Soundtracks from "Italian Vacation" (OST Odio L'estate)

resort in southern Italy. Looking forward to future holidays. But something went wrong...

Music from the film "Italian Holidays"

In the new movieItalian holidays» (OST Odio L'estate) contains many soundtracks and popular music, songs of different genres sound, which instantly immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of a fun comedy. The film "Italian Holidays" will be allowed to be screened June 3, 2021, the plot of the picture is as follows: by coincidence, three different families go to rest at a resort in Italy. But there was confusion due to a travel agency mistake, it suddenly turns out that all three families should live in the same house, and this is unacceptable on vacation. No appeals help, bureaucratic proceedings lead to nothing.

There is only one way out, to live together under one roof and somehow build relationships with each other. And it turns outthat everyone has a different social status, besides, rebellious children add fuel to the fire, a dog that always interferes, not rest, but a real quest for vacationers. Gradually disagreements stop, at first the husbands found a common language, but then the wives began to build friendly relationships, who did not get along with each other at all. Having united, they began to sincerely enjoy life, have fun and enjoy the rest, and far-fetched problems evaporated by themselves.

It is worth noting that the actors are quite well chosen for this film, a lot of jokes sound from the first minutes, good remarks brighten up the film. Of the minuses it is worth noting that the writers chose the worst ending. The film starts off quite normally, and the middle of the film is done in a positive way, although some characters remain in the shadows throughout the film. But it must be noted musical compositionsthat play throughout the show.

Soundtracks from the movieItalian holidays» (OST Odio L'estate) were chosen well, the music takes to the quick, the songs are remembered for a long time. We have selected a complete list of soundtracks from the movie "Italian Holidays" (OST Odio L'estate): listen online full soundtrack playlist.

Dario Bruna - Jacqueline (Music from "Italian Holiday" | Odio l'estate)

Dario Bruna - Epico (Songs from the movie "Italian Vacation")

Dario Bruna - Celebrazione (Italian Holiday Soundtracks | Odio l'estate)

Dario Bruna

Dario Bruna - Esotica (Italian Vacation OST)

Dario Bruna - Ruvido (Track from the movie "Italian holidays" | Odio l'estate)

Dario Bruna - Rapido E Scuro (Music from Italian Holiday | Odio l'estate)

Dario Bruna - Un Poco Cantabile (Soind from Italian Holiday | Odio l'estate)

Dario Bruna - Largo e umido

Dario Bruna - Denso E Fermo

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