Mikhail Zhitov-All about the musician: success story and short biography

A little bit from the life of the leader of Vougal and the participant of the show "Voice" Mikhail Zhitov...

Biography of Mikhail Zhitov (participant in the show "Voice")

Mikhail Zhitov gained popularity after participating in the show "Voice" (season 5). The jazz composition "Moody's Mood" performed by him delighted all the judges ... Grigory Leps especially liked the young man! Well: we invite you to get to know our hero better!

Mikhail Zhitov, participant of the show "Voice" (season 5)
Mikhail Zhitov, participant of the show "Voice" (season 5)

Getting started

Mikhail Zhitov was born in Arkhangelsk in 1991. According to the artist himself, his grandmother actively instilled in him a love of music. In the distant past, she herself dreamed of performing on stage! But, as often happens, various circumstances prevented the fulfillment of a cherished dream ... Perhaps that is why the grandmother sent her grandson to a music school. In Mikhail, she saw a talented artist from childhood!

Mikhail Zhitov has been in love with music since childhood... He was especially inspired by Whitney Houston!
Mikhail Zhitov has been in love with music since childhood… He was especially inspired by Whitney Houston!

In general, if you delve into the history of the Zhitovs, it immediately becomes clear that not only the grandmother turned out to be a music lover ... So, for example, Mikhail's grandfather introduced his grandson to the work of the Kino group, the soloist of the Golden Ring ensemble Nadezhda Kadysheva, and even the legendary Whitney Houston! The voice and performing style of the latter made a particularly powerful impression on the boy ... In such a musical family, Mikhail literally had no choice! He firmly decided for himself to become a singer.

Mikhail did not change his decision even at graduation, when his mother asked if he still wanted to think about choosing a future profession and, for example, enter the Institute of International Relations ...

“I already understood then that I wanted to connect my future life with music,” Mikhail himself said.

The first steps on the path to glory ...

The first major achievement of our hero was... a figure of Donald Duck! Mikhail won the grand prix in the vocal competition, and now he keeps his first prize as the most favorite talisman with trepidation!

After graduating from the St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture, together with like-minded people, Mikhail formed the True Jazz Band. It is worth noting that the guys managed to perform "as an opening act" for famous foreign stars who visited Russia on tour.

Later, the Vougal group appeared, in which Misha took the post of soloist. Very soon he was recognized as the best voice of the indie scene! And the tracks "No doubt" and "Shine light" remained the leaders of the Yandex charts for a long time!

Success on the show "Voice"

A curious fact, but Mikhail Zhitov's mother simply loves the Voice show!

“My mother loves this TV project very much! That is why I decided to take part in it. This is a kind of gift to her ... I decided that I must definitely get on the show and reach the final!

Behind the scenes of the show "Voice"
Behind the scenes of the show "Voice"

Actually, Misha coped with his task one hundred percent! However, he didn't even have to make any special efforts. The performance of the contestant became unforgettable for both the audience and the judges... At the stage of "blind auditions" Mikhail brilliantly performed one of the most difficult jazz compositions "Moody's Mood", which blew everyone away! The mentors were simply amazed by the unique sound of the young man ... And, of course, everyone wanted to take a “tidbit” into their team. The singer made a particularly strong impression on Grigory Leps, who, without ceremony for a long time, declared that Misha was obliged to choose him.

Mikhail himself chose Polina Gagarina. The singer added that it was very embarrassing and difficult for him to choose between such talented masters ... In turn, Grigory Leps congratulated Gagarina on his “great acquisition”, and also made a joke towards Misha that choosing not his participant "Ruined my career."

At the “Fights” stage, Mikhail performed the song “Running” by the singer Naughty Boy together with Elena Ekimova, thereby fulfilling the dream of a mentor.

Polina Gagarina decided to leave Misha, commenting on her choice as follows: “The guy from the North has not yet exhausted his rich potential, and therefore he will be able to amaze listeners with his most beautiful vocals more than once ...”

Interesting Facts

In 2015, Mikhail released his debut album, which he worked on with producer Sare Havlicek. In the same year, a video for the song "Pamela" was shot.

The contestant of the show "Voice" teaches vocal lessons at the Musical Wave school in the capital!

Curiously, our 29-year-old hero is not married. As Mikhail himself put it, his love is addressed to music, and he enjoys spending his free time on improving his vocal abilities!

With a fluffy pet!
With a fluffy pet!

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