Where has Mr. Credo - author of "Odd Valley"

The media surrounded his persona with legends when Alexander finally settled in Moscow and disappeared from view for a while: it was claimed that the musician had allegedly been gone for a long time! And instead of him totally different person appeared on the stage! But Mr. Credo himself dispelled these rumors when he finally reminded himself...

What became of Mr. Creed and his band - from the early years to resounding success

He was one of the most mysterious of artists on the Russian stage! For a long time To Mr. Credo He managed to hide his true face from the curious public, while maintaining a storm of popularity. He invariably appeared on stage in black glasses and his already famous eastern kufi. And this image became his calling card! As well as a sea of hits, among which the familiar to everyone "Wonderful Valley".

His songs were rarely rotated on the TV and radio airwaves, so the musician often blamed in the promotion of illegal substances. However, they were still becoming hits! Mr. Credo I have never sought self-promotion, but the audience of many thousands loved and remembered him for years to come... Where did he disappear to at the height of his fame?

Getting started

Mr. Creed as a Child and a Young Man
Mr. Creed as a Child and a Young Man

The story of the future idol began in 1972 In the year in the Zhytomyr region, but as a very young child Alexander Makhonin and his parents moved to Ural. He had been fond of music since he was young, especially finding inspiration in rock masterpieces...

Already in 1988-м performed with the Sverdlovsk team "Aspect."where he was the main author and performer!

Create a group

Mr. Credo
Mr. Credo

Alexander's popularity began as part of the "Credo." - of the group he founded in 1993 year. At the same time, the pseudonym Mr. Credo, inspired by spirits of a Latvian firm.

After recording their first tape album, the band presented a full-fledged debut collection, called "Harmony.". It happened in 1995.

Soon music videos were made - "The Girl Dances." and "Girl of the Night".

Alas, the group was short-lived: already in 1996 "Credo." fell apart. However, its leader, Alexander, has managed not only to stay afloat, but also to gain growing popularity as a solo artist! He changed his style substantially, moving away from dance lyrics to modern techno rave. All of his compositions were characterized by oriental motifswhich completely disarmed the audience...

"Fantastic" solo work

Mr. Credo
Mr. Credo

His first solo singles, "HSH Bola" and "Give me the lave!", Mr. Creed released in 1996.

He soon took part in the "Vote or Lose!" campaign tour. Boris Yeltsin. The artist himself claimed that the only reason he became a participant in the action was good reward. Well, at least he was honest! At that time, the young and budding performer didn't really care about politics. And the opportunity to perform with such bands as "Bravo" or "Chaif."And to get money for it sounded very attractive...

In the same year, Alexander was invited to a concert of popular domestic listeners Bad Boy Blue, and in 1997 went on his first tour.

Mr. Credo
Mr. Credo

His biggest and most successful breakthrough was the album "Fantasy"at which the famous "Wonderful Valley". By the way: the jazz singer appeared on the record Olesya Slukinawho also lent her voice to the song of the same name.

The success of the album was truly "fantastic": the official discs alone sold 3 million copies! As Mr. Credo himself said:

"Even Agatha Christie's didn't have this kind of success!"

A decade of finishing an album "Golden time"and the zeros opened "Wonderful Valley"named after a famous jingle. Mr. Credo worked on it for almost three years...

Mr. Creed Today

Mr. Credo
Mr. Credo

Unlike most of his colleagues, Mr. Credo has never sought self-promotion. The musician thought: "There are admirers of his art - that's great! For this reason media surrounded his person with legends when Alexander finally settled in Moscow And for a while disappeared out of sight: it was claimed that the musician had been gone for a long time! And instead of him a completely different person appeared on stage! But Mr. Credo himself dispelled these rumors when finally recalled about myself...

Mr. Credo
Mr. Credo

Gradually the artist began to release fewer and fewer albums - his last disc to date "Chocolate." was released in 2008. Later, in 2012, the music video for the song "Ibiza.". Trying to keep up with the modern world, Mr. Credo moved to YouTube, where he occasionally publishes his tracks. The artist already has more than 300,000 admirers...

We hope that Mr. Credo will nevertheless remember his fans and release a new album with hits in his characteristic oriental style...

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