Kupla - "Mirage" (2022) - all about the album

The new album "Mirage" (2022) from the musician Kupla does not contain a single word in the tracks, but everyone who listens to it understands what this music is about.

Album «Mirage» (2022) by musician Kupla

One of major features of the album "Mirage" is that in its tracks no words, however, every listener understands what this music is about. Tracks filled with love hatred, fear, joy, positive emotions. The uniqueness of these works lies in the fact that each listener can interpret them in his own way for himself. Everyone hears in the tracks what they want to hear, and this is truly a unique art.

According to Kupla, album development started spontaneously: at first he does didn't want to let it out, but later realized that it was necessary. Music is the very language in which people who do not understand each other and live on different ends of the planet can find mutual understanding.

Album Mirage (2022)
Album «Mirage» (2022)

The plate includes range of feelings and emotions, because of which listeners react ambiguously to it. Some are sure that the album failedwhile others consider it stunning, however, both of them have emotions for him, because music cannot but evoke emotions, whether they are bad or positive feelings.

The album "Mirage" (2022) is harmonious, iridescent sound of musical instruments and beats, which deftly complement each other. Most fans considered this album gorgeous and filled up the musician's personal account on social networks with various thanks and admiring wordswhich the musician tries to answer. According to Kupla, he tries very hard not to leave anyone behind. without attention and even creates special chat rooms with fans and critics. Listen album tracks and evaluate the efforts of the artist using the video below.

The musician also preferred release vinyl records, however, as he himself notes in one of his social networks, the circulation will limited: total will be published three hundred copies of the album. Therefore, if someone wants to buy vinyls and enjoy beautiful music, then he should hurry.

Many are sure that the musician dedicated "Mirage" to his son, who was born in mid-January 2022. Kupla is very happy replenishment in the family, and fans associate the release of the new album with this factor.


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