The story of the beloved hit "Mrs. Vandebilt," which was popular at dances in the USSR

"Mrs. Vanderbilt was probably a fine woman. But I knew nothing about her except that she was... fabulously rich!"

"Mrs. Vandebilt" by Paul McCartney and Wings: history of the song, music video, interesting facts

"Hop, hey hop." - I'm sure many of you have already figured out what kind of song we're going to talk about today. Of course it's about Mrs Vandebilt Paul McCartney and Wings. It is an amazing composition, which has received exceptionally snide mockery from critics abroad, while in the the USSR Everyone loved it - it was one of the biggest hits on the dance floors of the 70s!

Most likely, the secret of its popularity is its strikingly "Slavic" in its mood motif. Although the recording of the track began in West Africaand ended in London. And the lyrics are inspired by a wealthy family Vanderbilt and jokes by the famous English comedian Charlie Chester. In general - now you can easily get confused by all this information, so we suggest to talk about everything in order.

"What the Jungle has to do with it" - creation history and meaning

Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney

The famous song has a fascinating history. Thus, Mrs Vandebilt began her life in Lagos, West Africa! This largely explains her quirky motif, as well as the music video and the mention of the jungle at the beginning:

"Deep in the jungle, living in a tent,
You don't use money, you don't pay rent.
You don't even know what time it is!
But you don't care..."

Later, when McCartney returned to London, the composition was adorned with a chic saxophone partwhich definitely added to its identity. Speaking of the lyrical message - it was based on several remarkable moments. For example, the obvious source of inspiration was an expression of the famous comedian in England Charlie Chesterwho once said:

"Living in the jungle, in a tent, is better than living in a house - no rent!"

Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney

And of course, based on the title, we can assume that another inspiration was the extremely rich and respected in its time Vanderbilt family. Although there is a letter missing in the title "р"Everything hints at it. However, there is an opinion that the letter was omitted for a reason: supposedly Paul did it to avoid possible and very undesirable legal battles. The musician himself said that he knew nothing about the famous family, except:

"Mrs. Vanderbilt was probably a beautiful woman. But I knew nothing about her except that she was...fabulously rich!"

Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney

At the end of the song "Mrs. Vanderbilt" asks Mrs. Washington "leave her alone.", hinting that her family is going through a difficult time in terms of financial stability:

"When your stack of papers is running low,
You're not complaining about the robbery..."

There is some truth in this, for in the 20th century numerous heirs of the family took literally "splurge" huge fortune. So - apparently McCartney clearly wasn't that far removed from their history.

Unexpected popularity in the USSR

Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney

But it is perhaps not so much the history of the song that is remarkable, as the fact that it became wildly popular in the the USSR! Even McCartney himself cannot explain this phenomenon.

In the '70s, "Mrs. Vandebilt" became one of the main dance hits of the Soviet Union. Some say it's all thanks to motiveswhich are remotely reminiscent of Slavic. What do you think is the secret of this song's success in Russia? Share your opinion in the comments, it's a really interesting topic for discussion.

Interesting Facts

Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney

And finally, a little bit of interesting facts about this wonderful composition that may surprise you!

  • By myself Keith Moon, a drumming legend, praised Paul's drumming in this track! We're sure it was one of the most meaningful accolades of the ex-beatle's life...
Paul McCartney and Keith Moon
Paul McCartney and Keith Moon
  • During the recording of the track in Lagos there were constantly electrical problems! But what can't you do in the name of art? I couldn't refuse to work now, could I? I had to resort to the help of generators.
  • The saxophone part is a credit to Howie Caseyformer member of the Liverpool band Derry and the Seniors. This band, by the way, was the main competitor of the Beatles in their early years.
Derry and the Seniors
Derry and the Seniors
  • One of the most notable moments in the song is Laughterwhich, in fact, completes the composition! McCartney later said this: "It was great listening to a room full of people laughing on the stereo!"

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