"Modern Jovi 2.0" – how Alexander Pushnoy combined" You're My Heart, You're My Soul "by Modern Talking and" Livin' On A Prayer " by Bon Jovi

How did Pushnoy even think of this? And also about the process of creation - we'll talk about everything in more detail below!

Alexander Pushnoy made a cover of "Modern Jovi 2.0", combining 2 songs - "You're My Heart, You're My Soul" from Modern Talking and "Livin' On A Prayer" from Bon Jovi

"Modern Jovi 2.0" - already gaining popularity on the Internet cover by Alexander Fur, musician and YouTube blogger with millions of people! Published in June 2018 years, his video scored more than 1.5 million views! And it seems that this is not the limit... Considering the sea of enthusiastic comments, Alexander coped with his task for all 100%! This man is a true genius, because who else could have thought of combining two old hits and getting something incredible ... As you might guess from the name alone, Alexander took two legendary songs as the basis for his cover, which are certainly familiar to every music lover: "You're My Heart, You're My Soul" by Modern Talking and "Livin' On A Prayer" by Bon Jovi. As a result, he received "Modern Jovi 2.0"! The comments below the video read:Alexander, it is a masterpiece! Not a single musician in the West would think of such a thing!!! You are unique! / “This is the best thing I've seen and heard in my life!!! Your entire channel is a complete masterpiece!” and many more interesting things ... How did Pushnoy even think of this? And also about the process of creation - we'll talk about everything in more detail below!

Recording process and result

Let's start with the fact that your video Alexander Pushnoy published on YouTube in June 2018 of the year. In it, he told and even showed how the recording process of the cover took place. "Modern Jovi 2.0"… In general, for such a talented and professional person as Fur, recording your improvisation of a song (and in this case, “songs”) is not a difficult task. However, as in any business, it was not without difficulties ... The whole snag was in a special lotion with a tube, with which Richie Sambora - guitar player Bon Jovi - made these incomprehensible, but really enchanting sounds in the track "Livin' On A Prayer" (actually, the song begins with them…) But fortunately, Alexander has been interested in music for several days! He quickly found what he needed, and work on the cover was in full swing. By the way: Pushnoy's friends were involved in it, who provided a great solo and keyboards ... Actually, we watch and listen:

You can't help but smile while watching this video! Especially when Alexander opens the window on the balcony and starts screaming right into it! “That’s how you walk down the street, you don’t touch anyone, and suddenly Furry yells from the window "You're My Heart"!" — wrote one of the subscribers under the video. Well - this work, as well as thoughtful analysis, certainly deserve a positive assessment! And yes, it's really brilliant...

A little about songs

Bonjovi group. Photo: Koh Hasebe
Bonjovi group. Photo: Koh Hasebe

dynamic composition "Livin' On A Prayer" is the gem of the Bon Jovi repertoire! She went out to 1986 year, as part of the album Slippery When Wet. As a result, the song topped the US Hot 100, and very soon became a big international hit! Exactly "Livin' On A Prayer" glorified Bon Jovi far beyond the borders of his native New Jersey ... The track is notable for the fact that characters were used in it - Tommy and Gina, a young couple who dreams of a place in the sun... The heroes try to arrange their life together as best they can, despite constant hardships and trials. With such sincere and relevant lyrics, "Livin' On A Prayer" has become a favorite of American youth (especially from New Jersey)! A chic monotonous video was shot for the song, which scored more than 800 million views on YouTube ... We look:

Regarding "You're My Heart, You're My Soul" groups Modern Talkingthen this is another masterpiece. 80s — only this time in Eurodisco style!

Modern Talking (Modern Talking)...
Modern Talking (Modern Talking)…

The single with this song was sold in eight million copies worldwide! "You're My Heart, You're My Soul" topped the charts in 12 countries of the world, which made it an undeniable international hit ... The song also became a big hit in the Soviet Union, and its video scored half a billion views on YouTube:

The track went gold or platinum in eight countries, including Germany, Denmark and South Africa.

Who is Alexander Pushnoy?

Alexander Pushnoy
Alexander Pushnoy

Alexander Pushnoy - Russian musician-multi-instrumentalist, singer, showman, TV and radio host. Despite the fact that he is a physicist by education, from early childhood Fur had a passion for music ... When the boy was 7 years old, his parents sent him to a music school, where he learned to play the piano. Five years later, he was presented with his first Russian seven-string guitar. Alexander learned to play the guitar on his own, from books.

Though Fur was the host of many popular television projects, most viewers remember him precisely for the scientific and educational program "Galileo"! As part of the program, using his knowledge of physics, Alexander conducted various kinds of experiments, clearly showing viewers how certain laws of physics and chemistry “work”. True, during one such experiment, the presenter severely burned his hand ... Today, Pushnoy is known for parodies and covers of popular musical hits, which he uploads on his YouTube-channel.

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