Zatsepin's best work, or the music from the movie June 31st

Zatsepin's contribution to this movie is much more colossal than it may seem at first glance. He created melodies that have not become obsolete after almost half a century!

Music from the movie "June 31": scenes from the movie, list of songs

Movie "June 31." has become a sensation - in both good and bad ways. It is a brilliant picture: a fantastic plot that we owe to the English writer John Boynton PriestleyWe would like to talk a little more about the latter, and we would like to talk a little bit more about it. We would like to talk about the latter in a bit more detail....

Songs from that movie became classic - even the younger generation of viewers knows them! No wonder that "June 31" (or rather the music to it) is often called the composer's best work Alexandra Zatsepin.

A romantic fairy tale

A still from the movie "June 31st."
A still from the movie "June 31st."

This is one of the most beautiful movies about love - despite the fact, as absurd as it may sound, that its main characters never once didn't kiss. (much to the regret of many of the audience). However, their sympathy is obvious - the acting, scenes and musical accompaniment competently and subtly convey this light feeling that has settled in their hearts. The story unfolds in two different eras - in the 12th and 21st centuries. But in the same country, Britain. Princess Melicenta - a ravishing beauty and the daughter of the ruler of a kingdom who intends to marry her off. But here's the problem: no one likes her.....

And now crossing through the ages, to the artist Sam Penty - a creative genius from the 21st century. It so happened that on the same day that the princess was visited by potential suitors, he was looking for an image of the girl for advertising. And he found it-- in the mirror! It was Melicenta, and Sam realized that this was the girl he needed. Of course, to people who have never seen this movie, now it's not really clear what the mirror is, and what's even going on here. But it's worth emphasizing that this is fantasy musicalSam and Melicenta will have to overcome many obstacles to save their feelings and protect them. People from different eras who fell in love with each other - Sam and Melicenta will have to overcome many obstacles to save their feelings and protect them.

Songs from "June 31st" - when music complements scenes better than lyrics

Natalia Trubnikova
Natalia Trubnikova

Zatsepin's contribution to this movie is much more colossal than it may seem at first glance. The fact is that absolutely all the songs from the movie were recorded on his your own home studiowhich, by a happy coincidence, he set up in the mid-70s (i.e. shortly before the film was released). Of course, no one canceled the Mosfilm studio, but there was no way the composer could have realized all his great ideas there. The compositions from "June 31" are notable for being a kind of know-how for the USSR: the sound was processed using flanger, fuzz and wow-wow - effects previously unheard of within the Iron Curtain.

Alexander Zatsepin
Alexander Zatsepin

Of course, that's not the only "secret" that makes these songs classic. If we listen closely enough, we'll notice mixing It is the soul that has played a role in the fact that these compositions have not lost their relevance to this day. Perhaps it was the soul that played its part in the fact that these compositions have not lost their relevance to this day. Among the performers, such powerful voices of the Soviet Union as the incomparable Zhanna Rozhdestvenskaya, and Tatyana Antsiferova and Larisa Dolina (this is by no means all of them, of course, but the most basic). The texts are a credit to Leonid Derbenev, Yuri Entin. and Rimma Kazakova. Well: we propose to recall together some of the most beloved songs, which became the anthem of both the movie and the whole generation!

"Lady Jane's Song."

The title speaks for itself - performs this song Lady Janea ghost. But that's just the story-- the voice, of course, belongs Rozhdestvenskaya. We think many people recognize it. The song is played at the beginning of the movie: we see the appearance of a beautiful ghost (Marina NudgaThe action takes place in a castle: everything looks very atmospheric, there is even some anticipation. The action takes place in a castle: everything looks very atmospheric, there is even a certain anticipation... Some commentators on YouTube claim that this scene is their most vivid childhood memory.


This rousing song is hard to forget! What do you think of disco? It is. masterpiece in terms of sound! Performed it Larisa Dolina (well, and in the movie. Lady Ninette). The song is heard in the scene where Lemison, the court musician, confesses to Lady Ninette that he had no interest in Dragonography at school - he liked serenading much better than composing serenades. And Ninet makes it clear to him that her heart is closed to him - since he cannot overcome the dragon for the sake of his beloved....


It's a fun song about of the crowned king Charliewritten by the grief-stricken groomer Lemison. Performed (and danced well) Lady Jane - or rather Tatyana Antsiferova! What a voice, insanely powerful and ringing, beautiful and pure....

"Gold can be heard ringing."

Clockwork rock 'n' rollthat's played during the rehearsal for the commercial... shovels! Performing Vladimir Mozenkov (Bob Taylor's character in the movie).

Also featured in the first episode are the following songs: 'Star Bridge', 'Happy Ending', 'Love at First Sight', 'A Dragon Called Nightmare' and 'I'll Marry Her Anyway'. And now let's move on second! The songs here are much fewer - but what songs they are!

"A World Without a Loved One."

One of the movie's most famous songs, which Melicenta sings while being in today's world. A beautiful ringing voice-- Tatyana Antsiferova.

"Looking for you."

I couldn't wait to get to this song, because it became a gMelicenta's main anthem! The composition is played when the princess brings a new court musician - the Magnetophone - to the palace. This is a very effective and touching scene, which is forever in the soul of the audience... And not only: many performers tried to re-sing this classic, but in the movie we can hear the performance of Tatiana Antsiferova.

And lastly 3 more songs were performed: "I'll be a Queen", "Love Chooses Us" and "He Came, This Good Day". And which song from "June 31" is your favorite? Write in the comments!


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