"French Romance for All" - Milen Farmer's Top 5 Hits to Awaken the Love of Life

All the tracks we're going to talk about today remind us: stop standing on the sidelines, it's time to jump on the train called "life" and go towards the bright sensations and pleasures!

Top Milen Farmer songs about love and inspiration

Mylene Farmer - legendary French singerThe world's most popular female artist of her time. One of the most popular contemporaries in the industry, she loudly announced herself in the 80's, and to this day manages to stay afloat and enjoy success even among the youth. Much due to the fact that Mylene is able to deftly jump on the "trendy sounds of the day" without changing it own style, for which she and loved. Farmer is lightness, tenderness, sexuality, special musical aesthetics with a touch of tragedy... Almost every clip of this redheaded diva is a true work of art.

The singer has a lot of songs in her arsenal. for every "taste and color"that they say. There are romantic odes, battle hymns, and dance tracks... Perhaps it is due to such versatility that the performer is loved by millions? Probably. But today we decided to remember five tracksthat evoke a love for life. Listening to them you feel that all problems are solvable, and that life is too short to fill your head with sad things. Lyrics, melody, performance, atmosphere in general - all the tracks we're going to talk about today, as if they remind us: stop standing by the curb, it's time to jump on the train called "life" and go towards bright sensations and pleasures!

"Appelle mon numéro"

Mylène Farmer Mylène Farmer
Mylene Farmer

One of Mylene's most famous songs, which feels like a kind of relaxation when you listen to it. It's very gentle track - as well as the music video for it. The lyric tells the story of how the protagonist wants someone (apparently, the man she loves) to call her...

"Allegory, come now,
Exciting crime,
My afterlife is...
.... the Abuse of Action"

I don't know about you, but for us personally, this song makes us feel calm and light at heart. It's like warmingIt helps us to relax and realize that some of our "problems" don't deserve to waste our life's energy on them.

"L'amour n'est rien..."

It's an amazing composition - very atmosphericIt's elegant, it's mesmerizing. Here Milen sings about how much she needs love and a man's caresses.

"Life is nothing,
When it's barely warm!
It decays and turns
You have blood in your cigarette ashes.
Life is good...
She's like honey!
When it gets sour as dynamite..."

In this song, Farmer talks about how life and love are beautiful when they naturalWhen they don't rush to enjoy all the pleasures because of conventions and obligations, they don't skip over them. When they don't rush to enjoy all the charms because of conventions and obligations, they don't let them pass them by, and they sincerely live every moment. When there is no pretense, and we get a feeling of complete pleasure from every minute... And that a very important role in this is played by Real emotion, passion, total freedom of our inner self.

"Love Song"

Mylene Farmer in concert
Mylene Farmer in concert

An insanely beautiful song that takes us away away and immerses you in a stream of reflection on the years that have passed and, perhaps, those yet to come...

"Nights wasted,
Spent alone
And oblivion,
They are replaced by others,
But not a single winter goes by
Without suffering..."

A certain nostalgia comes from the song. "Love Song" helps us to analyze some situations from the past, to forgive ourselves for the mistakes we have made and to understand that the future is only in our hands. And also to realize the fact that no one in this world lives without sins - we are all learning and gaining experience. Such is the world.


Mylene Farmer (Mylene Farmer) at a photo shoot
Mylene Farmer (Mylene Farmer) at a photo shoot

A refined track that seems to "flow". Farmer's voice is especially fragile and gentle...

"In the rearview mirror my life is distorted..."

The song is great for pushing off tiresome dilemmas and just dreaming about something nice!


And we decided to finish the list with an extremely powerful ode entitled "Innamoramento". We're sure that it will hardly leave you indifferent.

"There's a half-open door in front of me.
Into a possible future,
Even if I have to start all over again..."

It's a very light and inspiring song that gives you hope for the best and relieves anxiety. It's as if you're floating on waves of rhythms and melodic overflows while listening to it, and it's comparable to a fantastic journey. Under "Innamoramento" you can think about anything, but by the end of the track you feel confident and happy. It's as if the song gives you new strength to build your life in the best way possible and to love yourself sincerely.

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