Soundtracks from Assassin: Battle of the Worlds (OST Ci Sha Xiao Shuo Jia)

Complete list of soundtracks from the cult fantasy action movie "Assassin: Battle of the Worlds" (OST Ci Sha Xiao Shuo Jia)

Music from Assassin: Battle of the Worlds (2021)

In the new movie of 2021 "Assassin: Battle of the Worlds» (OST Ci Sha Xiao Shuo Jia) contains a large amount of different music, popular soundtracks of different genres sound, which instantly immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of the film. Chinese fantasy project titled "Assassin: Battle of the Worlds" will be shown in the summer in June 2021, the essence of the picture is this - the father of Guan Ning has long been looking for his kidnapped girl Mandarin, who disappeared in childhood. Six years of searching turned up nothing, the police closed the case, and Ning goes to the gang of human traffickers.

He often sees the same dreams, a distant city in the mountains and his daughter, who is imprisoned. He will have to face considerable trials, get into this fantastic dream world, which is inhabited not only by ordinary people, but also by mythical creatures. In this parallel world, everything is subject to a cruel God who cracks down on people, and only one warrior kongwen ready to fight against God, besides, he is also a writer, fantasy novels are his forte. Two universes from different worlds will intertwine, the father of the girl Ning will receive an offer to get rid of Kunwen, then he will be able to see his daughter.

He faces a difficult task, will he be able to kill an innocent person for the sake of meeting his daughter Mandarin? At first glance, it may seem that the plot of the film is too simple, it is not clear where is the truth and where is fiction. It must be admitted that the Chinese are able to show martial arts in all their glory, they are captivated by good computer graphics, beautiful costumes, the armor of heroes and scenery are especially good. Magic and mythical creatures amaze the mind of the viewer with their mystery. From shortcomings it is worth highlighting the artificial play of heroes.

Music written Jed Kurzel, an Australian by nationality, it is worth saying that this was his first work experience in an Asian country. It is worth noting that the music from the film "Assassin: Battle of the Worlds» (OST Ci Sha Xiao Shuo Jia) was chosen very well, the soundtracks are taken for granted, and the songs and compositions are remembered for a long time. We have selected a complete list of soundtracks from the movie "Assassin: The Battle of the Worlds" (OST Ci Sha Xiao Shuo Jia): listen online full soundtrack playlist.

Graffiti Ghosts – This Is What I Live For

Kill My Lies Original Soundtrack – Single (Music from Assassin: Battle of the Worlds)

Graffiti Ghosts - Last Man Standing

Apollo – Origin (Song from Assassin: Battle of the Worlds Movie Ci Sha Xiao Shuo Jia 2021)

Jed Kurzel – The Child (Soundtrack from Assassinate a Novelist A Writer's Odyssey OST)

Jed Kurzel - Leap Of Faith

Jed Kurzel - Future Glory

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