Top 10 Male Rock Ballads

Brutal songs with piercing notes...

A selection of the Top 10 brutally tender compositions

The world's music box is full of delightful things, the serene riffs of which involuntarily take us to an intergalactic dimension. Perhaps this will surprise some, but the most touching and melodic compositions that have won not only the world's top charts, but also fan hearts are the work of rock musicians! Yes, yes, rebels are also subject to tender feelings, which give a powerful creative impetus to create musical masterpieces. These songs are impressive, right up to goosebumps ... Well, let's not hesitate! Today we have a dozen incomparable rock ballads created by the brutal half of humanity!


Top 10 Male Rock Ballads
Sting sings the tune with The Last Ship at the Princess of Wales Theatre, September 2018. Photo: Greg Henkenhough

This little thing, whose name translates as "Golden Fields", can be counted among the few whose motives are transferred to deep and warm memories. Unobtrusive accompaniment combined with Sting's vocals is the perfect hit for lovers! Interestingly, the composition is based on the fact of the artist's biography. If you delve into the history of writing the track, then listening to it will be supplemented with new content! In 1992, Sting married Trudy. Having played the wedding, the newlyweds settled in a cozy country house, near which picturesque barley fields stretched. Anyone who has ever seen the dance of ears of corn in the wind in the rays of the setting summer sun knows how beautiful this spectacle is. Such a landscape, apparently, did not leave the singer indifferent, and he caught a wave of inspiration. Sting expressed his devotion to his beloved Trudy, vowing to keep hand in hand with his beloved until the last joint breath. In general, everything was a success: a beautiful recognition turned out, and the world fame overtook the singer. The track took at one time the second position in the Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart, which is quite good for a ballad.


Top 10 Male Rock Ballads
Europe Group

The next in our top ten were the members of the Swedish rock band Europe, in particular, vocalist Joey Tempest and keyboardist Mick Michaeli. For the first time, the world appreciated the melody of this truly beautiful thing in the mid-80s, during the band's tour of Sweden. But then the song was sustained in a strict keyboard part and vocal acoustics. Music lovers have probably searched the Internet a thousand times, trying to find the backstory of such a heartfelt ballad. Indeed, there is a strong echo of Tempest's own deep feelings and, perhaps, disappointment in the song. Even in the video, the musician does not seem to play, but really splashes out emotions! He obviously did not write such an eloquent ballad out of boredom. And the plot of the song is this: Joey sings for a certain Carrie, with whom they apparently have far from friendly relations, despite the fact that the word “Friend” (“Friend”) slips in places.

Thirty years after the birth of the beloved romantic hit, in one of the interviews, the musician lifted the veil of secrecy and said to whom the song is actually dedicated:

“Then I was young and stupid. We broke up with her, and it really tore me apart. But now I believe that there was no tragedy. It's just that such a cycle - meeting, breaking up, meeting someone else again - is quite natural at this age ... ".

There was a tragedy or not, but the song became a mega-hit, which won, by the way, the third position in the Billboard Hot 100.


Top 10 Male Rock Ballads
Nazareth Group

This group is known to many music lovers thanks to driving compositions, but such a romantic little thing as “Love Hurts” turned out to be in its arsenal. And to be honest, at the beginning, at the dawn of the 60s, this song belonged to another musical ensemble - the Everly Brothers. However, the public paid attention to it only 15 years later, after the release of the soul version of Nazareth. The essence of the song is clear without explanation: it talks about love, which burns, hurts, but still remains the most important meaning of life. In general, the thing is really worthwhile. Interestingly, even today, when a lot of loud, fresh, well-known rock ballads have come out, "Love Hurts" remains the favorite romantic single of music connoisseurs of different generations. It is this ballad that is rightfully considered one of the most sensual masterpieces of all time!

Rainbow – Catch the Rainbow

Top 10 Male Rock Ballads
Rainbow Group

A delightful ballad that makes it clear that Blackmore "caught the rainbow" after all. The unconstrained accompaniment takes us to a ship sailing against the winds. The composition does not have a large vocabulary, relaxing guitar riffs prevail, but its essence is clear without further ado:

“... Reach for the rainbow, ride the wind, but life is not a steering wheel, but a chain and metal ... So to hell with it!”

It is "Catch the Rainbow" that is considered the gem of the early Rainbow repertoire and the Dio/Blackmore duo in particular. The creative union of the latter, it seems, really was in heaven, let's say no offense to Candice Knight. By the way, not quite to the topic, but the cover of the Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow album itself is very similar in motive to this magical composition: just as fantastic and fabulous!

Bryan Adams

Top 10 Male Rock Ballads
Pamela Anderson and Bryan Adams

"Please Forgive Me" is one of the most amazing slow love songs written by brothers Bryan Adams and Robert Lange. The composition begins with elegant guitar riffs, after which the listener is struck by the luxurious vocal accompaniment of Bryan Adams, with a trademark huskyness. It is spoken in the first person. Adams confesses to his beloved in his strong feelings and asks to forgive him and not to leave ... The refrain is most impressive. It turned out to be so emotional and explosive that, while listening to the track, the listener cannot resist the temptation to shout out “Please Forgive Me!”. Adams has long been known for his romantic style, but it was this composition that became a mega-hit, which is still often played on the radio. No less interesting and touching clip. What's in it, you ask? Well, there are at least two important aspects in the video: firstly, the emotionality of the singer, and secondly, a funny dog running around the studio! Yes, yes, the video was filmed in a recording studio, the owner of which decided to glorify his pet along with the group. By the way, whether the cuteness of the dog worked or the charm of Adams himself, but it was this video that became the most successful in the entire career of the musician, and the hit itself sold three million copies worldwide!

Aerosmith - I Don't Want to Miss a Thing

Concert by Aerosmith

Although the famous ballad "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" became famous thanks to the sound of Steven Tyler, vocalist of the hard rock band Aerosmith, it owes its appearance to the American poet Diane Warren. She created this romantic masterpiece under the influence of an interview with James Brolin, husband of Barbra Streisand. In particular, the poetess was impressed by the following words of his:

“I missed her even in my sleep when she was away…”.

The hit was originally created for the movie "Armageddon", and U2 were chosen as the performer. However, for better or not, the Aerosmith team eventually got the song. Steven Tyler has to be given his due: he masterfully managed to perform this piece. In the future, the track firmly took root in the band's repertoire and often became a "romantic pause" during their concert performances. It's a magical sight when Stephen performs "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" live.

The Rolling Stones

Top 10 Male Rock Ballads
The Rolling Stones. Photo: Kevin Westenberg

The acoustic rock ballad of The Rollings became the pearl of not only the Goats Head Soup album, but also the work of the famous British band in general. This little thing makes the fans of the Rolling Stones for over forty years to puzzle over who is dedicated to such a penetrating and touching composition about the departed love. There are a lot of assumptions: from the daughter of Keith Richards to heroin, which among the British is often called this gentle female name - Angie ... There is also an opinion that Jagger dedicated the single to David Bowie's wife - Angie Dickinson, who found her scandalous hubby in bed with the Rolling's lead singer. So, according to some, Mick tried to appease the stunned lady he saw and save himself from unnecessary rumors. But, no matter how regrettable it may sound, most likely, the heroine of the track never had a prototype. Well, or this person is stubbornly hiding under a veil of secrecy. Is it really that important though? The song turned out to be amazing, and the share of mystery has not yet prevented any hit. The ballad topped the Billboard Hot 100 immediately upon release. In the video, Jagger is very emotional, so it is possible that the person who inspired him to write the track still existed. However, no one excludes the possibility of excellent acting, so enjoy the ballad and continue to suffer doubts! It's even more interesting...

Chris Isaak

First Comes The Night 1 General Image
Chris Isaac

Although it is not pure rock and roll, but an early form of "rockabilly", the ballad about "evil games of love" cannot go unnoticed. We have to admit that it is unlikely that Wicked Game would have been able to reach millions of music lovers from all over the world if David Lynch had not included it on the soundtrack to his film Wild at Heart. The very history of the creation of this thing is very interesting. Here are the details Chris Isaac shared in an interview:

“I wrote this song late at night, and it took me quite a bit of time. I remember before that my girlfriend called and said: “I want to come and talk to you.” And I told her, "Yes, no problem." But as soon as I hung up the phone, I realized: "Damn, this is going to be a lot of trouble ...". It's just that she's always been nothing but trouble... By the time she came, I'd already finished Wicked Game. Apparently, this upset her, because that evening I was more impressed with the newly minted composition than she was. I was like, "You're amazing, baby, but listen to this song!"

In general, the essence of the song is clear from the title. In it, the hero sings about unrequited love and its evil games, but, unlike other performers, an unrequited feeling does not gnaw at him, but, on the contrary, attracts him like a magnet!

Scorpions - Send Me An Angel

 Scorpions group, 80s
Scorpions group, 80s

Another ballad released by the German rock band Scorpions. In general, the band has such gizmos in its repertoire, one has only to remember their legendary “Wind of Change”. But back to the "angelic creation." Created by Schenker and Manet, the ballad tells us about a man wandering in search of his angel. The composition turned out to be so sensual and heartfelt that it became the band's signature track in the Crazy World album. During concert performances, "Send Me An Angel" was one of the audience's favorite hits. Yes, under this track you really are transported to distant dimensions and mentally wander there in search of a passionately desired miracle!

Queen-Bohemian Rhapsody

Early Queen...
Queen group. Photo: Anwar Hussein

Probably no one will be against the first place. The legendary "Bohemian Rhapsody" is the immortal masterpiece of the cult band Queen, which became the pearl of their fourth studio work "A Night At The Opera". Queen counted on it or not, but the composition was immortalized behind them as the loudest and most significant hit. One has only to imagine how many ovations there were at the concert when Freddie performed this penetrating ballad. And what a magnificent sight was the performance of Mercury in the company of Elton John! Later, a music video was filmed for "Bohemian Rhapsody", which later became, as they say, a bomb in the history of clips! The song is interesting not only for Freddie's signature sound, but also for the structure itself: the band managed to fit a ballad with opera, accapella and heavy metal into one whole. The result is a masterpiece! Which will definitely live forever!


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