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Minari Movie Soundtracks (Minari OST 2021)

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Music and soundtracks from the movie Minari (Minari OST 2021)

All songs from the movie "Minari"

Movie "Minari» (Minari) is a cult melodrama with many good soundtracks and songs. Painting received main prize from the independent cinema of the USA, its plot is simple, where the main characters change their place of residence and move once again to a new place - in Arkansas. Over the past ten years, the Korean Lee family has moved frequently in search of a better life, but nothing good has come of it.

The head of the family was spinning as best he could, because it was necessary to provide for a family of four, and the youngest son had poor health and had to be maintained at a normal level. It's worth notingthat it is not easy for Asians to live in a foreign country, the language barrier also matters, so there are constant quarrels in the family, as the money runs out, how to live on is unknown. In addition, the wife wants to return to California, and the head of the family is not eager to return back.

The marriage is bursting at the seams, how much more they can withstand each other, the audience will have to find out by watching the film to the end. In fact, the film has a lot of philosophical reflections on the importance of the family, its preservation, responsibility to children, where personal aspirations fade into the background. Yet cannot be ignoredthat everything is in order with humor in the film, there is a lot of it, and there are no negative characters, only fate has to be fought, but where it will turn the heroes is unknown.

Starring: Alan S. Kim, Steven Yang, Will Patton, Han Ye-ri, Darryl Cox, Ben Hall, Yoon Yo-jong, Eric Starkey, Esther Moon, Noel Cho and others.

It is worth noting that music and soundtracks from the movie "Minari» (Minari OST 2021) were chosen perfectly, the music takes to the quick, and the songs are remembered for a long time. We have selected a complete list of soundtracks from the movie "Minari» (Minari): listen online full soundtrack playlist.

Emile Mosseri - Intro

Emile Mosseri - Outro (OST from "Minari" | "Minari")

Emile Mosseri and Han Ye-ri - Rain Song (Music from "Minari" | OST "Minari")

Emile Mosseri - You'll Be Happy

Emile Mosseri and Han Ye-ri - Wind Song (Minari Soundtrack)

Emile Mosseri - Big Country (Minari Soundtrack)

Emile Mosseri - Jacob's Prayer (Minari soundtrack)

Emile Mosseri - Birdslingers (Minari Soundtrack)

Emile Mosseri - Find It Every Time (Soundtrack from "Minari" | OST "Minari")

Emile Mosseri - Jacob and the Stone (Music from the movie "Minari" | OST "Minari")

Emile Mosseri - Minari Suite (Minari Soundtrack | OST "Minari")

Emile Mosseri - Oklahoma City (OST from Minari | Minari)

Emile Mosseri - Paul's Antiphony (OST from Minari | Minari)

Emile Mosseri - Garden of Eden (OST from Minari | Minari)

Emile Mosseri - Grandma Picked a Good Spot (Minari | OST "Minari")

Emile Mosseri - Halmeoni (OST from Minari | Minari)



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