Miley Cyrus's transformation, admirable

The pop icon and goddess of outrage is all about Miley Cyrus. How has the singer's image been transformed? That's exactly what this article is about.

The evolution of Miley Cyrus: singer's biography, music career, style in music and clothes, the best songs

In the early 2000s. pop music is gaining new momentum. Girly pop, accompanied by the beginning of a musical career at a very young age, could not help but make history for one simple reason: young stars made an excellent example of their growing up role model for young fans and fell in love with millions of girls and boys.

One striking example of a quick "entry" into show business is the path taken in music and film Miley CyrusThe one who became the idol of teenagers born at the beginning of the noughties. That's what the article is about.

The beginning of a future star's journey

Miley Cyrus's real name is Destiny Hopewhich means "Destiny and Hope" in English. So country singer Billy Ray and his wife Tish Cyrus decided to signify that the girl was sure to succeed in life, and that she would be successful... and they were right! Already as a child, Destiny showed that she longed to be a star: She constantly showed her Hollywood smile, for which she received the nickname Miley (derived from the word SmileyThe name of Destiny, which means "smiling," quickly caught on and became a new name for Destiny (she officially changed her name in 2008).

Miley Cyrus as a child

The first steps in a career as an artist Miley began to do at a fairly early age. At first she focused on building competencies actingShe was inspired by the example of her father, who starred in the TV series "Doc". The first cameo role Miley got in this project. Then she had time to act in the film Tim Burton's "Big Fish", developing certain skills.

But Cyrus' major breakthrough was her participation in the television series "Hannah Montana."where she played the title role and quickly won the popularity in the USA and also became the idol of all American teenagers! Notably, Miley's fame also helped her in her musical endeavors, as her heroine Hannah Montana led a "double life" and impressed everyone with her musical career.

Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana
Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana

The lead role in "Hannah Montana" allowed Miley to sign a contract with the company's label DisneyThe young artist produced high-quality soundtracks thanks to which she was able to make her own soundtracks. For example, Miley's voice was heard in new Amplificationand she realized that she could build a singing career as well. Now she had to "get rid" of the Hannah Montana image...

Musical career

In 2007, a double album entitled "Hannah Montana 2:Meet Miley CyrusIn it, the singer half-abstracted from her former glory as Hannah Montana and presented the public with a new author's material. A year later Miley released her second studio album "Breakout."It was a real breakthrough in the teen-pop genre, with serious lyrics about love for teenagers. It is noteworthy that this studio album immediately hit the first lines of the main American hit-parade Billboard 200The top of which all musicians dream of climbing.

The singer's next work is a mini-album "The Time of Our Lives, showed that it is capable of producing adult music as well. "Party in the U.S.A." is still considered a very iconic song in Miley's career, and "The Climb" and "When I Look at You" are among the great country-pop ballads.

"Miley Cyrus is growing and improving fast - that's the most important thing for an artist. It looks like she could really go down in history as a global pop star. Look, she's already gone on a world tour. And that's at only 17 years old!" said one music critic.

The style is changing - and the fans are happy about it

In 2010, Miley departs from her previous work. This can be seen in her appearance as well as in her music. The third record, titled "Can't Be Tamed" proved that Cyrus is able to work successfully in other genres as well. Miley no longer sings about breaking up, accompanying her narration with a typical instrumental solution in the form of an acoustic guitar. The lyrical theme of this album conceptually revolves around liberation from all restrictions and expectations, and one can see the singer's desire to break away from her teenage years in this. Miley takes a step toward a more formidable dance music.

"I want to make my last pop record," Miley declared before the release of "Can't Be Tamed."

And so it turned out. The singer's fourth studio album was radically different. Exit "Bangerz." It also marked a change in the singer's style: she dyed her hair blonde, got a short haircut and started wearing more revealing outfits.

A still from Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball music video
A still from Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" music video

Both the lyrics and the sound on the album changed: Miley was ready to break records with electro-pop records and vivid music videos. Just look at the song "We Can't Stop" about the best moments of American partying. Experiments continued with the release of the fifth anniversary record "Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz", in which the singer reached a new level of unusual instruments and compositions.

"Miley was able to take control of her image in 'Bangerz,' as paradoxical as it sounds. She took the path of true artistic and musical evolution, accompanying it all with vivid provocations," Billboard journalists noted.

In 2017, Miley returned with country-pop on her album "Younger Now."She was a bit of a departure from her rebellious pop image. Cyrus now wore her long blonde hair again, more relaxed outfits and the inherent to country singers elements like cowboy boots and big hats.

The seventh record, entitled "Plastic Hearts., turned Miley once again in a different direction. She appeared in a rougher grunge look, which was matched by the whole style choice of the album. glam rock. Fans loved this era, as it displayed the singer's vast possibilities both musically and in terms of beauty. A cascade haircut or a mullet, coupled with leather clothes, was strong.

Miley Cyrus in 2023
Miley Cyrus in 2023

Released in 2023 "Endless Summer Vacation turned out to be more relaxed. This is largely because of Miley's sedentary lifestyle. Now she's free, Strong and Independent woman. Cyrus looks only to the future, doesn't look back on her past life with Liam Hemsworth, and delights her fans vintage in the classic way.


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