies not only in good music. The musician, who also happens to be choreographer; He invented and staged most of his moves himself. The famous "moonwalk" was also staged by him personally.

Michael Jackson on the Bad World Tour
Michael Jackson on the Bad World Tour

The singer's self-expression took place not only in dancing and music, but also in at clips. As the music video industry began to evolve, Michael, unlike the early video releases, made a whole art out of them. With the emergence of music videos such as "Billy Jean," "Thriller," and "Bad," not only audio became important to the music business, but also video content. The singer's series of talent-driven videos was the beginning of the song's music video being a mini-story, told in a colorful and interesting way.

Another important factor in Michael Jackson's fame was that he actually cut through the way to black performers on the big screens. Previously, the fashion channel MTV did not accept him in rotation because of its politics. The appearance of the artist on the developing and gaining popularity channel broken rule about performing only white artists on television. In addition, with the help of the singer happened transition from radio to television broadcasting.

Michael on stage on the Dangerous World Tour
Michael on stage on the Dangerous World Tour

Epatage Michael only fueled the public. Bright outfits, grandiose shows, eccentric antics of the singer aroused great interest in his person, and the tabloids, full of headlines and rumors about the musician, simply elevated him to the most peak of musical Olympus.

Only he could drive the audience crazy by standing on the spot

Every concert on the Dangerous World Tour began with the singer taking the stage and, for 10 minutes still stood in front of a crowd of thousands. The admirers, sobbing, came to ecstasy only of the kind pop king - that's how much they loved him.

This proves that for many people Michael Jackson was not only a talented singer, but practically by Godwho was beautiful both in his skillful movements on stage and in the clips, and statically.

Or is it overrated after all...

Michael in the era of the Bad album
Michael in the era of the Bad album

But Not all Michael is considered to be the true "King of Pop. Some argue that he invented his famous nickname myself, and there were no other versions of the appearance of such a Jackson title. Criticized and stealth The singer was a very popular singer; while stars on par with him walk freely without hiding their faces, Michael tried to get away from the intrusive paparazzi in every way he could. Here it is important to make a remark: not every public person can withstand such an influx of reporters and journalists while in a public place, so it is quite a controversial point.

Some online users feel that the so-called innovation Jackson in the music video industry is also not due to his talent, but to successful time getting into that milieu. Sometimes the public is inclined to believe that Michael would not have been so popular had it not been for the banal Luck.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

Undoubtedly, there are many different opinions about Is it fair to call Michael Jackson "the king of pop. But to deny him altogether colossal contribution to the art of music is not worth it either. What do you think: Is Michael really "king of pop"?

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