Cherry Vanilla: how David Bowie's outrageous muse became a singer and writer

She managed to try herself in many creative fields: writing, acting, music and more. She is a real punk rock star and a woman thanks to whom many artists did not remain in the shadows and became famous all over the world. She is Cherry Vanilla...

Interesting facts from the life of a New York party girl

PR agent, singer and actress Kathleen Dorrity, better known as Cherry Vanilla, built a very bright career. About the life path of Miss Surprise - in our article.

Kathleen Dorrity and her inspirations

Kathleen Dorrity spent her childhood in New York. This city, full of energy and respect for art, opened up a large number of opportunities for the realization of talent. So, Kathleen's mother worked at a famous nightclub. «Copacabana", where young Dorrity was able to meet many artists of those times. In particular, Cherry Vanilla has been inspired by jazz, blues and folk musicians ranging from Nina Simone and Miles Davis, ending with rock stars: bands The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, "Led Zeppelin".

Young Kathleen Dorroty
Young Kathleen Dorrothy (right)

“I was crazy about their music,” Vanilla said.

Career Launch Cherry matched the wave public protestthat unfolded in the 1970s. It is important to note that Vanilla became a kind of innovator of the ideas that were broadcast in that era.

“In fact, I did not consider myself a feminist or political activist, I just did and said what was natural for me,” the singer explained in one interview.


Cherry Vanilla was born when Dorrity contributed to a controversial play Pork (from English - "Pork"), the author of which was Andy Warhol. Then the playwright Tony Ingraciawho staged the play offered Kathleen this stage alias. Cherry acted as an actress and had an excellent experience. Spinning in the underground get-together, she met with David Bowie, who at the time of their acquaintance was not a famous rocker, but only failed in the field of music. So, Cherry became David's publicist and his "guiding star" for a while.

Cherry and David Bowie
Cherry Vanilla and David Bowie

“I recognized Bowie's talent from the very beginning. My mission was to introduce him to the world, to make him the first and the best. I did my best to get the ship named Bowie to take off, and I succeeded - she became a star of the first magnitude! Vanilla said.

However, the ways of Cherry and David broke up - they were too different personalities with different goals and outlooks on life. Once on the musical Olympus, Bowie freed himself from the influence of his PR manager, because, according to Vanilla, she was slandered and handed over false information artist. Fake news and quotes put an end to this alliance, and the relationship between David and Cherry was destroyed to the point that the singer aboutrefused to help promoting the solo career of a former PR agent.

Paired with David Bowie
Paired with David Bowie

Solo career

Cherry Vanilla's own creative destiny as a singer is unique. An unexpected repertoire, vibrant music and lyrics did their job - she found the freedom of creativity in punk rock environment. Under a pseudonym Cherry Vanilla Kathleen Dorrity released two solo albums, unrolled them independently without the help of an experienced manager and PR agent, who would easily have done it in the shortest possible time punk star. Cherry achieved recognition as the leader of the punk scene in the United Kingdom and America. In the so-called band boom, which occurred in the 70s of the XX century, when musical groups came to the forefront of show business and often overshadowed solo artists, Cherry was able to achieve the same as they - great glory.

“I saw my life as a fantasy and lived that fantasy to write about it. I improvised every day, used every opportunity to make life exciting and amazing,” shared Dorrothy in an interview.

The style and image that Vanilla created deserves special attention. The most popular composition of the singer "The Punk" has more 40 thousand plays on service Spotify, and the spirit of rebellion that she created in performances, performing this song, was clearly felt in concert venues. The punk energy in Cherry's songs was born thanks to driving texts, which she wrote herself, and then turned to instrumentalists with a request to write music for them.

The solo activity of the Cherry Vanilla project was somewhat overshadowed by the conflict with the band members "The Police" - Stuart Copeland and Sting Sanner. Having entered into an agreement with Miles Copeland, who was Stewart's brother and manager of the then-not-so-famous The Police, Cherry had to go to London and do a few shows there with Stewart and Sting as rhythm section instrumentalists. The concerts were great, but after becoming popular, the members of The Police began to speak out false things about Cherry at press conferences, which put the singer at a disadvantage. However, she did not lose heart and did not pay attention to gossip, which emphasizes high professionalism Vanilla.


Greek composer Vangelis offered Cherry a job when she was already for fifty years, and this topic is still one of the most unpleasant in the career of our heroine.

Their acquaintance took place back in 1978, the relationship quickly outgrew from familiar musicians under label contracts RCA in the UK into a novel. Then the union of Vangelis and Vanilla became extremely creative and friendly, and this "special friendship" gave the world the musical project of Vangelis, since Vanilla was his American representative.

In 2014 Cherry stopped communication and collaboration with a Greek musician, as he unexpectedly ripped with her contract and left no severance pay. Considering this rather painful fact, it could be argued that for a person like Cherry Vanilla, the termination of contact with her employer would have entailed a bright and violent reaction, but Vanilla made some interesting acquaintances at that time - she met with the British composer Boy George and extravagant Peter Robinson (Marilyn).

Composer Vangelis
Composer Vangelis

Cherry Vanilla now: work and views

Crazy punk past behind, and now Cherry tries his hand as a playwright - writes plays. As noted above, Vanilla had experience participating in productions, and now she is trying to realize herself in new incarnation, already more complex and complex. After everything she's been through "blade runner" looking for peace and peace of mind.

“Every day I go into a little world of my own imagination and see what happens to my characters, what they get into and how they get out,” says Vanilla.

Cherry Vanilla now
Cherry Vanilla now

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