Who is Mika who is compared to Freddie Mercury?

"He sounds like Freddy! Very reminiscent! It's especially noticeable in the songs "Dr. John", "Love Today", "Lover Boy"... These could very well be Queen songs!"

Who is Mika and why he is compared to Freddie Mercury

Mika - is a famous (at least abroad) British singer. He started his career in 2006, when he released his first single "Relax, Take It Easy". The song was a great success and became a timeless hit - the video for it scored more than 120 million views! Most likely you have heard this hypnotic track, because in 2007 it was constantly playing on the radio and the music video was broadcasted on TV.

But it hardly occurred to you to compare the vocal data of the performer of "Relax, Take It Easy" with Freddie Mercury. Or was there such an idea? It's just that critics, for example, really thought of it, and later the trend was picked up by journalists, and listeners, and observers... In general - many people. In fact, this comparison raises a lot of questions.

Who is Mika - get to know the singer


Micah (Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr.) was born in 1983 in Lebanon. His father was a banker and had Israeli roots. The large family of five children moved to London when Michael was only 9 years old. But already at such a tender age, the boy had an attraction to music - He wrote his first song when he was seven years old! And the first song Michael learned to play was "Les Champs-Élysées Joe Dassin.

He had difficulties in school, partly because of dyslexia, but also because of the cruelty of his peers. At the age of 12, Michael was transferred to home schooling, but he continued to actively study music. His vocal coach was herself. Alla Ablaberdiyeva, a Russian chamber singer!

As we have already noted, the mega-popular "Relax, Take It Easy" was Micky's first single. And the singer's debut album sold almost 6 million copies, making the young man a Grammy nominee and a promising newcomer to the scene.


Mika went on to release new music, win awards and conquer heights - today he has 2 million subscribers on his official YouTube channel! But there's one thing that still overshadows his career... And that's the constant comparison to Freddie Mercury.

Why he is compared to Mercury

Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury

Of course, like any artist, Michael nicethat he is being compared to such a cult figure. Here's what he told reporters about it:

"The fact that I am compared to Freddie Mercury cannot help but inspire me! It's a compliment in the highest degree for me! He's a genius and one of the finest men who ever lived..."

Mika even noted this comparison in his song "Grace Kelly."In which he made every effort to sound as much like Freddie as possible:

"I try to look like Grace Kelly,
But she looks so sad!
That's why I'd rather try on the Freddy image...".

Apparently, in this song Michael imitates Freddie is intentional, and very dignified. There is something similar in their voices - the manner, the range... But they are completely different, no matter how you look at it. Alas, not everyone understands that. Or they do, but they keep comparing the singer of "Relax" to the frontman of Queen.


Despite the fact that Michael is completely does not pretend to the title of the second Freddie Mercury, the public is not relenting. Here are some examples from foreign forums:

"When I first heard Grace Kelly, I thought it sounded a lot like Queen!"

Some Intentionally start listening to Michael's tracks and looking for similarities:

"He sounds like Freddy! Very reminiscent! It's especially noticeable in the songs 'Dr. John', 'Love Today', 'Lover Boy'... These could very well be Queen songs!"

Drawing conclusions


Yes, Mick has adopted from Freddie the style of performance, some tricks with the voice and other "tricks". But to compare the two. useless. Freddie Mercury is one-of-a-kind, and there certainly won't be any more artists like him! And Michael is well aware of that. That's how he presents his music, but it's not against the law, is it? There's nothing wrong with that, as we think. On the contrary - it's very interesting to see how modern artists are inspired by geniuses of the past (especially when the result is decent).

The most ridiculous thing is that Queen fans are starting to hate Michael just for someone comparing him to Freddie. That's not fair. Micah is a good modern a singer who is a pleasure to listen to, but why hate him? He certainly doesn't hurt anybody with his performance! And a lot of people even wonder why this guy wasn't cast as Mercury in "Bohemian Rhapsody." - In addition to singing, he also plays the piano!

"When I first heard about the comparison to Freddy, I thought the similarity to the legend's voice was really there. But it's not quite the same. I can understand the comparison, since Michael had no one else to compare him to in terms of sound. But I think it's time for people to stop comparing and start just appreciating. Mick is a special and unique artist today. He's worthy. And I don't consider him an 'imitation'," wrote one of the foreign users.

What do you think about it? Share your opinions in the comments, will interesting to read!


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