"A window into a futuristic dystopian world invaded by machines" - review of the album "Mobile Home" by GusGus

Anyone familiar with the sound of GusGus knows what to expect - there's a huge sound, dark, moody electronics...

Review of the album "Mobile Home" by the electronic group GusGus

«Mobile Home" is the band's eleventh studio album. Gus Gusreleased in May 2021. Enlisting help Margret Run — soloists Vok — for additional vocals, veterans of Icelandic electronic music presented their new, one of the most ambitious recordings to date! "Mobile Home"is a combination of cutting-edge electronic music with classic pop... The album was conceived as a very dark vision of the Icelandic duo... Daniel August Haraldson and Birgir Thorarinsson also joined forces with former bandmates Arnie and Kinski for lyrical and visual work… What is the idea behind Mobile Home? And what tracks are on the album? We invite you to find out…

About the album: style, background, inspiration

Icelandic group "GusGus"
Icelandic group "GusGus"

World-famous band GusGus are back with their 11th studio album, the highly emotional "Mobile Home", marking the Icelandic band's first studio release. since 2018! The electronic duo once again proves their commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity with the release of one of the most ambitious and powerful albums in their discography... For their latest record, GusGus turned to the lead singer Vök Margrethe Run with a request to help diversify their style, keeping the band's sound fresher than ever ... The 9-track album is a mixture of electronic rock, ambient, dark waves, downtempo and synthpop

After the announcement in October 2020 GusGus wowed fans with their first single "Higher", offering their first taste of how impressive vocals Margret blends seamlessly with the intelligent and powerful electronic extravaganza of GusGus. A darker, downtempo "Stay The Ride"and a bright and energetic synth track"Our World". Each of the three breathtaking singles received equally great music videos courtesy of the founding members Arnie and Kinski - a team of directors who worked with Sigur Ros, Kiasmos, Olavur Arnalds and many others!

Group GusGus
Group GusGus

With 'Mobile Home', the band showcases the quality and sonic variety of the singles that permeate the entire record while maintaining the melodramatic themes that tie all 9 tracks together…"Simple Mondaydemonstrates GusGus' ability to blend contemporary electronic music with pop music while maintaining an upbeat tone. Meanwhile, "Love Is Alone"and "original heartbreakoffer a slower and more brooding approach to synthpop and evoke feelings of loneliness and deep melancholy… "Silence"and "The Rinkboast some of GusGus' more experimental productions, each alternating radio-ready vocal verses with original and exciting synth elements. GusGus closes Mobile Home with "Flush”, an instrumental score that leaves the listener in awe when he finishes listening to the record ... Actually, let's talk about the tracks in more detail!

List of tracks

Gus Gus Daníel Ágúst Haraldsson
Daniel Agust (Daníel Ágúst Haraldsson) – GusGus

Each track in Mobile Home is a window into a futuristic, dystopian world taken over by machines… Noting technology growth and the ever-growing uncertainty associated with automation, the album explores the themes of loneliness, rebellion, science fiction, hedonism, pleasure and anger. In this world, a torn, aching soul is spinning, which is on the verge of complete insanity ... She has forgotten her goals and objectives, and sensually indulges her desires and is exclusively engaged in the pursuit of pleasures ... In "Mobile Home» GusGus challenge themselves like never before, resulting in a wonderfully chaotic reflection of the ongoing war between soul and machine! Let's enjoy the tracks...

"Stay The Ride"

«Stay The Ride”is the disorientation of a person and his connection with reality ... He creates his own virtual reality through a smartphone.

"Higher" (feat. Vok)

"Simple Tuesday"

"Love Is Alone" (feat. John Grant)

John Grant sings the vocals in the wistful "Love Is Alone". Musically it sounds great, with layers of synths built on top of each other to create an impressive wall of sound…

"Our World"

"Original Heartbreak"

And this is a dark number ... It's about unrequited love and very fragile relationships between people who are drawn to each other, but this should not be, because it is ... socially illegal. This is love and shame.


"The Rink"


Well... This is the last track from "Mobile Home". What remains to be added: clear your mind and start again!

There are many impressive sounds in "Mobile Home"! As you can already understand, this is an album about robots that have conquered humanity. Final track has a majestic hypnotic beauty that closes the album on a high level...

A little last...

Group GusGus
Group GusGus

Say "Icelandic musicians" to most people and they will probably reply "Bjork". However, there is another group that has become almost as influential as the mentioned artist... The electronic collective GusGus already exists. 26 years, and "Mobile Home" - their 11th album! Anyone familiar with the sound of GusGus knows what to expect - there's a huge sound here, dark, moody electronics... Really behind "Mobile Home" hidden backstory - this album has been described as a window into a futuristic dystopian space, a world that has been overtaken by machines... Although a concept album about the battle between machine efficiency and hedonistic human pleasure may sound trite, fortunately GusGus knows that the most important thing is to make people dance!

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