World Number Zero (1999): DDT's watershed album

World Number Zero is an album that divided the life of the DDT group into before and after. We understand how this disc differs from the previous ones and why it was so ambiguously perceived in society.

The record, after which old fans turned their backs on the band

"DDT" - Soviet and Russian rock band, the permanent leader of which is Yuri Shevchuk. "World Number Zero" - them twelfth album. He has combined industrial sound, elements of classical Russian rock and experimental music. The plate was created in hard time for DDT - in the late 90s. She succeeded in realizing creative many participants groups: Shevchuk responsible for writing texts and orientation towards general concept, guitarist Vadim Kurylev and keyboardist Konstantin Shumailov - behind arrangements and the creation of music.

Yuri Shevchuk in our time
Yuri Shevchuk in our time

History of creation

First, let's figure out why the album got such title. There is a version according to which "DDT" went on tour in Altai. They were in highlands, on high 2500 meters above sea level. Shevchuk wanted to explore the surroundings, but the border guards working there told him that there was nowhere to walk and long away he won't leave. Then the musician saw pillaron which the number was drawn "0". This is struck him so much that in the future he will associate with this trip your album. Shevchuk said:

"To me dreamed it's a combination of words. I have a very hectic pace of life, so my brain gave me ideas even when I was sleeping. I got out of bed abruptly title to me Likedbut I couldn't remember exactly why "World Number Zero"? Now I think and understand that, most likely, the title of our album is title all of our civilization".

Group "DDT" - cover of the album "World number zero"
Group "DDT" - cover of the album "World number zero"

Cover also very unusual: it shows man in a hat, which tries to see something with binoculars. At first, the listeners thought that the musicians were inspired way seaside monument, but then it turned out that the frame was taken from motion picture. It can be assumed that the musicians chose such a photo not by chance - a person tries to look into his own future, which, most likely, will no longer exist (and therefore "World Number Zero").

It is also important to dive into timewhen the album was being created. The group fared well: clips on TV showed, new albums Every year went out. Even their firm "DDT Theater" arranged two large-scale rock festival in St. Petersburg and Moscow. But such group achievements did not please. Yuri Shevchuk was especially dissatisfied, who was afraid of approaching creative crisis. He was quite a man self-critical, so the prospect of a lifetime to perform encore ballads is his did not seduce. Artist wanted change in your creativity. He dreamed of writing something standing. Something that will write his name into history Russian music.

The musician decided to go to the village of Lebedevka, where calm and silence reigned, and began to work there on new songs. At that time, his main colleague was Konstantin Shumailov (nicknamed the Cat), new keyboardist groups. He was always attracted electronic music, so thanks to him the songs turned out tough and gloomy, fundamentally different from old hits "DDT".

Konstantin Shumailov performs at a concert
Konstantin Shumailov performs at a concert

Due to the change in musical orientations in the group, conflicts. Bassist Igor Tikhomirov negative attitude to new changes. When the musician gone, put in its place Pavel Borisov, an experienced rocker by that time. Also "DDT" left the guitarist Andrey Vasiliev. Yuri Shevchuk commented on Vasiliev's departure as follows:

“Andrey justified his decision by the fact that our music strongly changed and now he does not understand and understand doesn't want".

Vadim Kurylev at the concert
Vadim Kurylev at the concert

Place of the main guitarist took Vadim Kurylev, which also influenced the sound of the new songs. Gradually singles started to become one concept. The musicians did not just create a record - they wrote a story about growing up a person who is beginning to realize what good and evil, struggling with obstaclesstanding in his way. It can be called "World number zero" fly in the ointment in the work of "DDT", because this is one of the most sincere team work. Great attention has been paid inner world person, his feelings, complex moral choicein an effort to find out what meaning of life. Yuri will talk about key sense of their new program as follows:

"Our protagonist must either dieor get unlimited freedomto which we are all moving. Complexity is to understand correctly what is "freedom"? What means "we"? While working on the album, we were constantly thinking, analyzing, imagining different situations.”

Group "DDT" in the new composition
Group "DDT" in the new composition

DDT planned to release "World Number Zero" in 1998, but due to a default, they had to wait a bit, so the album was released in March 1999 on the label Real Records.

Best songs

"Disposable Life". Shevchuk compared this song with birth child. The lyrical hero, like the baby, sharply hits into a dangerous world where he doesn't want to stay. The song is playing important role is she opens album, it depends perception listeners of all other songs. filmed video this song is full of snippets movements: Shevchuk in the clip is running while courtyards-wells and other strange things are flying near him.

"He". The song contains appeal to the Lord - to Him. The song turned out to be real, emphatically amelodic industrialsince she was dedicated provocative topic. Also in the song you can hear a clear contrast between a calm verse and a bright chorus.

"We". This song has a relationship problem human and societies: easier to be sheep in a herd than alone personality with your opinion. This track is about the fact that a person should not be constantly in a team - he can spend time alone, analyzing their good and evil deeds. Speaking with this composition at concerts, Shevchuk often ended it with the phrase "We are together". It was reference to song groups "Alice".

"Blizzard". Ballad liked by many listeners, as it resembles old style "DDT". In the song you can clearly hear how good vocal data Shevchuk. Interesting fact: from the song for unknown reasons gone missing small excerpt, but it did her good - now she sounds even more mysteriously, unsaid. The unconditional musical decoration of the composition is the dramatic guitar solo.

"Interview". This song is statement Shevchuk about the real world, about what happened in the 90s. Under hard riff, which originates in the background television transmission, author criticizes everyone: other performers, and the political system, and even the notorious creation of Tsereteli. As artistic techniques, he used caustic satire.

"Shot by dawns" one of the deepest moral songs of Shevchuk. She broke up for quotes: "We threw words at rock and roll like blind puppies", "We put crosses instead of autographs for fans." This composition is analysis passed life, summing up sad results. Screen adaptation the track was directed by the director Vasily Blednov, and herself premiere clip took place only through for several years after the release of the album.

"Musical Images". It is worth mentioning three instrumental inserts, which were called images. They play the role connecting links, which unite the main compositions. In "Musical Images" everything is mixed up: and vocal parties of DDT participants, and elements classical works (the work of the classics was used Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, Rachmaninoff), and the voices of TV announcers.

The classic composition of "DDT"
The classic composition of "DDT"

FROM concert program "World Number Zero" the artists performed in 1998. Meaning she is different from the album version: here is the lyrical hero dies, and on the records it's just "sinks" in routine work. Even though the show itself was enchanting (all performances used a large screen to broadcast a special video) and more than once showed through Russian channels, it did not bring income to the musicians, but, on the contrary, drove them into debt.

The album "World number zero" was met ambiguouslike any other deep philosophical work. It is not surprising that many old fans not appreciated new work of the group, but instead of them came new listeners who realized that in addition to "Autumn" Shevchuk is able to create other masterpieces.

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