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A$AP Ferg ft. Nicki Minaj, MadeinTYO – Move Ya Hips (2020)

Move Ya Hips (2020) is a song from the album "Floor Seats II" by musician and rapper A$AP Ferg. 3 musicians took part in its recording: rapper A$AP Ferg, singer Nicki Minaj and rapper MadeinTYO. This marks the third collaboration between Asap Ferg (Aisap Ferg) and Nicki Minaj, following Ferg's remix of "Plain Jane" and the Creed II: The Album soundtrack "Runnin" produced by Mike Will Made It. The track was produced by Frankie P.


Musician DJ Clue announced the composition in the spring of 2020 on his Instagram in Live format. In early summer, singer and rapper Nicki Minaj confirmed the information about the collaboration. The singer also asked her fans to write A$AP Ferg on social networks and speed up the release process. On July 27, 2020, A$AP Rocky also joined in the fans' requests and insisted that his A$AP Mob brother release the track as soon as possible. The release of the song took place in the evening of the same day.

Video clip

The "Move Ya Hips" music video begins with a man who decides to buy a sex robot to get rid of his loneliness. The toy is delivered to his home. A variety of scenes fall into the frame, as he has fun with a sex robot. Although he initially likes the new company, things start to go downhill after he reprograms the robot girl into Freak Mode, which turns her into a "tin": the girl blows her "brains" and "she" decides to take revenge on his owner.

None of the rappers appear in the video (not A$AP Ferg, not Nicki Minaj, not MadeinTYO), but their absence doesn't make the video any less interesting. Advertised as a short film, the "Move Ya Hips" video is a parody of Alex Garland's 2014 sci-fi thriller Ex Machina, which stars Oscar Isaac and Alicia Vikander.

A$ap Ferg Nicki Minaj and Madeintyo
A$ap Ferg Nicki Minaj and MadeinTYO

Translation and Meaning of "Move Ya Hips"

The composition is filled with interesting expressions, comparisons and punchlines. The rhythm and meaning of this song is perfect for playing it anywhere in a strip club. This is clearly seen in the example of the chorus:

“Move your hips, okay / When I leave, she asks me to stay (oh) / Move your hips, okay / When I leave, she asks me to stay (Skrrt),” rapper MadeinTYO raps.

The song is relatively light-hearted, unlike "Value", Ferg's previous April single. He said about this track:

“Look at me now! Video "Value" shows the progress of my people. It begins with images of slaves, whips and chains. Modern people drive with a whip (as in cars) and wear chains (as in jewelry). My grandmother reads a poem in the intro to a video that talks about our lineage and the oppression we went through. The video shows that we are still facing these challenges, but "look at me now" is also a chant showing how many of us have striven to overcome many of the limitations that have been placed in front of us. Getting out of the hood as a big rapper living in a mansion with art on the walls shows how far we can go."

Move Ya Hips Achievements (2020)

With the release of Asap Ferg featuring Nicki Minaj and MadeinTYO, "Move Ya Hips" reached No. 1 on the R&B/Hip-Hop and Rap Digital Song Sales charts and No. 2 in overall digital song sales. For Lords and Barbie fans, this is the duo's biggest collaboration ever, entering the Billboard Hot 100 at number 19 and, to date (Fall 2020), amassed over 18 million worldwide streams. Ferg also reached his first milestones by releasing a single for the first time in his already storied career and reaching top positions on the charts.

About A$AP Ferg

During the lockdown, Ferg was busy with other socially significant activities. He posted a Q&A on his Instagram with Dr. Sampson Davis to help educate his fans about the dangers of Covid-19, visited The Joy Reed Show on MSNBC to talk about the importance of reaching out to today's youth, and challenged fellow rappers to donate food. local hospitals – in April, he sent food to Harlem Hospital from Melba's, one of the area's most iconic restaurants.

Also last month, Ferg released a song called "Square Bitch" with MadeinTYO.

Interesting fact

After "Move Ya Hips" debuted at number 19 on the US Billboard Hot 100 due to strong digital sales, it dropped to number 99 the following week, breaking the record for the biggest drop in Hot 100 history (80 positions) .

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