“They don’t play this on the radio anymore”: we recall the main hits of Mr. Credo

About the best creations of the legendary "Mr. Creed"...

We recall the best songs of "Mr. Credo"

Alexander Makhonin, better known as Mr. Credo- Russian singer, poet, composer and music producer! He first appeared on the music scene in the late 80s, along with the rock band "Aspect", in which he was the vocalist and main songwriter ... Gradually, "Mr. Credo" formed his own unique style, namely, a kind of mysterious character in black glasses and a white oriental arafatka. Despite his popularity, the artist did not like the press. He rarely appeared in the rotation of radio broadcasts and on television, but he managed to win the recognition of the general public! He managed to hide his real name and eye color for an extremely long time, wrapping his person in a halo of mystery ... But today many people know him very well and love him very much ... So: these are the top hits of Mister Credo! Let's go...


Dynamic track from the album Fantasy 1997! One has only to sound the introductory verse, as true fans already have the famous line “Lambada-ba-da, Lambada-ba-da ...” playing in their heads. In a word, a chic track that has not lost its relevance to this day! The composition definitely takes you to the atmosphere of the parties of the end 90s

"Star of the East"

Another magnificent creation from "Mr. Credo" ... The chorus of this song is probably well known to everyone, even to those who are far from the work of Mr. Credo. Credo: "Don't leave me, don't be cruel to me. I love you so much, my Star of the East…” is a song for all time. Number of plays on YouTube (over 5 million!) once again confirms this ...

“I didn’t save money, poor fellow in life,
I went to the katran, to the vagabond robbers.
Half the world came out, trampled all the legs,
I plundered, like them, the eastern roads!”

"I will think"

Song from the albumwonderful valley» 2002. "I will think” is a rather sad composition about love ...

"Your train is late - my ship has set sail,
Didn't keep you in tight rein,
Don't fall like a stone down like a wounded bird..."

This track once again proves that "Mr. Credo" is still here, and that it is still relevant. Such tact, with such an accent, you will not find anywhere else. It remains to listen to the good old Mr. Credo…

"Come on, lave"

Another hit from the album Fantasy! "Come on, lave”, probably one of the most instantly recognizable tracks of “Mr. Credo”! The number of plays on YouTube has long exceeded the mark 20 million… Well, isn't this a masterpiece?

“Money-mani is all my problems and worries,
When there is money-mani, you no longer want to work!”

For many Mr. Credo is a wonderful youth... And this song evokes pleasant, warm and definitely bright memories of the past days...


Another very famous hit from Mr. Credo, which every listener knows! "Medlyak” at one time sounded at any disco: from school gyms to nightclubs! In a word - this track represents an entire era ...

After the release, the composition gained some success with the public, but the real popularity came to this song in 2005, after she got into the rotation of Russian Radio! As a result, the hit did not leave the Golden Gramophone hit parade for 6 months! This led Mr. Credo to the Kremlin, where he was awarded one of the most prestigious Russian music awards ... It is worth adding that with his success "Medlyak» is obliged not only Alexanderbut also a jazz singer Olesya Slukina: it is her vocals that we can hear in the catchy chorus ... By the way: Slukina and Makhonin the novel was often attributed, but as the singer herself claimed, they were connected exclusively by friendly and business relations. The famous track gained a second wave of popularity in 2021 Thanks to TikTok!

"Wonderful Valley"

Album "wonderful valley» came out in 2002: in addition to the above "Medlyak"It included a wonderful hit of the same name ... Listen!

"HSH Bola"

Hit in 1997, scored 3.5 million auditions on YouTube! Yes, several decades have passed like one day... Today this song still sounds as fresh and cool as it did in the distant past. 90s


Completes our list of hits from "Mr. Credo" composition "autobahn"! She was also featured on the albumwonderful valley", and became a hotly adored hit of most listeners 90s... But what can I say: this track continues to win the hearts of the modern generation of music lovers!

What can I add: "Mr. Credo" is still cool! His songs sound very sincere, incendiary, fresh... As if they came out just yesterday. And as time shows, the creations of Mr. Credo have already become classics (after all, it is not for nothing that they are listened to today, after so many years ...)

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