The Korean girl gave an amazing performance of Alla Pugacheva's hit "A Million Scarlet Roses".

You may have heard many different covers of "A Million Scarlet Roses," but you can bet one version will surprise you.

Alla Pugacheva's hit "One Million Scarlet Roses" performed by Korean singer Yoyomi

"Million Scarlet roses" - there is not a person in our country who does not know this delightful song. It is undeniable: it is a resounding hit, originally from the Soviet Union, which was sung by Alla Pugacheva in the first half of the 1980s. Since then the composition has become a calling card of the Russian primadonna. The audience fell in love with this touching musical narrative about an artist in love, and feeling this, Alla Borisovna made the song the main pearl of every "live" set list at her concerts.

"He then sold his house,
Sold the paintings and the shelter
And used all the money to buy
A whole sea of flowers..."

A song written to lyrics Andrei Voznesenskyis still popular today, despite the fact that it is almost 40 years old! And, as it turns out, not only in Russia... You may have heard many different covers of "A Million Scarlet Roses", but we bet there's one version that might surprise you. We're talking about a soulful rendition performed by Korean singer Yoyomi.

Who Yoyomi is: from early years to success and fame

Singer Yoyomi
Singer Yoyomi

First, let's talk a little bit about the performer herself. Who is Yoyomi? In her homeland she became famous under this pseudonym, but her real name is Park Yun-a. The future star of South Korea was born on October 8, 1994, in a provincial corner called Cheongju. There she graduated from a high school for girls.

Perhaps our heroine would never have been interested in music had it not been for her father, who introduced his daughter to the genre Trotwhen she was just a child. That's where the story began! A big influence on Yoyomi, in her own words, was also Haeeunlee - is a nationally renowned South Korean singer and broadcaster who is almost 70 years old today. After hearing her on the radio, Park Yun-a knew that she wanted to tie her life to music and singing. And so it turned out.

Singer Yoyomi
Singer Yoyomi

Today Yoyomi is known as a singer, songwriter, and even an actress! But, as is usually the case, the road to fame was thorny. When she released her debut single in 2013, there was no success at all. The name of the budding star, who positioned herself as a Yun-aBut after a while, everything changed. But after a while, everything changed, and a girl named Yoyomi (which is a pseudonym, as far as we already know) was finally talked about.

Since 2018 our heroine is a household name in South Korea (at least). She is a frequent guest of show programs, entertainment shows, commercials... She was even invited to the movies! In general, she is talented in many areas and beautiful, versatile... And the cover of Alla Pugacheva's song showed it best.

The video that conquered Tick-Tock and YouTube

Singer Yoyomi
Singer Yoyomi

Like many modern celebrities, Yoyomi earned her name, fame, and fans through... yes, yes, Tic Toc and YouTube, of course. At a time when these platforms have already changed the lives of thousands of people - helped them make a name for themselves - Yoyomi decided it would be foolish to pass up the chance. Yoyomi created her own YouTube channel, where she started posting her covers and songs. The following performance was especially noteworthy:

No comment is needed here. "A million, a million, a million scarlet roses" - Yoyomi gave the hit of Alla Borisovna new shades. Her version sounds unique, fresh, fragile... and very beautiful. No wonder that the video created such a furor among Internet users and gathered millions of views! As we believe, the result is fully deserved.

Other Yoyomi performances

Singer Yoyomi
Singer Yoyomi

"A Million Scarlet Roses" is far from the only interesting cover Yoyomi's performance. But definitely one of the most unique and mesmerizing. The girl's YouTube channel is also full of other musical performances, each of which is mesmerizing in its own way. We suggest enjoying the most popular ones:

In addition to Trot, Yoyomi works in the genres of ballads, R&B, and pop music. Covers - is only a part of her art. She also writes her own songs, which Korean music lovers love, and even the Russian public resonates with her!

What do you think of this version of "A Million Scarlet Roses"? And in general - what covers of Russian songs do you consider the most unexpected and surprising? Be sure to post in the comments, we'd love to read it! Maybe you'll inspire us to do another article like this, who knows.

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